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88 Years

At this minute of this hour on this day 88 years ago, the armistice ending The Great War, The War To End All Wars, was signed.

How little we learned.

How much we owe.

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FDR became a hero because o... (Below threshold)

FDR became a hero because only tens of millions of people were killed. Bush, on the other hand, is an a**hole because there have been JUST TOO MANY DEATHS!

"How little we learned"... (Below threshold)

"How little we learned"

Wadja expect? Wilson let the French dictate the terms.

Here is how Americans have ... (Below threshold)

Here is how Americans have ranked 3 war presidents:

FDR (ranked in top 3) - WWII dead: 62,537,000+

Wilson (ranked in top 10) WWI dead: 37,000,000+

Bush (worst president ever) War on terror dead: less than 5,000

Which proves that if you wa... (Below threshold)

Which proves that if you want to be a hero to Americans, let alot of 'em die. This has been learned by the Democrats.

The "war to end all wars"? Not as long as there are idiots running the world.

It just keeps getting bette... (Below threshold)

It just keeps getting better and better for Big Mr. War on Terror:

Newsweek announced a new poll to be published Monday which places President Bush's approval rating at the lowest it has ever been -- 31 percent -- while 63 percent of Americans said they were dissatisfied with how things are going in the country.
Nice post theExecutioner, I... (Below threshold)

Nice post theExecutioner, I never thought of it that way. Americans that hate Pres. Bush are really stupid.






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