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I Should Have Said It Earlier, But

Sometime this weekend, find a veteran. Any branch, any era.

Say thanks.

Mean it.

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My father, who died in 1981... (Below threshold)

My father, who died in 1981, fought in the 71st Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop (Mechanized) in WWII.

His unit was the one that went furthest East, into Czechoslovakia, just prior to the end of hostilities in Europe, and among its achievements, the unit secured the peaceful surrender of the German Army Group South (approx 200,000 men) on May 7, 1945.

Had this surrender not been negotiated, war planners estimated that the Group had enough weapons and provisions to fight an insurgency in the Czechoslovakian mountains for at least three months after VE day.

You died before I understood your part in fighting that good fight, Daddy. God Bless you, and may you finally rest in peace.

Uh, DJ, what am I to thank ... (Below threshold)

Uh, DJ, what am I to thank the veteran for?

Herman, I assume that you'... (Below threshold)

Herman, I assume that you're a troll - but if you really need to ask that question, you won't understand the answer.
To the veterans of the US forces & our veterans here in Australia, a very sincere thank you. Bryce

If Scrappy doesn't find you... (Below threshold)

If Scrappy doesn't find you first, Herman, I'll be glad to explain it to you. Hope your health insurance is paid up... ...the details could be physiologically challenging to you.

Herman: "Uh, DJ, what am... (Below threshold)

Herman: "Uh, DJ, what am I to thank the veteran for?"

For making America safe for vermin like you.

And thank YOU, Herman, for reminding us all that the enemy WITHIN is always more dangerous than the enemy WITHOUT.

For making America... (Below threshold)
For making America safe for vermin like you.

Whoa,whoa...that's insulting to the vermin...

Both my veterans are gone. ... (Below threshold)

Both my veterans are gone. My father was USN in the Aleutians and my uncle John USA on New Guinea and the Phillipines. But they both knew I valued their service. In that, Herman above is more to be pitied than anything else.

But remember to remind the ... (Below threshold)

But remember to remind the vet why you're thanking him. Most of those military guys are too stupid to really understand anything. At least that's what Senator Kerry told me.

That's a very decent sentim... (Below threshold)

That's a very decent sentiment. My own family and close relatives have certainly sacrificed much for this country. It's disappointing many department stores are using the day for shoe sales and other activity that has nothing to do with the sacrifice of our veterans. Almost none are offering special discounts for veterans either.






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