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Is This How Cat Stevens Rides The Peace Train?

The Jawa Report has an exclusive story about Yusuf Islam's (the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens) ties to radical clerics and even possible terrorist financing.

Sorry about the post title, but everytime I hear the name Cat Stevens the Peace Train song starts playing in my head and it won't go away.

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As the other Cat Stevens so... (Below threshold)

As the other Cat Stevens song puts it: The First Cut Is The Deepest.
I'm guessing neck deep.

Read up on the dim's friend... (Below threshold)

Read up on the dim's friends. For the dummie's that voted for the dim's. Go out tomorrow and buy a heavy wooden baseball bat and place it under your bed so it is real handy. On or about Jan 10, 2007 start a ritual, wake up, reach under the bed, get a firm grasp on the baseball bat. Take a real hard swing at your head. After two years of higher taxes and no National Security the hard whacks may reroute your brain waves.

I'm still smiling and laughing about the election. Just thinking that as a minimum you voted yourself (Peloshi's promises are BS and you know it) a 22% increase in federal taxes and no protection from pending terrorists attacks.

Oh, Cat Stevens is a terrib... (Below threshold)

Oh, Cat Stevens is a terrible recording artist anyway. He never had good judgement about music either, let alone his politics. One listen to his 1971, "Wild World" was enough to tell me that I didn't care much for the guy. Other artists knew how to rock out or write catchy stuff with great hooks that stays in your mind, but not Cat Stevens.

I thought that Sheryl Crow ... (Below threshold)

I thought that Sheryl Crow did the best by cutting the last two lines of the chorus off, not his neck, BD.

He is being followed by a b... (Below threshold)

He is being followed by a bomb's shadow
bomb's shadow, bomb's shadow

I hope their peace train de... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

I hope their peace train derails i mean he went wrong when he got involved with the islamic radicals i means its like what happened when the BEATLES got involved with the hindus and the goofy gurus and this new age pagan poppycock

Yusuf Islam, (formerly know... (Below threshold)

Yusuf Islam, (formerly known as Cat Stevens) defined a generation. 30 years on, after discovering a new life, he returns with his finest album - An Other Cup. check it out here:


and listen to and download an mp3:

Considering his age, he is ... (Below threshold)

Considering his age, he is still pretty good and engergetic.


Do the rest of you always critic an artists based on his religion? Why was this even posted on this blog?

Do you consider everyone who converts to Islam as a Terrorist? He gave up the music business because he wanted to get away from all the sex and drugs. I thought conservatives can respect that?






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