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Senator-Elect Webb's Surprises for the Moonbat Base

A reader of The Corner emails Jonah Goldberg about Webb's victory rally:

They had to run that clip because the much of the rest of his speech was an absolute riot.

He started off by mentioning that "tomorrow is an extremely important day for America," and the crowd went wild, thinking he was talking about taking power. But of course, he launched into his praise of the Marine Corps, and the crowd cheered a little less loudly. Then he thanked all the brave veterans and brave men still fighting, and the crowd cheered a little less loudly again.

Then he mentioned that he received a call from Sen. Allen, and the crowd went nuts again. Then he mentioned how pleasant and dignified Allen was, and the crowd grew quiet. Then he said he was having lunch next week with Allen -- and the crowd was dead silent. Finally he told the audience that they should all thank Sen./Gov. Allen for his many years of dedicated service to the people of Virginia -- and you could almost hear the people gathered looking at each other asking, "What the $#@! did we just do?"

It was priceless.

This is the clip the reader was talking about.

Added: The reality is that the Democrats had to recruit moderate to conservative Democrats in order to get the red state voters to vote for them. For example, JD Hayworth lost because his Democrat opponent mimicked virtually every one of Hayworth's positions and was more anti-illegal immigration than even Rep. Hayworth was. Many, but not all, Democrat candidates had to become much more conservative in their views, which Craig Charney writes in the NY Post:

A look at Democrats who picked off Republicans shows how different they are. They include...social moderates (Pennsylvania Sen.-elect Bob Casey Jr.; ex-NFL quarterback Heath Shuler in a North Carolina House seat) and ex-soldiers (Adm. Joe Sestak for a Pennsylvania House seat; Reagan Navy Secretary James Webb for the Senate from Virginia).

And these are just a few of the new Democrats who will be part of the majority in both houses next year. So the strategy that got them into office will put many of these new senators and congressmen and women into awkward positions. Do they vote the way they told their voters they would and invoke the ire of the lefty Democrat moonbat base or do they vote the way the lefty Democrat moonbat base expects them to and really tick off their voters who put them into office? After all, the red state voters' political inclinations haven't really changed, and they didn't put the Democrats into power because of a sudden love for the lefty political viewpoints. They voted them into office because they were not Republicans and that's who the red state voters wanted to punish.

Something tells me the moonbat base will not be too pleased as these newly elected Dems will want to keep their positions. And Kos is still in a foul mood and prepared to throw other dedicated Democrats in front of the train: he's already set to declare war against James Carville because he dared to criticize Howard Dean.

Lorie adds: Be sure to also catch Mark Coffey's hilarious post on the Kos-Carville war.

Comments (40)

I think what you described ... (Below threshold)

I think what you described was a typical victory speech by a respectable statemen. I saw the same thing at Rick"man on dog" Sanatoriums concession speech...yeah IT WAS PRICELESS. Priceless is watching you all try to find a silver lining in this sound defeat you all received. Allen for president???....NOT! Allen for Lobbyist...NO! We're shutting that door too....Allen for Fox correspondent...sure go ahead .....idiot.

I think you missed the poin... (Below threshold)
LCDR MacKay:

I think you missed the point muirgeo. The supporters of Webb don't want to have civility and respect, they just want all their moonbat ideas in place right now. I could care less about a silver lining but when you see reports of Dems wanting to raise taxes and hold investigations into Plamegate (isn't that over???), the info leading to the war (oh please that would be awesome, especially for those THAT VOTED FOR THE WAR!! like Waxman and Clinton!!), how is that moving the country forward??? I'm still waiting on the grand Democrat plan for Iraq. According to the Iraqi's, the Dem's promised no quick pullout. How is that going to appease your Dem base? Cindy Sheehan is going to be pissed at the Dems soon. I'm glad the Dems are in power now so I don't have to hear about them being powerless to solve all the problems. Unless Bush uses his Veto, you guys gotta put up or shut up next year. I seem to recall Kerry had a plan. Priceless is watching the Dems now have to formulate actual ideas and plans and show the American voters that they just didn't buy a lemon!! By the way, how do you feel that 3 out 4 terrorists support Democrats? And knowing this, why hasn't the Dem leadership come out and say something about how tough they will be on terrorists so they don't think we are going to act like we did under Clinton and cut and run??

muirgeo...actually the POIN... (Below threshold)

muirgeo...actually the POINT to this was:
"He started off by mentioning that "tomorrow is an extremely important day for America," and the crowd went wild, thinking he was talking about taking power. But of course, he launched into his praise of the Marine Corps, and the crowd cheered a little less loudly. Then he thanked all the brave veterans and brave men still fighting, and the crowd cheered a little less loudly again."

this was not about finding a "silver lining" for Allen...but rather showing that a Democrat DARED to praise both the Marines and Veterans in general..and the crowd did NOT like that!

You don't like it either. But since it's VETERAN'S Day...how about you just STFU. Ok?

Here's some other acronym suggestions for you today:

do 'em all!!

Muirgeo-You say-"Priceless ... (Below threshold)

Muirgeo-You say-"Priceless is watching you all try to find a silver lining in this sound defeat you all received"

The fact is you're just ticked that conservatives continue to act the same. We don't cry and scream that we're oppressed or the vote was stolen. We don't spend 4 or is it 6 now? years bitter and angy because our team didn't win.

Instead we look at what was done right, what could be improved and look for the humor in the situation. Essentially we MOVE ON with life.

It really gets you that we act more like responsible adults than petulant, spoiled children doesn't it?

Yep, what you saw was a man... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:

Yep, what you saw was a man of stature, who like other moonbats wants to work with other people honestly by laying out a future for the American people (all of the people) a way to repudiate the tactics of the smear and fear party. Our desire to put the dogs out and allow the sun to shine again.

To get Americans to understand that there is nothing we cannot do if we do it with thoughtfulness, balance and respect for each others differences not the imperialist, moral absolutist chicanery that has been the modus operandi.

Your continued haranguing and baiting without contributing to the healing of festering wounds only shows where you continue to stand. A little over half the voters of this nation in many many races rejected that notion. Are you listening? L

Hmm. muirgeo sounds like he... (Below threshold)

Hmm. muirgeo sounds like he's gloating. Maybe they should recall that his party was the one all weepy not that long ago.

It would be interesting to know what muirgeo expected the Repugs to do. What did you expect, they would all go and commit suicide? It sounds like that's what you hoped, but obviously they chose to try and find some good with respect to the realities. And at least they didn't start screeching about moving to Canada.

Now we get to hear the Repugs whine about their loss and hear the Dems call for them to get over it. Funny how the change in the party in control just continues the same old crap just with the positions reversed.

I'd say the observations with regards to Webb and Allen being agreeable to each other in the end and the complete lack of enthusiasm from the crowd is telling more on those that go to these speeches than it says about the public in general.

Nice to see that partisan bickering is just as popular as ever.

It sound to me like Webb ha... (Below threshold)

It sound to me like Webb has the maturity and insight to include all Virginians, (and all Americans) in commonality and commitment, unlike Murgio and his minions of defeatism.

Webb also makes his case as a "uniter" and not a partisan hack that has divided this nation so bitterly as Murg so displays.

Priceless is watching you all try to find a silver lining in this sound defeat you all received

The "silver lining" is the solace that even in victory there will be "humble" people like muirgeo bent on reprisal and revenge.

Take the gavel Murg and lead. But don't expect many to follow your tripe.

You could take a lesson from Mr. Webb.

Where is the clip? Beside... (Below threshold)

Where is the clip? Besides, isn't what Bush said the other day true? That when it comes time to governing all the rhetoric stops. Before the election he was calling dems traitors and now he says we all want what is right for America. I liked Bush's speech a lot and if they could pry Cheney away he could be the greatest president.

Do I get the impression tha... (Below threshold)

Do I get the impression that everyone thinks murigeo has shit for brains?

I don't have time for you a... (Below threshold)

I don't have time for you all today. Jim Webb sounds great...he democratic and I praise his praise for our Vets.

Listen and learn why this military vet is no longer a Republican.


Hey Justrand and any other ... (Below threshold)

Hey Justrand and any other wingnut who have lived by the phrase STFU over the last 6 years here's an article just for you.

Muirgeo, I think the proble... (Below threshold)

Muirgeo, I think the problem is that the left is trying to figure out why the Republicans have taken a very-deep breath, are beginning to try to decide where THEY went wrong, and how to better appeal to the electorate in 2008. The Democratic reaction to defeat in the 12 previous years had been that of trying to castigate an electorate they felt had become beneath the privilege of voting because the majority didn't see the world the way the libs did. Some of the Democratic wins were thumpings, some were very close. You can criticize our desire to find a silver lining in defeat - and frankly I'd rather prefer that type of attitude than your persistent anger and pessimism - but it is clear that the majority of Democratic victors reflect a moderate stance. What Rick Santorum's concession speech has to do with Webb's victory speech is beyond me. This is a victory for the Democratic Party, no one is denying that. But the political approach to policy has been influenced as Kim suggested. I am hoping this victory is seen as a diminishing influence of the East Coast, Ivy League elite in the Democratic Party and a more ecumenical consideration of the values of the Midwest and maybe even the South again. I think this type of challenge would be great for both Party's and great for the US.

I have taken the privilege of passing some of your public postings along to a colleague of mine in the field of clinical therapy. This indivdual unlike myself is quite liberal in her views. She said she is willing to help you with your anger issues if you wish. Let me know if I can put you in touch with her.

[email protected] about the ac... (Below threshold)

[email protected] about the acronym. OK? Just shut the fuck up!!! OK? the Huffington Post?? LOL

and saying "murigeo has shit for brains" is an insult to SHIT!!

Justrand,Did you rea... (Below threshold)

Did you read the article?
If you are too afraid of big mean Arianna Huffington, I would be glad to cut and paste if for you here.

[email protected]: Huffington Post? ... (Below threshold)

[email protected]: Huffington Post? You may as well go to Al Jazeera dot com or Communist Party dot com. Don't come here and spout that kind of shit and expect to get anything but shit in return.

And as for you Muirgeo - I am a military vet and I used to be a Democrat and now am a Republican. I do not have to go to any website to know why Webb is no longer a Republican. Webb is a political opportunist who was fired by Reagan as Secratary of the Navy. He was writing OpEd pieces for the Washington Post as late as 2000 against the Clinton administration in hopes of getting a job with the Republicans. When his job performance during the Reagan years kept him out of the Republican administration he had to make a choice. And he did so - when? Take a good hard look at when he changed his party. But in spite of all that he still has to answer to the people who voted him into the office. So he changed his jacket, the leopard still has his spots. I disagree only slightly with Justran - you do not necessarily have SHIT FOR BRAINS because you are nothing but a PIECE OF SHIT!

lefty Democrat moonbat b... (Below threshold)

lefty Democrat moonbat base

You are a mass of contradictions. If the Democratic base actually was "lefty moonbat", these Dems never would have won. The fact is that the Dem base is and always has been moderate. But since it's harder for you to attack moderates, Wizbang, LGF, Malkin, Cheney, and every other right wing attack dog has tried to convince the American people that the fringe extremists (which both sides have, by the way) were the base.

It failed.

So go ahead, embrace the moderate Democrats. But don't think you're pulling one over on us. It's what we've been trying to get you to do all along. Apparently you just needed a thumping first.

We don't spend 4 or is i... (Below threshold)

We don't spend 4 or is it 6 now? years bitter and angy because our team didn't win.

No, you just spent 6 years telling the American people that half of them were traitors, and that a vote for a Democrat equals a vote for the terrorists.

It really gets you that we act more like responsible adults than petulant, spoiled children doesn't it?

Thanks for starting my weekend out with a laugh!

Brian, I disagree. Republic... (Below threshold)

Brian, I disagree. Republicans will embrace moderate Democrats but please don't come across as if it's something you have fooled us into doing. It couldn't be a "plan" with Howard Dean as DNC chairman or Nancy Pelosi as Speaker - at least based on PAST performance. Maybe you need to get THEM to be more moderate first. Of course, as a Republican I would not think you would necessarily embrace moderate Republicans (and it does work both ways) if the voice of someone like Santorum is given congressional leadership by the Republican Party.

Where can one hear this cli... (Below threshold)

Where can one hear this clip?

SShiell,Thank you fo... (Below threshold)

Thank you for your years of service to our country and thank you for helping me make my point. One of the reasons America has left the Republican party behind is because they have lost their intellectual curiosity. Just by mentioning Huffington here you can hear the heads explode! You and I know that her website is no were near advocating communist ideals or that of Al Jazeera. But it makes the intellectually lazy feel better to throw out insults. The majority of wingnuts on this sight are not even curious enough to see what others think. They just want to puff out their chests and pretend to be strong men or women. When in reality they are cowards and need to hide behind the words of other cowards to reinforce their belief system, ignoring the shifting political reality crashing in all around them. America became wise to guys, and your cowardice, now it is you who must change if you ever want to win back the right to govern this county again. It's an uphill battle I know, but it can be done.

Interesting. Jonah Goldber... (Below threshold)
Fall of Because:

Interesting. Jonah Goldberg publishes an anonymous email that for all we know was completely fabricated, and you and your comrades in the blog world pounce on it as if it were an accurate first hand account.

Of course it only shows you are all too happy to perpetuate that tired, old stereotype that the Democrats, all of them, hate the military with passion and zeal.

How sad it is, but not at all surprising given the general level of childish sulking on the right this last week.

I hope this makes you feel better about your crushing, humilating defeat.

Here is the actual Jim Webb... (Below threshold)
Fall of Because:

Here is the actual Jim Webb speech for anyone who cares to see it for themselves.


Mr. Goldberg should be asha... (Below threshold)

Mr. Goldberg should be ashamed.

everyone knows that the moo... (Below threshold)

everyone knows that the moonbat element of the democratic party including its leadership will blow up their recently won majority. Doesnt matter how many of the newly elected dems are more moderate than the leadership;. The leadership sets the agenda and as the public face of the party shapes the publics image of the party. James Web opposed the war in Iraq NOT because he is a dove he opposed it because as the most hawkish of hawks he didnt want to see American lives wasted on what he thought to be folly.

The dems will not change and I bet in 6 years maybe even less, Sen Webb will leave the democratic party to run as an independent just like Leiberman.

"Just by mentioning Huffing... (Below threshold)

"Just by mentioning Huffington here you can hear the heads explode!"

Hm Wonder why?

Maybe it's because the Huff&Po plays hard and fast with the truth? Misleading headlines, quote sniping at a PhD level, pretty much everything they post is a sickening display of anti-Bush bias that, when held to hard scrutiny crumbles away.

Maybe because when one tries to post a level-headed post in honest hopes of initiating level headed debate, that person is inundated with the most heinous of insults.

Maybe because they censor comments posted to their "bloggers?"

Maybe because they are a group of unhinged, childish, defeatist elitists?

Maybe because they employ naughty tricks as in the case of George Clooney.

Gee. There are so many reasons why linking to the Huffington Post makes peoples' heads explode. It should make your head explode.

There is honestly nothing good about that site. Better it be called lefty-nutjob-echo-chamber.com

I read the link, and all I heard was a small child in a man's body flapping his fingers on a keyboard and completely confirming every criticism I have regarding that site.

But, no .. go right ahead and consider that site a "source" for good political thought. I, on the other hand, see it as nothing more than an ultra-liberal, hypocritical and ultimately dishonest website that is more kindergarten playground without adult supervision than forum.

At least at sites like Wizbang, if you make a good point, you will be heard. You are given the benefit of the doubt without being chastised simply on your point of view.

When the Huff&Blo actually behaves with the moral authority we're told they possess, maybe they'll be taken seriously.

Until then, expect to get reamed.

F of B:The only pe... (Below threshold)
Proud kaffir:

F of B:

The only people who sulk and rage when they lose politically are the Dems. I haven't heard calls for recounts, conspiracy theories on stolen votes, or pending lawsuits challenging the vote fron the GOP. All conceded gracefully.

We respect the choice of the voters even if we don't agree with it. That said, we'll be ready in 08, which isn't that far away.

This entire post, I would think, would be welcomed by the left. Afterall, the general tone is that we should give the new Dem eleced officals a chance before passing judgement. Perhaps we will be pleasantly surprised.

Republicans will embrace... (Below threshold)

Republicans will embrace moderate Democrats but please don't come across as if it's something you have fooled us into doing.

I didn't say you were fooled into it. Clearly the majority, if not all, of the Republicans on here voted Republican. What I said was that they fooled the country into thinking all Democrats were lefty moonbats, and this time the country saw through the deception.

Maybe you need to get THEM to be more moderate first.

I would love them to cater more to the moderate. I would like the Dem leadership to stop hanging out with the likes of Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore, since that makes them appear more loony than they are. But just as I think the right should have called for Bush, Frist, and the like to stop hanging out with Pat Robertson, Dobson, Haggert, and the rest of the loony right. The difference is that Repubs see the fringe right as their base and set their agenda to appease them, while Dems do pander to the fringe left, but don't sell themselves out for them.

Of course, as a Republican I would not think you would necessarily embrace moderate Republicans

You'd be wrong. I have considered support for moderate Republicans, but they never make it far enough in the process to matter. Jack Kemp, for one.

if the voice of someone like Santorum is given congressional leadership by the Republican Party.

If Santorum is the best moderate the Republican party can muster, they're in trouble.

The notion that the new Dem... (Below threshold)

The notion that the new Democrat faces coming into Congress are conservative, Ben-Nelson types is ridiculous.

Consider the new faces coming to the U.S. Senate:

We have Socialist Bernie Sanders from Vermont, replacing a guy who spent most of his political life as a Republican, only turning Independent when Bush went too far even for him. We have the people of Rhode Island not finding Lincoln Chafee left-wing enough, replacing him with Sheldon Whitehouse. (A Whitehouse in the Senate!) We have the new Democratic Senator from my state, Pennsylvania, a fellow who trounced Santorum, and who, like his daddy, is only conservative on a few issues (notably abortion). Next door in Ohio, one of the most liberal members of the House now has become one of Ohio's senators. And we have Missouri's Claire McCaskill, known for her strong support for stem cell research.

Even the other two new Democratic Senators, Tester and Webb, aren't as right wing as some might believe. Tester is strongly against the Patriot Act, and Webb has declared his commitment to "social justice" -- now when was the last time a conservative ever did that?

Turning to the House, just where in the United States did the Democrats pick up seats? Why in numerous instances, in blue states to begin with!!! Ask yourself, Ms Kim Priestap, are more new Democratic Senators coming from Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, or Alabama, or are more instead coming from Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire? So for every "blue-dog" right-wing Democrat like Heath Shuler coming in, there is at least one John Hall also coming in.

Glenn Greenwald has two pos... (Below threshold)

Glenn Greenwald has two posts in a row, smacking down Kim's logic.


Huffington Post? Isn't tha... (Below threshold)

Huffington Post? Isn't that the blog that George Clooney got ticked off at because they wrote a post and pretended George wrote it himself? (something like that). I recall he ripped them a new one. lol.

If you've got the liberal George Clooney outting you, then you know it's bad.

Me thinks Webb is getting ready to find out just how nasty his new party can be.

Glenn Greenwald? The sock ... (Below threshold)

Glenn Greenwald? The sock puppet? The guy Ace (or was it LGF?) caught writing e-mails under a different name so it looked like others agreed with him?

Thanks for reminding me of him. I needed a good laugh. : )

Jo? Isn't that the person w... (Below threshold)

Jo? Isn't that the person who can't find any rational rebuttal to the facts posted by others, so has to resort to ad hominem dismissals?

Me thinks Webb is gettin... (Below threshold)

Me thinks Webb is getting ready to find out just how nasty his new party can be.

Umm, sure, like the Allen staff calling him a 'deranged pervert' and 'potential child molestor' during the campaign?


Even the other two... (Below threshold)
Even the other two new Democratic Senators, Tester and Webb, aren't as right wing as some might believe.Tester is strongly against the Patriot Act,

I remember a day when it was conservatives who stood strongly opposed to an ever more-powerful and all-reaching central government.

These days, Republicans have embraced the ideas of bigger government, an expanding welfare state, increased regulation, and greatly expanded police powers at the local, state and federal levels. They even attempted to subvert state's rights by interfering in Florida's handling of the Terry Schiavo situation.

Tester is more like the conservatives of Ronald Reagan's day than most of the corrupt Republican hacks that occupy the Senate these days.

Yes, kaz, we all remember t... (Below threshold)

Yes, kaz, we all remember that day.

Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, emerged from the meeting and said, "These are very controversial provisions that the [Clinton] White House wants. Some they're not going to get." ....[Hatch] also said he had some problems with the president's proposals to expand wiretapping.
Kos threatening Carville? ... (Below threshold)
Pat A:

Kos threatening Carville? Guess he didn't get the memo. The Clinton's are back in charge of the Dem party, thus the centrist candidates they ran to defeat Repubs in Red and Purple districts. Any Kos, or Kos-like that gets in the way of Hillary for '08, might have a Vince Foster (and others) moment.

Huffington? Hell she even m... (Below threshold)

Huffington? Hell she even makes blondes look like a genesis.

Brian, I think you're wrong... (Below threshold)

Brian, I think you're wrong. It has been shown time and again that many on the left (to be fair, as well as some on the right) will vote for a candidate as long as their party initial is next to their name. That many of these candidates vocally supported a variety of conservative values and they still got voted for by Dems (of every degree from center left to far left) and have even gotten the support of some on the right is so plain to see I'm surprised you missed it. (Okay, maybe I'm not surprised)

If the Dem base "is and always has been moderate" then why, oh why, are Charlie Rangel, Nancy Pelosi, Robert Byrd, Chuck Schumer and many other stalwart liberals still in office?

No sir. What this shows me is that far more on the right are moderate because these moderate Dem candidates gained their support. And the far right candidates lost support. I don't know, and no one has been able to show me, a single Dem that didn't vote for a Dem for federal office; center left, moderate left or far left.

The fact that the more Webb spoke the fewer applause he got is telling too. Weren't these people paying attention to who they were voting for? What he stood for? His words, to me at least, were quite magnanimous, yet, he said them to a stunned crowd of supporters. I can make a pretty good guess who was still applauding at the end of his speech. Only those closest to left of center and everyone right of center.

I will assume you're a Democrat based on your rhetoric here. Did you vote for any socially moderate Republicans for the House or Senate? I'd love to know just how "moderate" you claim to be.

Go to Kos and find me what Dems there supported even the most moderate Republican. Nevermind - don't waste your time. You won't find any.

Although the comments here ... (Below threshold)

Although the comments here range over a lot of topics, the main post was about a description of the crowd's reaction to Webb's speech. A commenter above provided a link to the speech, and now that I've seen the speech I have to say the description of the crowd's reaction was significantly in error. Contrary to the description, the crowd does not cheer after Webb says "tomorrow is an important day" because given his tone and pacing there was no opportunity to cheer. Thus it is wrong to say that the crowd cheered less when they discovered Webb was praising the anniversary of the Marine Corps. Nor is it accurate to say that the crowd cheered even less when Webb moved on to praise veterans for veteran's day. Nor did the crowd cheer later when Webb said he had spoken with Allen; again, given his tone and timing it is clear Webb was not giving an applause line. Thus it is wrong to say the crowd cheered less when it realized that Webb was praising Allen for his civility. I am a Republican and I wish Allen had won, but the crowd's reactions to Webb's speech simply were not as the description says. This was a crowd of campaign activists hoping to hear some lines suitable to a pep rally so they could let out a few victory cheers; this was not evidence that the crowd wanted to taunt veterans or Allen.

Wow, some moron sends an an... (Below threshold)

Wow, some moron sends an anonymous e-mail to Goldberg and you wits take it as fact.

Dear god, you people are hopeless.






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