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Can You Say House Majority Leader Murtha? Well, You Better Start Practicing

Photoshop by Kathy Y.

Nancy Pelosi is pushing for John Murtha to be the Majority Leader in the House:

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), in line to become Speaker in January, is throwing her support to Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.) in the race for Majority Leader, a move that will be an early test of her influence and will weigh heavily on Murtha's contest with Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) for the post.

Pelosi, in a letter distributed Sunday to newly elected House Democrats, wrote that Murtha's outspoken opposition to the war in Iraq helped change the electoral campaign for the House this fall. Murtha began calling for a U.S. pullout from Iraq a year ago, and his open opposition to the war made him a focus of intense criticism from Republicans and the White House.

Pelosi, though, credited Murtha, one of her closest allies in the House, with changing the national debate on the issue and helping provide Democratic challengers and incumbents with a winning argument for the mid-term elections.

"With respect to Iraq in particular, I salute your courageous leadership that changed the national debate and helped make Iraq the central issue of this historic election," Pelosi wrote in a personal letter to Murtha. "Your leadership gave so many Americans, including respected military leaders, the encouragement to voice their own disapproval at a failed policy that weakens our military and makes stability in that region even more difficult to achieve. The enthusiastic response of Americans all across this nation gave an enormous lift to our Democratic efforts, and your unsurpassed personal solicitations produced millions of dollars which were new to the effort. Those resources made a huge difference and particularly for the candidates on whose behalf you campaigned."

Pelosi added: "Your strong voice for national security, the war on terror and Iraq provides genuine leadership for our party, and I count on you to continue to lead on these vital issues. For this and for all you have done for Democrats in the past and especially this last year, I am pleased to support your candidacy for Majority Leader for the 110th Congress."

Which means that we can expect the policy of cut and run very soon as the House cuts off funding for the war.

As the Democrats reveal their true colors, will the American voters begin to experience buyer's remorse? I say bring on Murtha. If he, Nancy, and the other left wing loons get their way, they will have a hard time retaining control of the House in 2008.

Michelle Malkin:

They can't be serious, can they? Oh, yes they are.

Stop the ACLU has a roundup.

Update: Democrat Rep. Steny Hoyer isn't giving up the fight.

Update II: Steven Taylor writing at Outside the Beltway wonders if Pelosi's support for Murtha as Majority Leader is her way of getting rid of him as competition for Speaker.


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Comments (20)

Your strong voice ... (Below threshold)
Your strong voice for national security, the war on terror and Iraq provides genuine leadership for our party, and I count on you to continue to lead on these vital issues.

So far all signs pointing to "cut and run".

You Democrats need to do a quick huddle and decide what your party wants. If you are going for "cut and run" then don't leave our men and women there wondering which one is the last to die for war we already surrendered.

ABSCAM Jack as Majority lea... (Below threshold)

ABSCAM Jack as Majority leader?

Can the dims really be this crazy or stupid?
Normally I am no believer of conspiracy theories but with this and the other nonsense they are starting maybe Karl Rove is behind this ultimate Machiavellian scheme. What else can account for this craziness?

Can the dims really be t... (Below threshold)

Can the dims really be this crazy or stupid?


Gee... where's Lee and the ... (Below threshold)

Gee... where's Lee and the rest of his ilk defending Rep[rehensible] Murtha?

As an aside, I think it's time to finalize the purchase of that hoochy-coochy bar I was offered on Okinawa.

With the mass influx of Soldiers and Marines "redeployed" there it will make me rich!

If you guys feel so strongl... (Below threshold)

If you guys feel so strongly about all of this, why don't you and Ann Coulter instigate a military coup? You're all perfectly capable of it aren't you? No? What a surprise! You guys: all words, and you let kids do the dying for you.

It could be that he won't w... (Below threshold)

It could be that he won't win even with Pelosi's endorsement. It could be her way of a Saving Face with the moonbats for now without any lasting impact.

Unless he actually gets it. Then I'm moving to a country with some guts, like France.

"Gee... where's Lee and ... (Below threshold)

"Gee... where's Lee and the rest of his ilk defending Rep[rehensible] Murtha?"

I'm too busy laughing at that photo -- it's a riot!

I've never been able to stand Murtha. That photoshop image above captures my mind's image of the clown exactly.

Oh look at all the tough ta... (Below threshold)

Oh look at all the tough talkin about a Marine who actually served his country from the cowards who wage wars with other people's lives while hiding behind a blog. Gee, betcha wish you mattered huh? Minority!

"Dah...I not smert enuf to get the poynt from the Americun peeple from lastt twosday, dah! We need to stay da corse, daaaaah!"

So to stay the course, what do we accomplish? The contractors responsible for rebuilding Iraq (Bechtel, Halliburton etc.) have all cut and run, literally (with our money)! Britain PM Blair wants to meet with Iran and Syria to get them involved with maintaining stability in Iraq so he and the Labour Party can actually keep their jobs and not lose to the Conservative party like you (the minority) lost to the Democrats over general ignorance and stupidity. Junior Bush has run to Daddy Bush and his friends to help bail the little spoiled-rotten draft-dodging brat out of trouble....again. And neither party isn't doing anything until the Baker report comes out where finally, we get a sensible and experienced look at the truth about Iraq without having it convoluted by cowards and pundits who substitute a spine and a pair of balls for a blog that maybe 20 to 30 people look at compared to the how many million people in this country? Legends you all must fancy yourselves while you wage wars with other people's lives while hiding behind your blog. Murtha is what? You think a blog makes you worth the sweat off of Murtha's sack? Sorry...it doesn't! There is a serious difference between a decorated United States Marine who served his country and a coward who attacks that decorated United States Marine while hiding behind a blog. The difference between dignity, honor and respect and a person who doesn't even have what it takes to be compared to a mushy piece of shit. That mushy piece of shit is Michelle Malkin and you "flies" are just that, "flies" that feed off of the piece of shit. Simple!

The majority of American people (obviously not you flies) voted Democrat for a reason, they want answers and not turds with their buzzing flies. The majority of American people (not you flies and the shit you cling to) know that victory is not an option in Iraq, plain and simple. Sum peeple ar smert lyk dat! The majority anyways (again, not you). The majority of American people would like to see the troops return home despite the "turds and flies" and the masterbation over death that you enjoy with other people's children while hiding behind a blog and wishing you could handle Murtha's sack sweat...you can't! If you could, ya would've won on Tuesday huh? Ya didn't!

So pledg yer alleganse to terds like Michelle Mallrat and the likes and let the majority of Americans (not you) try to fix what you flies have done. If you like junior George W so much, maybe you can do what he's doing and run home to your Daddies to save you from the willy bad democwats! WAAAHHHHH!!!!!

Just stay out of the way flies.

Syntax: Murtha i... (Below threshold)

Murtha is a schmuck!! He gave up his right to be called a Marine when he condemned the Haiditha troops (remember the innocent till proven guilty rule?) Murtha and Hanoi John are cut from the same cloth and deserve the same vilification.

Syntax ~ You certainly have... (Below threshold)

Syntax ~ You certainly have grounds to sue your Remedial English teacher for malpractice.

Syntax - Oh look at all... (Below threshold)

Syntax - Oh look at all the tough talkin about a Marine who actually served his country from the cowards who wage wars with other people's lives while hiding behind a blog. Gee, betcha wish you mattered huh? Minority!

Sorry to disappoint, I did my twenty plus years. My only regret was during my time we didn't take out Saddam when he should have been taken out thanks to the lefts "hero" Colin Powell.

Oh.. and BTW ("worth the sweat off of Murtha's sack?") Murtha lost his "sack" years ago when he advcated the same cut and run BS in Somalia.

Worked out real fine didn't it? Well... if your jihadist-cut-throat that is.

What makes y'all think the ... (Below threshold)
Irate Republican:

What makes y'all think the Japanese would be eager to have all those American soldiers "redeployed" to Okinawa? Unless I'm mistaken and my memory is getting weak, I seem to recall protests by the Japanese about those randy Americans and demands to have the land returned to Japan.

Seems Murtha forgot to ask them about his bright idea. I'm waiting for the Japanese to react when they realize that he's serious about this "redeployment".

I think you're correct Irat... (Below threshold)

I think you're correct Irate, we were no longer wanted in Okinowa.

Maybe Murtha can have us redeploy to Nova Scotia, that's right next to Iraq, right?

Syntax: your childish rant... (Below threshold)

Syntax: your childish rant and name calling has been duly noted. I've printed it out and lined my bird's cage with it. I get so tired of those who assign absolute moral authority to those who have served and they agree with, but not to those who have served and they disagree with.

God, but Murtha is an etern... (Below threshold)

God, but Murtha is an eternal embarrassment to my lovely state. I wish he'd crawl back under the rock from which he emerged.

John Murhta is about the wo... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

John Murhta is about the worse person to be in anything it would be better if he ended up a a janitor

Bush lost the war.... (Below threshold)

Bush lost the war.

Democrats are just willing to acknowledge reality.

Those of you calling Murtha an embarassment are showing your ugly, ignorant, hateful sides. He has more military contacts and knows more about what's really going on than anyone on this message board. You have no right to impugn his motives, and no authority to call him stupid.

Bush lost the war, and you guys try to blame Murtha...friggin insane.

Are you angry at Bush or Rummy for botching this thing? or is all your anger directed towards the party that hasn't been (and until next year, isn't) in charge? If so, you should probably calm down, have a glass of water, and think about why you are mad at one side for wanting to pull out, but not at the other side, who made it so we'd have little other choice?

Or, do you beleive everything is going peachy keen in Iraq? If so, then you are more dangerous than Murtha, Rumsfeld and Bush put together, as you are willing to armchair general a war you have no clue about. Recent ranting about how the 650K dead iraqi figure just CAN"T be right proves how naive and simplistic some righties are towards this war. Any military historian worth his salt wouldn't be surprised by those numbers, and if you refuse to accept them, then you don't have the stomach for war that you pretend to.

OK, no more ranting for me.. back to work, move along, nothing to see here...

Murtha has a distinguished ... (Below threshold)

Murtha has a distinguished record of advocating surrender. He made his first tentative moves as a leader in the Tactics of Defeat when (by his own admission) he recommended to President Ronald Reagan that he withdraw from Lebanon following the terrorist bombing of the Marine base on October 23, 1983. In spite of the fact that the mission in Lebanon was largely succeeding, pressure from Congress and "courageous" veterans like Jack Murtha, finally convinced President Reagan to "change course" by pulling the marines out of Lebanon.

Murtha solidified his credentials as the King of Surrender when (again by his own admission) he became instrumental in President Clinton's decision to "change course" in Somalia. You remember Somalia, don't you? Operation Restore Hope, initiated by President Bush (41), sent 25.000 troops to Somalia to help provide humanitarian relief to the people. The mission was largely successful and is credited with having saved the lives of half a million Somalis and reducing the ongoing civil war to a small series of skirmishes. Under President Clinton, with the advice of Defense Secretary Les Aspin and U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Madeleine Albright, the largely U.S. mission in Somalia was turned over to the U.N. Thereafter, incompetence became the word of the day, eventually culminating in the "Black Hawk Down" incident in October of 1993. President Clinton, heeding the gravely mistaken advice of the Mighty Jack Murtha to, in the words of Monty Python, "Run away! Run away," began to withdraw the troops from Somalia. His "uncanny comprehension" of military strategy led him to make this recommendation, thereby leaving the way clear for Al Qaeda to begin consolidation operations. Murtha's recommendation could, therefore, be called one of the most critical factors in the 9/11 attacks. Thanks, Jack, you're a real hero.

Is this really the guy you want telling us how to win the war in Iraq? Murtha has no plan. He has no idea how to conduct a war. He has nothing to offer but fear and failure - and that's why Pelosi wants him as House Majority Leader.

Lebanon. Somalia. And now Iraq. Truly Murtha is the King of Surrender.

Hey Shamalama, you make an ... (Below threshold)

Hey Shamalama, you make an interesting point, but consider this: you claim Murtha advocated surrender in Lebanon in 1983. Wasn't it, however, Reagan himself who gave the order to withdraw the troops? Whether or not Murtha advocated a particular course of action, who was it that gave the order? Where does the buck stop? Are Democrats to blame for all military blunders to occur under Republican presidents? Are Republicans so puny and helpless that they can't help but bend over and spread 'em whenever the Democrats say so? Because I always got the impression over the past 6 years, at least from the right-wing pundits and bloggers, that only Republicans are strong and resolute enough to stand up to America's enemies. If what you say is true, however, then it seems that Republicans are really just pansies who cannot stand up to Democrats at all. Thank you, Shamalama, for making it clear how fortunate America is now that the REAL brave ones are back in power in Congress.

john murtha is a peice of s... (Below threshold)

john murtha is a peice of shit and a disgrace to the marine corp






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