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Economic Justice

The other day, I swung my my favorite discount store and poked through the books. To my surprise, I saw two hardcovers I had heard of before.

First, about a dozen copies of Michael Moore's "Dude, Where's My Country?" was sitting on a shabby little table.

Next, about an aisle away, two copies of Pamela Anderson's roman a clef, "Star," sat thrusting out from a shelf.

Moore's book was priced to sell at $3.98.

Anderson's was obviously at a premium, as it was $4.98.

Poor Michael. Taking second place to Silicon Valley Pam.

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And <a href="http://www.ama... (Below threshold)

And Reagan's bio sells for less than Clinton's bio. And Reagan's other bio sells for less than Al Gore's book.

Have you learned nothing about the value of petty sniping?

Next you'll be watching the Dow minute by minute, ready to post the second it dips below where it was when Bush took a piss election morning. (Oh, that's right; Kim already did that.)

Jeff, You are a dick. Go ... (Below threshold)

Jeff, You are a dick. Go play with the Kossacks.

Yeah poor Michael wasting h... (Below threshold)

Yeah poor Michael wasting his time writing a book about how Bush and the Republicans need to be held accountable for the war in Iraq. As if that's ever gonna happen.
...and it only stayed on the NY Times Bestseller list for 25 weeks 6 at number one. What a loser he is...

Jeff, you really shouldn't ... (Below threshold)

Jeff, you really shouldn't be so hard on yourself.

Actually you can buy Clint... (Below threshold)

Actually you can buy Clinton's bio, Algore and Tipper's (these were there over a year ago, now in the landfill) books along with the MM BS at everything for a dollar and the name is what it says, everything in the store is one dollar each. The shelves are full of the garbage for a few days and then they're free if you want to go dumpster diving.

Smile and laugh. The dim's won and had to call in the biggest fool (less Dimmy Carter) in the history of the world, George McGovern as an advisor. Talk about not having a plan other than hate, they didn't and don't even have a clue. Someone please sell them a vowel to get them started.

It gets better and better every day. More comedy from the love children of Lady Cindy Sheehag crossed with MM.

That's funny. Today I was a... (Below threshold)

That's funny. Today I was at my local store and saw Fahrenheit 911 and Bowling for Columbine selling for $5.50 each and got a chuckle out of that. In all fairness they weren't the only ones on sale at such a low price. They were surrounded by plenty of other crappy Hollywood products from the last couple of years.

Silicon Valley? The Silicon... (Below threshold)

Silicon Valley? The Silicon Mountains. Eat some carrots you daft blind man.

Is brian-less trying out li... (Below threshold)

Is brian-less trying out link mun-go (linkman)?

Michael Moore's success is ... (Below threshold)

Michael Moore's success is a daily reminder that the leftwing in America is not very smart.

Blacques, the "valley" lies... (Below threshold)

Blacques, the "valley" lies BETWEEN the mountains. It's a valley created by silicone.


Both of those books are amo... (Below threshold)

Both of those books are among the select few which actually subtract from the sum total of human knowledge.

muirego:Yeah poor... (Below threshold)

Yeah poor Michael wasting his time writing a book about how Bush and the Republicans need to be held accountable for the war

I also highly value thoughtful historical analysis whose titles start with "Dude".


This is all pretty stupid. ... (Below threshold)

This is all pretty stupid. There are always a slew of "up to the minute" political books out. Everybody talks about them and they cause a lot of controversy and the authors do the talk show circuit. Then everybody moves on and forgets about them and they wind up in the remaindered bin. Try finding a copy of Tipper Gore's "Raising PG Kids in an X-Rated Society" some time.






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