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If it's Sunday, it must be time to bash Massachusetts...

It seems that ever since a man with a lengthy history of violent crime in Massachusetts was arrested for killing a Manchester, New Hampshire police officer, every Sunday brings a new story slamming the lax way Massachusetts handles violent criminals.

And today is no exception.

This morning's Union Leader (New Hampshire's only state-wide newspaper) has a story citing a number of high law enforcement officials discussing with dismay the National Crime Information Center, a federal clearing-house for information on wanted criminals, and Massachusetts' participation in it.

Or, rather, non-participation.

In theory, whenever a warrant is issued by any state or local authority, it is entered into the NCIC database. Then, whenever the police have an official contact with someone, they can check with NCIC to see if they're wanted anywhere.

That's the theory. In Massachusetts, it's the exception.

According to New Hampshire officials, for every Massachusetts warrant entered into NCIC, roughly 19 more are not. That means that if a police officer stops a suspect wanted in Massachusetts, they have a 95% chance of not knowing that the person is a fugitive -- and just might violently resist.

Massachusetts officials are busily addressing the problem -- which means, in the Bay State dialect, means "trying to blame each other."

And in the meantime, the danger continues.

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If Mass's ineptitude would ... (Below threshold)

If Mass's ineptitude would only endanger their own cops, it wouldnt be quite so bad as these Massholes putting cops all over New England at risk.

This particular issue is ju... (Below threshold)
Steve Rutledge:

This particular issue is just another putrid, puss-filled symptom of the disease coursing through Massachusetts - liberalism. With the Democratic control of congress, Mass has become the anus of America.

Plus the fact that when the... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Plus the fact that when the person gets the death sentence there those stupid 14 to 15 years of those dumb appeals i mean look how long it took them to finaly exicute ROBERT ALTON HARRIS,TED BUNDY,GARY GILMORE,and TOOKIE WILLIAMS

It's time to pile this stup... (Below threshold)

It's time to pile this stupid state.

I just drove home from Vermont. The state of Massaschusetts has been working on an overpass in Greenfield for over a year. It's important because it is the route on which countless weekenders and skiers return home on Sundays.

A year!

The southbound lanes are narrowed to one over the bridge and it causes interminable delays on busy days, today included. Today it was a relatively short delay- a half an hour. On busier days it can be well over an hour.

So when anyone tells you that Massadouchetts cares about cars wasting gasoline and worries about emissions and the environment just stuff a filthy sock in his or her mouth.

To compound this idiocy, the Mass DPW is now screwing up bridges in Northhampton and nor th Springfield, all in anticipation of the holidays.

It is difficult to imagine a more stupid adminstration of the highways.

"the lax way Massachusetts ... (Below threshold)

"the lax way Massachusetts handles violent criminals."

What do you mean "LAX"? hahaha..
mASS handles ALL their citizens like tough criminals, only give license to carry concealed gun permits to who they like. Hows that for keeping the people stuck in this liberal shit pit safe huh?!

This is <a href="http://mas... (Below threshold)

This is old news. Nice to see nothing's been done to remedy the situation over the last nine months, since the story last broke.

From my above-linked post f... (Below threshold)

From my above-linked post from last February:

Are you a law-abiding citizen who wants to own a gun in Massachusetts?

You're looking at a 100 percent chance of having pages of personal information carefully scrutinized and dutifully entered into the state's Criminal History Systems Board database (name, address, phone number, date and place of birth, mother's maiden name, father's name, citizenship status, employment status, height, weight, eye and hair color, etc.).

Are you a criminal who has committed a violent crime in Massachusetts and is looking to leave the state to start a new life of thuggery?

You're in luck, my friend! The odds of having all this personal information - along with information pertaining to your criminal record - entered into the state's computer systems have now dropped to less than 5 percent!


Yeah, I'm reeeeally gonna miss this place. 38 days until I lcose on the new house in NH, bu who's counting?

Massachusetts probably beli... (Below threshold)

Massachusetts probably believes that most of the criminals had bad childhoods, and don't want it held against them by cops in other states, who may not have had sufficient hours of sensitivity training.






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