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Top Five Game Shows

Rick Moran takes a short break from political blogging and posts his list of the five top game shows of all time. Go take a look at see what you think. I agree with his number one choice.

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The game show we made a poi... (Below threshold)

The game show we made a point to watch growing up was "The Price is right". Loved listening to Johnny Olsen (I think that was his name) say "COME ON DOWN". Of course those lovely ladies on the show didn't hurt any either.

I also vaguely remember watching "To tell the truth" when I was real little.

Also loved Matchgame. Is it me or was Charles Neilson Riley ALWAYS on there?

Good list! But as a kid, I ... (Below threshold)

Good list! But as a kid, I remember my parents watching "To Tell The Truth". I kind of liked it myself.

Anybody remember this: "Jok... (Below threshold)

Anybody remember this: "Joker, JOKER, AWWWWWWWWWW"

Hollywood squares...during ... (Below threshold)

Hollywood squares...during the Paul Lynde era.

spurwing plover:


The Jokers Wild... (Below threshold)

The Jokers Wild

"Anybody remember this: "Jo... (Below threshold)

"Anybody remember this: "Joker, JOKER, AWWWWWWWWWW""

Yes, I had forgotten about that one. That's about all I remember of it though, lol.

Deal Or No Deal is the only... (Below threshold)

Deal Or No Deal is the only non-sporting show on today that makes me scream at the TV in frustration.

I always liked The Price Is Right. I used to love it when 11AM rolled around and I could plop down and watch it. Match Game was great when Bowser from Sha Na Na was on.

For the record, I hate Jeopardy! because Alex drives me crazy.

Pyramid.... (Below threshold)


There should have been two ... (Below threshold)

There should have been two categories.

One would be "Best Game Show SHOW," concentrating purely on the entertainment aspect. Shows like Hollywood Squares, Let's Make A Deal, The Price Is Right, and The Match Game qualify under this section.

The other should be "Best Game Show GAME," for the most compelling games. The $10,000/$25,000 Pyramid, Password, Jeopardy, and an old Tom Kennedy favorite from the '60s, You Don't Say, come to mind.






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