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I have been having computer problems. Hopefully I will be back up on my laptop tomorrow. Right now the holdup is me taking the time to copy everything I don't want deleted off of it so that it can be wiped and reformatted or whatever you call it. (Sorry, but I am a know nothing when it comes to tech stuff.) I am on my daughter's computer now and it has a cursor with little trailing flames. I could live with that, but it also has a little ball mouse that I just can't get the hang of. I apologize for the slow blogging and hope to be back on track soon.

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Boy do I love my Mac! Refo... (Below threshold)

Boy do I love my Mac! Reformatting? I remember those days.

> but it also has a little ... (Below threshold)

> but it also has a little ball mouse that I just can't get the hang of

So plug in a conventional mouse from another computer.

"I apologize for the slow b... (Below threshold)

"I apologize for the slow blogging and hope to be back on track soon."

Excellent. Since you seem to know what the Iraqi insurgents are up to (ie: your prediction that they increased violence to influence our midterm elections) I am wondering what your explanation is into the 96 deaths yesterday. (46 were tortured)

Lorie, occasionally at work... (Below threshold)

Lorie, occasionally at work I've had to use someone else's computer that had the trackball mouse, and I felt the same way you did. Then a time came when I had to use it for a couple of weeks, and I had time to get used to it and ordered one for my own computer. It's really helpful for some of the work I do where I'm clicking back and forth a lot--saves my wrist sliding back and forth. Otherwise, I like the mouse I have at home that has the little wheel in the center for scrolling up and down.

jp2"96 deaths yester... (Below threshold)

"96 deaths yesterday. (46 were tortured)"
And yet you still call them insurgents?

You are a mook

Please , do us all a favor ... (Below threshold)
Mark Blahut:

Please , do us all a favor - stay away longer.
This page without your dribble has been better
then ever . There are enough crybaby bloggers
on this site without you . Please take care of your
daughter , from reading you , we can all tell she will need help in the future .

I feel sorry for her . Please go away and get a job where you are not heard .

Nicely done Mark, you su... (Below threshold)

Nicely done Mark, you sure told her for not sharing your opinion.

Do us all a favor, keep it up and get banned, because you have not contributed anything but conspiracy theories, hate and insults to this blog.

Better yet, save Kevin a mouse click and just go away.



JP- I don't suppose it will... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

JP- I don't suppose it will ever let up in Iraq now, until we leave, since the terrorists saw that they were rewarded for their violence. Why would they at this point? They got what they wanted. Their strategy worked. Why give up on a winning strategy?

I guess this mouse is not really a ball mouse, it is more of a rubber button mouse. It is not a smooth ball that rolls easily. It is a little round rubber spot. I am getting better at it though.

Mark, you are a real ass. G... (Below threshold)

Mark, you are a real ass. Go away.

Mark Blahut said:<... (Below threshold)

Mark Blahut said:

This page without your dribble(sic) has been better then(sic) ever.

Actually, I wouldn't pay much attention to anyone who doesn't know the difference betweens the words "dribble" and "drivel". (I'm little more forgiving about "than" and "then"...but not much.)






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