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Breaking: Rudy Giuliani Sets up Exploratory Committee for Possible Presidential Run

This just broke on Fox News.

I will update when I have more.

Update: The AP is reporting:

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, a moderate Republican best known for his stewardship of the city after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, has taken the first step in a 2008 presidential bid, GOP officials said Monday.

The former mayor filed papers to create the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Exploratory Committee, Inc., creating a panel that would allow him to raise money for a White House run and travel the country.

The four-page filing, obtained by The Associated Press, lists the purpose of the non-profit corporation "to conduct federal 'testing the waters' activity under the Federal Election Campaign Act for Rudy Giuliani."

Giuliani was widely praised for leading the city during and after the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. He has said for months that he would wait until the end of the 2006 elections to decide whether to embark on a White House bid.

I like Rudy Giuliani. I like Mitt Romney as well, if not more, but I'm thrilled that Rudy is seriously interested in running. He'll make a fantastic candidate.

Added: Commenter Steven notes that Rudy is anti-gun, pro-choice, and pro-gay marriage. These are the issues that will be the sticking point in the primary should he choose to go forward with running for president.

Update: Remember the GOP Straw Poll? Rudy is just behind Newt Gingrich 26% to 24.5%.


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Comments (39)

At least I can be happy abo... (Below threshold)
Whirly Girl:

At least I can be happy about something today, in spite of Mel Martinez. Rudy has to get his ground game going though...and fast!

Anti-gun, pro-choice, pro-g... (Below threshold)

Anti-gun, pro-choice, pro-gay marriage.

He will never win the nomination when all of these facts come out.

Oh I don't know. Fear of H... (Below threshold)
John S:

Oh I don't know. Fear of Hillary might bring the Republicans around. He could keep the Dems out of the White House until 2016.

Rudy won't get the right-wi... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Rudy won't get the right-wing evangelical vote, and that could be a problem. And as I understand it, he is anti-gun, pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, which could backfire during the primaries. The lack of foreign policy experience (save for the obvious 9/11 background) might hurt him. But he's approachable, human and would "play well" middle America who's already familiar with him.

As David Broder noted a long time ago, Republicans don't know how to "package" their candidates. It's about time they learned that, while running for the presidency should be and is about ideas, it's also about marketing. Rudy could certainly help the party take a big step in the right direction that way.

And he's a damn sight better than McCain.

I like Giuliani but I would... (Below threshold)

I like Giuliani but I wouldn't vote for him even if it was a choice between him and Hilliary Clinton. (I'd probably vote Constitution Party or Libertarian.)

He's pro-choice and wishy-washy on gay marriage and civil unions.

He did a great job as mayor of NYC, but he'd be a disaster as president.

Mitt Romney is my favorite ... (Below threshold)

Mitt Romney is my favorite for the 2008 Presidential Election!

I don't think that the lack... (Below threshold)

I don't think that the lack of foreign policy experience is necessarily a negative. There's a long list of presidents elected without FP experience (Kennedy, Carter, Reagan, Clinton, GWB for example), although definitely with mixed results.

The impact of his other views (guns, abortion, gays) is probably going to be a function of the WoT/Iraq. If both conflicts are still going strong, his domestic policy views are going to be less important than the general idea of Rudy as a wartime leader.

Unlike McCain, who puts me ... (Below threshold)

Unlike McCain, who puts me to sleep when he talks, Rudy's got the gift for TV and for debate. He's also got the governance chops and also cleaned up NYC - a legacy he had long before 9/11.

Sure, he's got that nasty divorce in his past. But Bubba gave everyone a free pass on that one.

Bring on Obama!

This liberal likes Rudy. Mi... (Below threshold)

This liberal likes Rudy. Might even vote for him depending who he runs against.

Hugh:What if it wa... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


What if it was Clinton/Obama ticket?

Peter:It would hav... (Below threshold)


It would have to be an incredibly awful republican running against her for me to vote for Clinton. Too early for Obama...there are some nice moderates out there who need to be seen and heard yet.

This is the GOP's Clinton s... (Below threshold)

This is the GOP's Clinton strategy.

After they lost in 1994, Democrats ran to the center with Clinton in 1996. He signed welfare reform, signed DOMA (the gay marriage ban), and other conservative legislation. The Democrats hated those bills. But they hated President Dole and a Republican Congress even more.

The Republicans are going to watch Giuliani run to the middle on social issues. He'll nix the gay marriage amendment. He'll talk about the big Republican tent on abortion. You won't hear any more about Jim Dobson and friends. And social conservatives will hate it. But they fear President Hillary and a Democratic Congress even more. So they'll go along for the ride. And Rudy will win.

Even as a conservative (a 7... (Below threshold)
Langdon Alger:

Even as a conservative (a 7 on a scale of 1-10, I'd say), I strongly support Giuliani. As long as he promises a Federalist approach when nominating judges (as he already has), I don't count his personal views on abortion as a negative (it's not as if he could outlaw abortion by executive fiat, anyway). I also do not believe him to be "anti-gun," as his views for NYC would be different when applied throughout the country. Just my two cents.

I could and would support "... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

I could and would support "America's Mayor"...however...
1)The mainstreet media have always loved the McCain

2)Can Republicans move beyond "choice"...if they can the Mayor will be the next President. If they can't it will be whomever emerges from the Dems Clinton..Edwars...Gore..primary

Thanks, Hugh. Just curious.... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Thanks, Hugh. Just curious.

Pro-gay marriage? Huh? Th... (Below threshold)

Pro-gay marriage? Huh? This is what Rudy's said about the subject: "I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman, that it should remain that way, it should remain that way inviolate, and everything should be done to make sure that that's the case."

Get ready to hear lots of lies about Rudy's record. But don't fall for it. Rudy's the one Reaganite conservative in the race. Book it.

Romney is clear on his posi... (Below threshold)

Romney is clear on his position about illegal immigration, and he's against amnesty. See here.

Hey, I don't care what Rudy... (Below threshold)

Hey, I don't care what Rudy is, as long as he leaves social issues to the states and picks originalists SC and other fed judges.

I also like Mitt, he seems solid and a real good talker.

I'll vote for ANYone, ANYth... (Below threshold)

I'll vote for ANYone, ANYthing before hilLIARy

I've always liked Rudi---I ... (Below threshold)

I've always liked Rudi---I like executive leaders who seem to have strong personalities & don't have to take a poll to see what they should do!

I'm probably about an 7.5 on the conservative scale, but I have enough sense to know that if we don't have a strong country (economically, militarily, etc.), the social issues are meaningless, i.e., we'll be looking at Sharia law down the road where homosexuals will be dead & women might as well be. Sounds a little drastic, but a growing part of the world wants the "west" to live this way.

Guliani was widely berated ... (Below threshold)
Proud kaffir:

Guliani was widely berated by the GOP for allowing the Gay Olympics in NYC and also for endorsing Cuomo for governor in 94.

However, I think with his security credentials, most Conservatives would be willing to forgive and forget. They would even stomach some of his more liberal inclinations.

1)The mainstreet media h... (Below threshold)

1)The mainstreet media have always loved the McCain

But that's about where it ends. I haven't seen much positive reaction re: McCain outside of the media.

As an independent / libertarian, Guliani is my favorite out of the media's favorties for '08.

Interesting comments, but r... (Below threshold)

Interesting comments, but remember this: Both the Republican and Democrat primaries are geared to only pick someone with solid core beliefs. Thus Rudy won't win the nomination unless he can stand on strong conservative principles; mainstream conservatives wont forgive McCain. That leaves Romney vs Newt, and Newt is too polarizing. (It's stunning that our best conservative candidate is a former governer of Massachusetts).

For the Democrats? Well, just listen to them outdo each other to be a lefty wingnut/moonbat. The person that fits that best is not Hilliary - its Algore!


All you fundies are just on... (Below threshold)

All you fundies are just one (Just One!!) Supreme Court justice away from doing away with Roe v. Wade.

Are you really going to trust Rudy to provide this justice for you???

I don't think so.

This is great news. ... (Below threshold)

This is great news.

Despite the naysaying, Guiliani has very strong appeal to conservatives. We saw how he stood up strongly at the darkest moment in his city's history, how he lead the mourning, attending hundreds of funerals, and gave America the confident attitude that there was NO DOUBT we would recover and rebuild, and NO DOUBT we would take the fight to those who plot our downfall.

Evangelicals will have a much easier time supporting Guiliani, with whom they often disagree but from whom they can be sure of candid answers, than either McCain the untrustworthy or Romney the unknown. Oh, he was Governor of Massachusetts? That will win LOTS of conservative votes, won't it?

Pro Gay, Pro Gun Control.</... (Below threshold)

Pro Gay, Pro Gun Control.

No fricking way.

Ditto Jim,My under... (Below threshold)

Ditto Jim,

My understanding is that Guiliani has moderated his views on guns and individual states seem to be resolving the gay marriage issue. Assuming that he's a fiscal and defense conservative that leaves one of the most important electability factors in his favor, charisma. Lets face it, we live in a media age so the ability to articulate positions in front of a camera is critical (no I don't like this fact but perception is reality). Rudy is the only candidate save maybe Mitt (too unknown and I'm sure the Mormon thing won't help) and Newt (Love him, but still remember the crybaby Newt name calling when he had to go out the back of AF One. Media would eat him up.) who the general electorate won't automatically tune out. If by some miracle McCain could get through the primaries the Media would turn him back into the angry candidate he was in 2000 when he argued w/Maria Shriver in that stairwell or he would become Mr. Corruption because of his role in the S & L debacle of the mid 80's. Rudy's the man in 2008 w' Pawlenty as Veep.

As a NRA member in MA. who ... (Below threshold)

As a NRA member in MA. who volunteered for Mitt Romney when he ran against Teddy Kennedy. I know a little about Mitt, and know a little about gun rights.
Mitt is a chameleon, if he has to be moderate, then he's moderate, conservative, then he's conservative. Mitt would make a great 2nd half of a ticket.
As for Guiliani I'd listen to what he has to say about gun rights. If he said some good things, I'd take him at his word, he doesn't BS.
As of right now, the one who could step in and lead NOW is Newt.......it's that simple.
The "polarizing" crap some worry about, well it's politics ain't it!!?? MSM is going to be a pain in the ASS no matter who the nominees are. So screw them and let's pick the best leader for our beliefs!

Old Rudy. Lets see, he sup... (Below threshold)

Old Rudy. Lets see, he supports gay marriage, is a big time gun grabber, amnesty for 20 million illegal aliens, partial birth abortion, hey no problem, Rudy loves it.

Isn't WizBang supposed to be a conservative blog??

Knightbrigade: No arguement... (Below threshold)

Knightbrigade: No arguement there - you're right - Newt is polarizing but so would any conservative with the media. I'm personnally solidly behind Newt and hope he's the one we pick. Had also heard that Mitt is a "convenient conservative" wrt such issues as abortion - if that's true and it gets out he'll have a tough time because we wont settle for a partial/sometimes conservative like W.


"Isn't WizBang supposed ... (Below threshold)

"Isn't WizBang supposed to be a conservative blog??"

Rudy's charm around here seems to the belief that he can win. I disagree. Rudy is a disaster - literally. He'll be running as the former mayor thef city chosen as the target for the 9/11 bombing.

His strength? He's good with a mop.


Rudy with two ex-wives and ... (Below threshold)

Rudy with two ex-wives and a bunch of ex-girl friends has more baggage that O'hare Airport.

If Rudy is nominated, there will be an "October Surprise" everyweek from Labor Day until Election Day.

The Republicans have to learn from things like the George Allen campaign is that their candidates need to be spotless. Rudy is not anywhere near spotless and thus cannot win the middle.

NOONE has MORE baggage than... (Below threshold)

NOONE has MORE baggage than hilLIARy. IF she can be considered a front-runner, my MUTT can.

"All you fundies are one... (Below threshold)

"All you fundies are one (just one) Supreme Court justice away from doing away with Roe v. Wade."

You say that like it's a bad thing, Herman. But I suppose when you've had nearly 40 years of jollies jamming scissors into the skulls of babies so you can vacuum their brains out, I suppose an RVW overturn would melt the ice in your glass.

McCain? Sleazy, lying MSM collaborator. Might as well elect a Democrat.
Romney? Empty suit. Like knightbrigade said, he's a chameleon. Whatever you're for, he's for it too.
Yeah, Rudy's got a lot of baggage. Let him get it all out front, now - the Clinton 'that's old news" scam - and then nail Hitlery to the wall. That's ALL that matters to me. I want that sleazy bitch sent packing back to Chappaqua to spend the rest of her days swilling gin and muttering "I coulda been a contendah" between bouts of diarrhea and hurling ashtrays at the Syphilitic Hillbilly.

Hell, I'd vote for Jack Murtha if I thought it would stop Shrillary forever.

theExecutioner, On... (Below threshold)


One of the lessons from 2006 is that baggage only counts for Republicans. Democrats can be corrupt as you want to be (See New Jersey) and that is OK. The MSM will not go after Democratic politicians with baggage. It may not be fair but it is the hand that has been dealt to the Republicans.

The Republicans need to learn how do deal with the slanted coverage they will receive and one of those ways is to nominate candidate without dirty laundry.

Or to come out and vote aga... (Below threshold)

Or to come out and vote against the dem who is more corrupt! Ridiculous as that sound's.

Rudi has proven time and ti... (Below threshold)

Rudi has proven time and time again that he has been an effective leader. If we really care about his marraige problems over his excellent achievements we have a seriously distorted society. Then again, more people vote for American Idol than our president.

Will religious conservative... (Below threshold)

Will religious conservatives vote for Rudy? The only way to know is to ask them. It's completely pointless for anyone to make assumptions about what some other demographic group will do, particularly as the prejudice toward religious conservatives is so wildly divorced from reality.

Rudy's closets? Far as I know, they're clean. All his skeletons are out and about frolicking in the public square.

And primaries *aren't* about pleasing the party (with the exception of Lamont, who lost, yes?) they are usually about voting for the guy you think will swing the middle. How else to explain Kerry and his "war hero" status? It's about guessing what *other* people will do.

However, I think w... (Below threshold)
However, I think with his security credentials, most Conservatives would be willing to forgive and forget.

Yeah, you mean like that brilliant decision to put New York's disaster response center in the World Trade Center just 5 years after the terrorists tried to collapse the towers with a truck bombing in the parking garage?

As the bipartisan 9/11 commission members reported they couldn't even question Guiliani about anything he did before he wrapped himself in the flag of all the fallen heroes among NY city's police and firefighters (including my cousin).

Guilian has a lot to answer for concerning NY city's preparation for a terrorist attack. Especially given the fact that the 1993 attack on the Trade Center should have given them a wakeup call well in advance of 9/11.






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