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Mel Martinez to Run the RNC

Sadly, the Steele rumor was just that. I have one question about Martinez as RNC chair: why?

Michelle Malkin answers my question.

Ugh. He's going to keep his position as senator as he chairs the RNC.

Ankle Biting Pundits:

Rumor has it illegal immigrants will celebrate this news with a mass border crossing.....oh wait, they already do that. But they would do it more if this study of the amnesty bill Martinez has co-sponsored is to be believed.

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So many possible comments o... (Below threshold)

So many possible comments on this one.

1 - Will Dean now appear to debate with the RNC Chair (seeing as how he pussed out on Mehlman)?

2 - The GOP has a douche leading their party, too

3 - If the Dems are goig to pander to the african american voted, it only seems fair that the GOP pander to the hispanics.

4 - Worse.Choice.Possible.

Regardless, the GOP just threw in the towel.

Maybe if he'd give up his seat and Cris could appoint Jeb as his replacement ... at least tht would be entertaining.

So the lesson the Republica... (Below threshold)

So the lesson the Republicans learned from last week is: "We need to pander harder."?


Hey, anyone want to start a pool? How many nutty things will the Republicans filibuster before the Democrats decide to throw out the nambypamby "I said I was filibustering, so don't actually make me filibuster, just take it off the table" before the Democrats decide to make the Republicans actually stand up and filibuster for hours on end...something the Republicans were too chicken to make the Democrats actually do?

Yo Chiero Taco Bell... (Below threshold)

Yo Chiero Taco Bell

Last week's election was ta... (Below threshold)

Last week's election was taking the path (at a fork in the road-type election) down the road to and with Western Europe. This merely confirms we're well on that path.

It's over for us as a growing western civilization; it will take time as we decline, but decline we will (just like western Europe is declining).

Last week's election, had it gone the other way, would mean the USA still had the fortitude to thrive. Sadly, that's not the case.

The Conservatives no longer have a national political party.

Wow!Lee's an idiot... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


Lee's an idiot in 2 languages!

Congrats, gringo!

Shouldn't the title be... (Below threshold)

Shouldn't the title be

"Mel Martinez to Ruin the RNC."

Sorry guys, Florida flubs a... (Below threshold)

Sorry guys, Florida flubs again. Martinez hasn't been anything he promised to be.

Yo: The GOP just threw *UP* in the towel.

To the Crats here, are you ... (Below threshold)

To the Crats here, are you happy with Dean? Or is there someone else out there better?

Don't lump Cuban boat peopl... (Below threshold)

Don't lump Cuban boat people with illegal immigrants - Cubans enjoy some special laws (including the dry foot - wet foot deal) the others are not entitled to.

Lee's an idiot in ... (Below threshold)
Lee's an idiot in 2 languages!
And a racist in any
Great. The RNC pisses off ... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

Great. The RNC pisses off their conservative base and select a pro-amnesty guy for their leader.

Hmmm, do you think they'll lose a few more seats next election?

Throw them all out. It's time for Hillary as Prez and 100% liberal Congress. WhooHoo, we can be France in two years.

Great. Just great. Could ... (Below threshold)
Whirly Girl:

Great. Just great. Could we demoralize the base even further?! Martinez will RUIN the party, not run it. The Blue Dog Dems are going to pick up the illegal immigration issue, run with it and win with it, because the GOP leadership is moving in the opposite direction from the base. Is the futile attempt to pick up the future illegal vote worth throwing the entire base under the bus? I'm really pissed about this selection.

"Yo Chiero Taco Bell - P... (Below threshold)

"Yo Chiero Taco Bell - Posted by: Lee at November 13, 2006 05:00 PM "

ScsiWuzzy and SYB - That wasn't my post. My guess is that's Scrappy, and he's been hitting the cough syrup harder than usual...

Beisdes, it's "Yo Quiero Taco Bell"-- but you racist *sshats wouldn't know that. Let me guess, you studied French instead of Spanish... lol.

It's not just a matter of t... (Below threshold)

It's not just a matter of the Republican Base. The majority of Democrats, except those looking for votes, are against it.

But make no mistake. Giving the illegals Amnesty to curry their votes is a lie. The Democrats will get the votes because the Democrats align best with the prevailing politics in Mexico and other Hispanic countries.

The May 1st protest was really a May Day parade which is celebrated Mexico and not here. They are socialists. If anything Democrats will be fight the Green Party and other far left groups for their votes, not the Redumblicans.

Lee:I'll actually ... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:


I'll actually stand up for you, for once. (Don't get used to it.) Sockpuppery should be a banning offense, especially if you use someone else's name.

Sheesh... Mel?Who pi... (Below threshold)

Sheesh... Mel?
Who picked him and why?
They couldn't find anyone else as loony or able to PO the base?

Ahhh well, they wandered 40 years in the politcal wilderness, it was time for them to blaze new trails there anyway.

Proud Kaffir, sock puppetry... (Below threshold)

Proud Kaffir, sock puppetry IS a bannable offense -- as I told Lee eight months ago when he said he had several suspects, but he never followed up on it.

When I get the chance, I will review the records and see if someone has been sock-puppeting, and take appropriate action. On the other hand, there has been a second commenter who has used the name Lee -- and only that name. It could just be mistaken identity, and I'll see about straightening THAT out, if that is the case.


Lee,Why do you thi... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


Why do you think I said you were now an idiot in a second language, you dolt.

Of course it's "quiero".

And I'd be EXTREMELY careful who you call a racist around here, [email protected]$# for brains. I married WAY outside my own.

Sheik: "...I married WAY... (Below threshold)

Sheik: "...I married WAY outside my own."

I see -- but then a human would be "way outside your own". lol!

Just kidding - and I apologize for my earlier remark.

Obviously, the GOP (RINO's)... (Below threshold)

Obviously, the GOP (RINO's) learned absolutely nothing from this month's election. They deserve everything the Donks shove down their throat!!

What's happening to Lee? G... (Below threshold)

What's happening to Lee? God help me, but I've actually agreed with him a couple times recently. And not even the "sock-puppet" Lee. I mean the "obvious" Lee.

Gah! Someone shoot me!

In reviewing the IP of the ... (Below threshold)

In reviewing the IP of the bogus "Lee," I see he/she/it is also posting as "Bob Jones." That commenter is urged to knock it off, to settle down with a single name, or I will be pulling out the ban stick.


Thanks, Jay Tea. Putting u... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

Thanks, Jay Tea. Putting up with one Lee is enough of a chore.

Sorry, Lee, but I just couldn't stomach being too nice to you for too long.

Selecting Martizez for RNC ... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

Selecting Martizez for RNC Chair is right up there with selecting Liz Dole for RSCC Chair. That certainly worked well minus six seats later.

When Dean meets Martinez, he can ask Mel for info on the GOP's future strategy. Mel will undoubtedly accidently give him position papers in the works thatr Dean could exploit to the hilt. Anyone else recall that Terri Shiavo blunder?

Isn't it a conflict of interest for a sitting senator to be RNC Chair? What if Mel needs to take a divergent opinion from the rest of the party due to his consttuents?

Say hello to at least a decade in the minority. Apparently, the GOP has learned nothing from the last election.

Is there anything else thes... (Below threshold)

Is there anything else these idiots can do to rip defeat from the jaws of defeat?

OK, I wanna know where are ... (Below threshold)

OK, I wanna know where are all the adults in politics. I mean, really, both sides of the aisle are acting like this is some sort of sooper sekrit handshake club that you can't join unless someone vouches for you.

Could have been worse... C... (Below threshold)

Could have been worse... Could have been Harriet Miers...

I'm no fan of Eminem, but I... (Below threshold)

I'm no fan of Eminem, but I do recall that Steele was running for Senate as pretty much a RINO, and people were all giddy about him taking the job.

For better or worse, people of Hispanic origin now make up a greater proportion of the American population than blacks. And blacks have consistently demonstrated that despite holding conservative views on many issues they will not vote for Republicans in any substantial number, while we can and have made substantial inroads in the Hispanic vote.

Neither man has the nuts-and-bolts savvy of guys like Gillespie and Mehlman, so either would require strong tech support behind the scenes, and would simply serve as the media voice for the party.

Beisdes, it's "Yo Quiero... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Beisdes, it's "Yo Quiero Taco Bell"-- but you racist *sshats wouldn't know that. Let me guess, you studied French instead of Spanish.

Je sais tous les deux, et vous êtes un trou du cul en n'importe quelle langue.

Sé ambos, y usted es un pendejo en cualquier lengua.

And, learn to spell in at least ONE language.

What does Martinez know abo... (Below threshold)

What does Martinez know about raising money or winning elections? Didn't he barely win one with 48 percent of the vote? And this is the guy who is supposed to win us seats. Not to mention that he has Senatorial duties. Doesn't this say that winning in two years is not one of Bush's priorities. It's a another job for a friend. I've been a very, very supportive Republican for Bush, but no more. No more money for the GOP. Can't believe he fired Rumsfeld after the election as well as meeting now with the auto manufacturers. Couldn't take an hour of his time to do so a month ago and help the Michigan GOP. I was disappointed after the election, but I'm furious now.






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