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Lessons I have learned of late

Recent events have forced me to reconsider a few things I was pretty comfortable about "knowing."

First up, nuclear technology has an "expiration date." About a month ago, it was revealed that we had uncovered some highly-advanced research material on nuclear weapons in Iraq, and inadvertently posted them on a publicly-accessible web server. This was immediately minimized by many on the anti-war side as "old news" and material that dated from before the first Gulf War. I was under the impression that, as part of Saddam's surrender, he had to turn over and/or destroy all his material and research on all weapons of mass destruction, but apparently the basic laws of physics changed in the last 15 years and these old documents were now worthless.

Secondly, in the discussion of the presumptive House Permanent Select Committtee On Intelligence Chairman, Alcee Hastings, it was brought up that his impeachment by the Congress in 1989 was overturned by a court. Silly me. I thought impeachment was an exclusive power of Congress, untouchable by any other body of government, but I somehow missed the part where a federal court can reverse that conviction.

Thirdly, the chairmanship of the Republican National Committee is not necessarily a full-time job, especially when there are fewer Republicans holding national office than in a very long time. It's really not too much effort for someone to fulfill while simultaneously holding down a seat in the United States Senate. I should have seen this one coming; after all, John Kerry ran for president while blowing off roughly 90% of roll-call votes, and still collected his full Senatorial paycheck.

Actually, the more I think about it, Mel Martinez might still have enough free time for a third job.

Fourth, the United Nations resolution ending the Israel/Hezbollah conflict was actually a "rescue" of Hezbollah. Despite the pretty words calling for the terrorist militia to be disarmed and the Lebanese government to be bolstered by the international force, what it really meant was that the Germans would harass the Israelis on the seas, the French would threaten to shoot down Israeli planes, and Hezbollah would be freely re-armed with fresh missiles and rockets by Iran and Syria -- to levels roughly two and a half times their pre-war stockpiles -- while the rest of the world turned a blind eye.

Fifth, that there had been a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel for some time now, but now it's ending. I thought that the endless stream of rockets fired into Israel and the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier would have constituted some form of warfare, but apparently "cease" is a relative term.

I hate it when I get so many things wrong. I think there should be a body set up just to keep track of these changes, so folks like me who tend to miss out on the shifts can check in and get the current, accurate, "operative" information.

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Hey, you forgot the now myt... (Below threshold)

Hey, you forgot the now myth that Diebold voting machines can't be trusted (and vote fraud in general, which now never existed).

but apparently th... (Below threshold)
but apparently the basic laws of physics changed in the last 15 years and these old documents were now worthless

On that same note, one of the biggest bits of irony was the fact in the 1990's we were hearing from people how much of a threat Saddam was. Those same people now claim Saddam was the stabilizing force and was never really a threat because he was contained.

The worst part about this is the fact that half the population in the country didn't notice the flip-flop.

One more tidbit of incongruity was when Clinton bombed Iraq 12 hours before impeachment proceedings began. And what was the rallying cry from Democrats when they took the podium, "We cannot impeach a wartime president"!!!!

What a weird, wacky mixed-up world we live in.

What I thought, Fox News wa... (Below threshold)

What I thought, Fox News was the leading voice against Islamic fascists.

What I know, Fox News is a leading financial supporter of Islamic fascists.

JERUSALEM - Palestinian terror groups and security organizations in the Gaza Strip received $2 million from a U.S. source in exchange for the release of Fox News employees Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig, who were kidnapped here last summer, a senior leader of one of the groups suspected of the abductions told WND.

Hey B'google you got to be ... (Below threshold)

Hey B'google you got to be the sorriest human on the planet even ahead of Speaker Stretchface, J. Traitor Murtha, J. Hanio Kerry, Turbin Durbin, H, Mafia Reed, etc. You lowlife piece of shit what was they suppose to do--let them die. Asshole.

"...but apparently the b... (Below threshold)

"...but apparently the basic laws of physics changed in the last 15 years and these old documents were now worthless."

Hardly! These Arabic-language documents were extremely valuable to the enemy - which is why the posting of the documents on the internet was such a monumentally STOOPID idea.

Perhaps you were hoping to make the point that the docs represent evidence of recent WMD intentions? They do not - as you state -- they were dated before the Gulf War.

Regarding your suggestion that the documents were "...inadvertently posted them on a publicly-accessible web server." Wrong again. This monumentally STOOPID posting on the internet was intentional - and was done at the request of Republican congressman hoping conservative bloggers could find a WMD "smoking gun" by translating the documents, and help the Republicans chances in the election last week.

To BarneyG2000 re: Fox News - Nobody told Fox News that the US policy is to never negotiate with Terrorists?!?!? They are anti-American to the core! Amazing!

Fox is despicable - the OJ Simpson Interview being the latest example.

jhow66, "You lowlife piece ... (Below threshold)

jhow66, "You lowlife piece of shit what was they suppose to do--let them die. Asshole."

Please forward your question to the victims of Palestinian terrorists.

What I thought, military ab... (Below threshold)

What I thought, military abuses in Iraq were no worst than fraternity hazing.

What I know, soldier pleads guilty to the rape and murder of a 14-year old Iraqi girl and the murder of her family.

Excellent gloss over by Lee... (Below threshold)

Excellent gloss over by Lee of the Fact Saddam had WMD technology in his possession he was suppose to have destroyed.

Fox is just as dispicable a... (Below threshold)

Fox is just as dispicable as CBS (Dan Rather's Fraudulent Guard documents), CNN ( a whole list of dispicable actions topped off by their recent "Broken Government" Bullshit), Reuters ("Al Reuters" photo-fraud on virtually every piece of news from Israel/Lebanon/Palestinian Territories), and the hits just keep coming.

So, Lee, who do you trust?

Hardly! These Arab... (Below threshold)
Hardly! These Arabic-language documents were extremely valuable to the enemy - which is why the posting of the documents on the internet was such a monumentally STOOPID idea

Yeah right, like they were all going to become nuclear geniuses based on that.

Of course one can assume based on your outrage that you feel the same way about terrorists learning how their phone calls are traced, their bank account transactions tracked , etc, etc on the front page of the NYT's.

Yep, I'm sure you spread that outrage even-steven.....

"Yeah right, like they w... (Below threshold)

"Yeah right, like they were all going to become nuclear geniuses based on that."

How many nuclear geniuses does it take to build a briefcase nuke?

Only one.

What I thought, Trent Lott ... (Below threshold)

What I thought, Trent Lott was a washed-up raciest.

What I know, Trent Lott is the new shinning light of the Republican party.

One more time, Lee. Republ... (Below threshold)

One more time, Lee. Republican Congressmen did not - I repeat, did not - request that nuclear technology documents be posted on the web. Again, who ever okayed that document made that awful mistake, but I think I can say with a great deal of certainty that they were not specifically instructed to post nuclear technology on the web. Shouldn't you be more concerned about "who" let it slip through? I think there were many on the left who were merely concerned that in posting any documents, some of the pre-war intel might be substantiated even though they methodically discounted everything. Fortunately for the left they can seize upon this blunder, twist it into something it's not and criticize the entire effort because no one was listening to the rest of their squawking.

Oyster - where are you gett... (Below threshold)

Oyster - where are you getting this bad info? From conservative blogs?

NY Times abstract

American government shuts down Web site that weapons experts say offers basic guide to building atom bomb, pending review; site gives detailed accounts of Iraq's secret nuclear research before 1991 Persian Gulf war; it was set up by Bush administration under pressure from Congressional Republicans hoping to 'leverage the Internet' to find new evidence of prewar dangers posed by Saddam Hussein; officials of International Atomic Energy Agency privately protested last week about site, fearing information could help states like Iran develop nuclear arms; documents contain charts, diagrams, equations and lengthy narratives about bomb building that nuclear experts claim go beyond what is available elsewhere on Internet and in other public forums; US government received warnings about site's contents last spring and withdrew information on biological weapons at that time

Lee, read my lips. That Co... (Below threshold)

Lee, read my lips. That Congressional Republicans wanted Iraqi documents posted does not mean they wanted Iraqi "nuclear technology" documents to be part of that. How plainly can I say it? Who ever oversaw the task is who screwed up. Not all the documents were so sensitive.

Some people have a hard time assigning blame correctly or do so at their convenience. I would assume that part of our intel agency was responsible. You know, the one's that everyone calls "incompetent"? Well, it looks like they were incompetent in executing this task correctly and let the wrong thing end up on the internet.

Why didn't you copy/paste the rest of the article?

The NYTimes "misstated the reason that Senator Pat Roberts, chairman of the Senate intelligence committee, gave for the campaign for the Web site. Mr. Roberts, Republican of Kansas, argued that the captured documents posted on the site would provide valuable information about Iraq under Saddam Hussein. He did not say that he believed they would support the idea that Mr. Hussein had resumed his unconventional arms programs before the 2003 invasion." This says something entirely different than you imply.

Jay Tea,I saw one ... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea,

I saw one of your older posts about all the sequels and remakes. I would like to use the image from that post for one of my academic articles on motion picture ideation. If you could please e-mail me at [email protected] and let me know if I can use the image, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks, Kate.

oyster,I believe the... (Below threshold)
sean nyc/aa:

I believe the person we can blame is President Bush. He is the one who authorized the declassification and posting of the material on the web. I think the intel agencies actually recommended he not do so, but because of the pressure from Congressional Repubs and the ilk here at Wizbang, we gave anyone who wanted it this info for free. So please don't try and blame this on the intel agencies again, the fault for this lies squarely with the Prez and his fellow Repubs.

Sean: The fault lies with ... (Below threshold)

Sean: The fault lies with the idiots who oversaw the program. Not everything is Bush's fault. But if it makes you feel good, knock yourself out.






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