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San Francisco Again Proves it Doesn't Really Care About the Children

I wrote last week that the folks in Nancy Pelosi's home town of San Francisco voted against Prop 83 otherwise known as Jessica's Law. They were the only city in the entire state of California to do so, indicating that they were not all that concerned about "the children," who Nancy Pelosi said the Democrats' ascension to the House leadership was all about.

Once again, the folks in San Francisco proved that they don't really care that much about "the children": the city's Board of Education killed its JROTC program. From the San Francisco Chronicle:

After 90 years in San Francisco high schools, the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps must go, the San Francisco school board decided Tuesday night.

The Board of Education voted 4-2 to eliminate the popular program, phasing it out over two years.

Dozens of JROTC cadets at the board meeting burst into tears or covered their faces after the votes were cast.

"We're really shocked,'' said fourth-year Cadet Eric Chu, a senior at Lowell High School, his eyes filling with tears. "It provided me with a place to go."

The proposal approved by the board also creates a task force to develop alternatives to the program that will be tried out next year at various high schools.

The board's decision was loudly applauded by opponents of the program.

Their position was summed up by a former teacher, Nancy Mancias, who said, "We need to teach a curriculum of peace."

Mayor Gavin Newsom understands full well how this affects the city's future:

Newsom also said he believed the vote would push more city residents away from the public schools.

"You think this is going to help keep families in San Francisco?" the mayor added. "No. It's going to hurt."

Exactly. Michelle Malkin makes a great point:

In 1970, children younger than 18 made up 22 percent of the population compared with just under 15 percent in 2004. San Francisco has the lowest percentage of households with children among the 50 largest U.S. cities.

Cities, like civilizations, die by suicide, not murder.


Update: California Conservative has followed this story and has more.


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Comments (30)

So, we need to "teach a cur... (Below threshold)

So, we need to "teach a curriculum of peace". Public school teachers unions are the #1 domestic problem which needs to be solved if we are to sustain ourselves as a nation and a civilization.

School vouchers!

I had 2 years of NJROTC in ... (Below threshold)

I had 2 years of NJROTC in high school. What they taught was responsibility, respect and reliability. Amazingly, I didn't have to kill anyone.

Would anyone notice if san ... (Below threshold)

Would anyone notice if san fran had a major earthquake and fell into the sea?

Wonder how many innocent babies are executed there every year? Ok to murder a baby, bt lets not help them once they start to grow up. Wonder how they'll react if a dirty bomb or other terrorists attack ever hits there?

Islamofascists wont hit the strong areas, 1st, they'll fit the weaker areas, so right now, Id say San Fudge is at the top of the list. Just hope no responsibile, respectful, reliable people get hurt because of their uber liberal pussified policies.

Just curious - do the San F... (Below threshold)

Just curious - do the San Francisco Public Schools accept Federal money? Because if they do, I believe they will HAVE to reinstate JROTC!

Public school tea... (Below threshold)
Public school teachers unions are the #1 domestic problem which needs to be solved if we are to sustain ourselves as a nation and a civilization.

It's not the teachers, per se, that are the problem. It's the government run educational facilities which we affectionately refer to as 'public schools'. If the government want to fund education, fine, but government should not be running the schools.

Show me where there's a lack of competition and I'll show you where there's mediocrity and waste.

Just curious - do the San F... (Below threshold)

Just curious - do the San Francisco Public Schools accept Federal money? Because if they do, I believe they will HAVE to reinstate JROTC!

ROFL has ther ever been a liberal city that doesnt accept fed money? maybe San Fran wants to eliminate JROTC so he can climb highed up in the most dangerous cities in US ist??

"Their position was summed ... (Below threshold)

"Their position was summed up by a former teacher, Nancy Mancias, who said, "We need to teach a curriculum of peace.""

Yeah, when they're pushin' up daisies.

The liberals need another 9-11 to wake up.

A well placed 9.0 would sol... (Below threshold)

A well placed 9.0 would solve the problem!

Curriculum of peace, eh? T... (Below threshold)
Tim in PA:

Curriculum of peace, eh? There are two kinds of peace; the kind you get after you've defeated an attacker, and the kind where you surrender and die. Looks like they've made their preference clear.

It's obvious that a lot of them just don't get it. I'll never forget one of my cultural anthropology texts, in which there was a lot of talk about "peace". It stated that the peace we've known from time to time isn't "real" peace, because you can only have "real" peace once it's impossible for any wars to happen again, ever.

They then blathered on about theories that sports could replace war, focusing on war as purely some sort of male behavoral problem. They totally neglected the problem of free will and interpersonal violence. Yes, it is true that often wars are started by stupid misunderstandings and nationalism. But they can also be simply a mugging writ large, a fact lost on those who have descended too far into moral relativism.

There is a song on the radio I hear sometimes; part of it gets around to,

"There ain't no good guy
There ain't no bad guy
There's only you and me
and we just disagree"

at which point I have to turn the radio off in disgust. If they ever learn, it will only be the hard way.

More reasons why we should ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

More reasons why we should have absolutly nothing to do with HANOI ON THE BAY and what this wretched hole needs is a good earthquake or better yet just boycott the whole place i mean they tried to ban guns and barred the USS MISSORRI we should have nothing to do with this place

Gayle---JROTC is not ROTC. ... (Below threshold)

Gayle---JROTC is not ROTC. There is no federal mandate to keep it around. In fact, the San Francisco Chronicle did a rather glowing front-page piece on the JROTC, pointing out its clear separation from standard ROTC. They even profiled one of the SF JROTC's student leaders---who is openly gay. So it really makes it all the more pitiful that the school board isn't scrapping a program that, frankly, they have already liberalized plenty.

Oops, typo there... "the sc... (Below threshold)

Oops, typo there... "the school board IS scrapping"...

Tim in PA, I wholly agree.<... (Below threshold)

Tim in PA, I wholly agree.

The question is can we survive the next lesson?

living just 10 miles South ... (Below threshold)

living just 10 miles South of San Francisco I can tell you that as bad as you THINK it is...it is MUCH WORSE!!

So much of the lunacy that is spouted and shouted in S.F. goes unnoticed by the rest of the country, or dismissed as "Oh, that's just San Francisco".

Hopefully THIS bit of bullshit by S.F., coupled with Nancy Pelosi promoting "San Francisco VALUES" will wake some of this country up!!

Hey America...the bitch from Marin is about to go FULL FRONTAL on you. Be afraid...be VERY afraid!!

I just saw Levin on CNN. ... (Below threshold)

I just saw Levin on CNN. He could NOT answer the question, "How will it look to Iran and N. Korea if we pull out?"

Levin will inflict COUNTLESS deaths in America. It's just a matter of time now.

I think Gayle may have nail... (Below threshold)

I think Gayle may have nailed it on the federal funding question. Good point.

Sandra "You must contain th... (Below threshold)

Sandra "You must contain the military" Schwartz's group, The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), is a Religious Society of Friends (Quaker) affiliated organization. Because Quakers traditionally oppose violence in all of its forms and therefore refuse to serve in the military, the AFSC's original mission was to provide conscientious objectors (COs) to war with a constructive alternative to military service. Its stated purpose is "to confront, non-violently, powerful institutions of violence, evil, oppression, and injustice." To this end, the organization has supported the most brutal, repressive and corrupt regimes in world history. The AFSC, which is revered by the Left for its history of actively opposing U.S. "aggression," has defended the Viet Cong and the P.L.O. These seekers of social justice have repeatedly turned a blind eye toward modern slaveholding nations while keeping their finger perpetually pointed at the United States.

While not founded by Communists, the AFSC quickly developed a cozy relationship with both the Communist Party USA and various socialist and revolutionary groups of the fifth column. The AFSC does not see Communism as presenting an Evil Empire, as did those who suffered under its persecution, nor even does it see socialist totalitarianism as an alternate economic system. They view Communism as a desirable state. While not Communist in name, they espouse and endorse every plank of the Communist party platform, all the while hiding behind the religious shield of Quakerism and non-violence. The American Friends Service Committee is and has always been committed to undermining Western democracy, propping up Communist regimes and working for the total disarmament of the United States in the face of her enemies. Removing the JROTC from San Francisco schools is but a single goal of this pro-Communist group - and therefore makes them a darling to the local San Francisco Socialist elite.

American values supplanted by San Francisco values. Get used to this those of you that voted to kick the Republicans out of office. It's only been a week and we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg.

The residents of SF don't w... (Below threshold)

The residents of SF don't want any children, and most of those living togather cannot have children unless the physics of the human body has changed. Men with men, Women with women= no offspring. In three generations there will be no dim's.

If the terrorists are looking for an easy target that will kill hundreds of thousands, SF is the place. Easy access and with chem/bio weapons they can use the normal wind current to spread it far and wide. Damn, it would be easy. Hint, Hint.

The school board will be re... (Below threshold)

The school board will be replacing the JROTC program with the Ask and Tell Club.

So what I'm wondering is wh... (Below threshold)

So what I'm wondering is why aren't more couples having children in San Francisco?

Oops, silly me, I guess it takes a man and a woman to do that. My bad.

What can you expect from th... (Below threshold)

What can you expect from the QUEER capital of the world.

I can honestly say this dec... (Below threshold)

I can honestly say this decision has changed my mind. I was to transfer to our San Francisco office in 3 months. I've now canceled that transfer and will remain in the Virginia office. My son is very active in his JROTC program and we searched high and low for a school district that supported it. I've already explained my reasons to my boss. It's going to be a career limitor with this company, but if that's the kind of policy it wants to pursue so be it. I can get another job.

"What can you expect from t... (Below threshold)

"What can you expect from the QUEER capital of the world."

"Easy access and with chem/bio weapons they can use the normal wind current to spread it far and wide. Damn, it would be easy. Hint, Hint."

"Hey America...the bitch from Marin is about to go FULL FRONTAL on you"

"this wretched hole needs is a good earthquake"

"A well placed 9.0 would solve the problem!"

Congrats Wizbang - you must be proud of your constituents. Truly awful.

What's truly awful is takin... (Below threshold)

What's truly awful is taking away a wonderful, successful program from children for no good reason.

jp2...I'll take credit for ... (Below threshold)

jp2...I'll take credit for mine: ""Hey America...the bitch from Marin is about to go FULL FRONTAL on you"

Nancy IS a bitch (with all due apologies to female canines everywhere)

Most of America has only a passing knowledge of her. Those of us here in the S.F. Bay Area get her "unvarnished". By the time the Washington Post, NyTimes, et al get done spinning and editing her words she sounds almost sane. As Speaker of the House she will be front & center...and can only contain her normal self so long!!

Here in Seattle, there are ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Here in Seattle, there are a greater number of registered dogs (nearly 150K) than children (103K).

No wonder we've had more daycare kennel openings and more school closures.


Having lived in SF 30 of my now 40 years, SF IS indeed the queer captial of the world--a fact many many gays take pride in. Furthermore, on average gays don't have nearly as many children as heterosesuals. Hetreos are viewed as "breeders" and looked down upon (as if they were the minority...fun with irony there). So your righteous indignation over jhow's statement is unfounded

Having been through several 6.8+ quakes, I do not wish that fate on any one, especially my friends--both hetero and homo.

I live about 15 miles south... (Below threshold)

I live about 15 miles south of San Francisco and my family has been living in SF for at least 5 generations. My father and brothers and sister still live there . It's truly sad what's happened to this beautiful city. I know people jokingly (sometimes) wish that SF would just slide off into the sea but those of us fighting on the "frontlines" of leftist lunacy need your prayers more than anything else. I truly feel sad for the kids involved w/ JROTC. What a tremendous lost for them.

My original email to California Conservative blog:

Last night I was watching San Francisco Bay Area's channel 11 (http://www.nbc11.com/index.html) when a lead story was announced before the 11pm began. It was about the San Francisco school board just coming to a decision to terminate the SF JROTC program and it was a 4-2 vote in favor of terminating JROTC. There appeared to be numerous high school kids protesting against the decision and it seemed that the majority of them were 1st generation Asians Americans. It was obvious from the crowd that these kids were devastated by the decision as many of them were in tears.

I had a sneer of disgust on my face while viewing the story. I know that in the past few years that the vitriolic left in SF had been very aggressive about removing any and all military influence from our city's schools. What really made me "pop my cork" though was seeing Medea Benjamin's sour puss being interviewed by Channel 11 as a proponent for removing JROTC.

Channel 11 only identified her as a concerned "parent" during the brief interview and not as the acting head of Code Pink with a lifetime of Stalinist-left activism behind her belt.

I would love to find out what groups were behind this move.

Still I see people mention ... (Below threshold)

Still I see people mention 9/11 in these comments.

Haven't you learned that 9/11 means NOTHING?
Do I have to walk you through this again?

The President of the United States on 9/11 didn't feel it was important enough to investigate how it happened.
It's not important.

Now, where were we?

Hi Kim,Thanks for ... (Below threshold)

Hi Kim,

Thanks for the link. We sure do have more, a lot more, on the topic of San Francisco and liberalism run-amok.

In fact, we've just added a reader's retrospective of SF past and present which sums it up sadly.

We're reporting to you live from the belly of the beast...


Robert-Are you say... (Below threshold)


Are you saying the President didn't feel he needed to investigate how 9-11 happened (because Slick Willy ignored repeated attacks on the U.S., failed to catch OBL when he HAD the chance, concerned himself with oral pleasures instead)?

THAT investigation? Is that what you are asking about?






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