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Holy pump jockey, Batman!

This morning's Boston Herald has the news that two Boston-area imams (Muslim leaders) who have been arrested in an immigration scheme. It seems that they helped a bunch of other Muslims come to the United States as "religious workers," but their holy calling led them to such places as gas stations, big-rig trucks, and factories.

While the potential for humor in this matter is tremendous ("Infidel! This Citgo station is the 583rd holiest place in all Islam! You will NOT desecrate it with your blasphemous ways!" "All I asked for was the key to the men's room!"), this brings to light a very disturbing point: most of the 9/11 hijackers were here illegally, mostly either under fraudulent or expired visas. And here are another group of Muslims here under fraudulent means.

I used to think that the biggest perpetrators of fraud under the mask of religion were the cults like the Moonies and the Scientologists. Now I see that the exploitation of our religious freedom is moving into the larger, "mainstream" faiths.

I don't think it is a good sign.

And the truly diabolical part of my mind wonders if the possibility of getting caught wasn't factored into their plan -- our prisons have been fertile grounds for recruiters for militant Islam.

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Jay, we are at war (for our... (Below threshold)

Jay, we are at war (for our national survival and defense). It must be recognizied that we're at war. This situation must be dealt with as if we are at war.

Or, we are not at war!

I say the USA needs to s--t or get off the pot!

Muslim leaders: Isn't this ... (Below threshold)

Muslim leaders: Isn't this the same thing that happened to NYC/WTC in 1993. A muslim leader (and i'll never again consider Islam a religion any more than Nazism was a religion) planned the attack and his dummie followers carried it out.

Someone had better start looking at history (hey dim's) if they don't want to repeat it.

Now that the spooks don't have the ability (outlawed by the dim's) to track the terrorists it has became easy in a free society for terrorists to kill hundreds of thousands in the U.S.

I can't make a connection but they also (accidently) caught a muslem with thousands of dollars in his luggage and nuclear data on his laptop in a normal airport search. Drugs on the money alerted a dog. But the religion of peace wouldn't attack the U.S. again, ask a dim, they believe that, but will they attend your funeral?

I've been thinking over the... (Below threshold)

I've been thinking over the past few weeks how at least Radical Islam has behavior that is more in common in what a stereotypical cult in the US is like. Sort of the David Koresh or Jim Jones kind of vane.

There something about Islam or Islamic culture that makes these types legitimate or harder to distinguish from the legitmate religious part of Islam, if that's possible.

It could be inherent. Islam has had no real central authority on their religion. Even the Protestant faiths of Christianity react to the Pope, even if it is to oppose a Catholic position, it still provides a sense of order.

I know the founding of Islam, from a more cynnical historical recount, plays out like a cheezy soap opera involving a cult that could be on TV today.

Those who support this ... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

Those who support this Democrat Party of Criminal Frauds should be "Identifiable" at all times. I want to personally congratualate them before the my skin begins to melt away .

Most people don't understan... (Below threshold)

Most people don't understand the basic difference between Shia and Sunni branches of Islam much less try to understand the driving forces behind their thinking/action.

Yep, starting to happen aga... (Below threshold)
jack oneil:

Yep, starting to happen again with the "religious leaders".

Oh, and Jay, I'm usually not bothered by such things, but the title of this post seems to be skirting a racial slur a bit much no?

Oh, and Jay, I'm usually... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Oh, and Jay, I'm usually not bothered by such things, but the title of this post seems to be skirting a racial slur a bit much no?

Um, no. Back in the days of full-serve filling stations, there were pump jockeys aplenty.

Damn, jack, I didn't even T... (Below threshold)

Damn, jack, I didn't even THINK of the "pump jockey/camel jockey" connection. Like James said, "pump jockey" used to be a fairly common term before self-service took over. If it had occurred to me, I might have gone for "Holy Kwikee Mart" or something like that.

Or not. It seems pretty minor, in the overall picture of things.

Oh, well. Live and learn.


21 November 2026 - Jerusale... (Below threshold)
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis:

21 November 2026 - Jerusalem

By Prof. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

(first published in: http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/viewArticle.asp?articleID=16641)

From: the Diary of Muhammad Shamsaddin Gozubuyukoglu

World review and personal events recorded by the hand of a lifeless person, and left for vain, useless, memory.

Today, precisely at noon, I turn 70. It could have been a matter of rejoice, if my wife had not departed because of last year's pandemic cholera that pushed us out of Baghdad, and my 17 years old son, Muhammet Wasil, had not been executed just a few weeks ago, because he had been found in possession of the Greek version of Critias, the famous Platonic dialogue. Greek, Latin, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian books and manuscripts have been prohibited since 2012 throughout the Caliphate, along with many ancient writings, as either inimical or detrimental to Islamic faith. And I keep writing in English this long diary that can be the cause of my own end!

Today, I did not go to the office, since I have got three days off. I woke up early with the azan, before dawn, heard the news, read for an hour the official newspaper, al Thawra al Islamiyah, and found the courage to go around walking for three hours. Yesterday, Friday, I did not walk, but pretended to be sick in order to avoid the compulsory Friday noon prayer in front of the statue of Al Mahdi that stands outside the Dome of the Rock. It was placed there, just 3 years ago, when we were still leaving in Baghdad, to commemorate his victory over the infidels, and the beginning of his rule.

Walking around, I felt disgusted because of the mounds of rubbish that cover what was the Zion hill in the past, and I noticed the advance of the works at the grounds in what was the Golgotha Church of the Christian Holy Sepulcher; they are about to complete a big mosque there, acting according to the orders of the chief religious authority next to Mahdi, the guy whom many believe to be Jesus, the Prophet, who years ago broke the cross, and convinced many Christians to turn to Islam, and to accept Mahdi as their leader.

News from Rum (Italy)

Since I speak of the person who bears responsibility for the destruction of Vatican, I will start today's notes with Italy. As you see, I still remember the name of the country that is now called Rum. After many years of Islamic rebellion, Vatican was destroyed 6 years ago, most of the cardinals having been decapitated by the rebellious Muslims, and Rum became a periphery of the caliphate, having a local Emir to rule the country from Sicily. Christianity was prohibited, all the churches were tore down, and those who insisted on preserving Christian faith have been heavily taxed. All schools of the country became obligatorily Islamic after the terrible bloodshed that lasted almost 2 years. Today, Italy's population does not exceed 40 million and almost 55% are Muslims. This morning, I heard a report about a huge hotel compound under construction in Pompey from where they removed all the antiquities, as relating to Jahiliyeh, the Ignorance period before the Prophet Muhammad. The news was bad, as a Vesuvio volcano explosion spread death, covering under lava at least 200000 people. I suppose the hotel project will be temporarily abandoned. This was not the first major volcano explosion in the area; last year, Etna burnt Taormina out, destroying the newly built mosque Al Ifriqiyah. Messina and Siracusa were equally afflicted.

News from Shumal (France)

Time to move westwards, to what was France, a country where I had studied, 45 years ago. Now, it is called Shumal, which means North, as this country represents the northernmost provinces of the Caliphate. After the terrible events of the period 2007 - 2012, when France for the first time was ruled by a female impotent person, the terrible tsunami of October 2012 brought total devastation to the northern half of the country. Shumal's northern coast is now in the south of the glorious cities of Orleans, Bordeaux and Dijon that are all submerged under the sea level or left as uninhabited areas after the 2012 disaster. Cholera decimated what was left of the population, and the terrible massacres of Marseille (2013), Nice (2013), Lyon (2014) and Pau (2015) left barely a population of 15 million mostly converted to Islam (around 85%). This morning, I heard that a port was under construction in the marshes in the north of Besancon so that a fleet be constructed for Mujahiddeen to attack what was left of Britain, an area severely hit by the October 2012 tsunami and by the rising waters of the ocean due to the Artic ice meltdown.

News from Britain

We have no communications with and no news from Britain. Before 10 years, I met a Muslim who had escaped with others sailing to the northern coast of Shumal. The guy's father was from Baghdad, had escaped to Britain at the times of Saddam Hussein, so he found it good to return to his family's ancestral land. We became friends with Ali, who was born in Britain, participated in the Islamic Revolution of 2010 - 2012, escaped the tsunami devastation that deleted London from the map, but spent 3 years in the jails of Newcastle, as the British were successful in finally vanquishing the Muslim rebels, exterminating many, expelling even more, and jailing the rest. The success was due to a Pakistani sheikh who pretended to be the real Mahdi (as opposite to ours) and he was able to convince a large part of the Muslims of Britain not to participate in the events that led to the regicide of Queen Elizabeth II and the Crown Prince Charles (November 2015), who had survived the tsunami disaster. Her grandson, King Arthur, seems to rule over there now, this is all I now; plus, he is the main target of Al Mahdi and Jesus, the Prophet, who points the finger at King Arthur, calling him the Antichrist (Masih Dajal).

News from Andalus (Spain)

Further in the West, Al Andalus is the westernmost province of the Caliphate. One of the most populous provinces despite the terrible massacres of Christian populations, more than 50 million people live there, Al Andalus is inhabited mainly by people originating from NW Africa, the old countries of Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia. Although it bears the name of the Umayyad country that promoted Arts and Sciences, Philosophy and Tolerance, Al Andalus is now the center of the 'War against the West', with Ash Shebiliyah university preparing every year 10000 graduates who incite youth to war until the total eradication of non Muslims from the Earth. The country comprises the area of both Spain and Portugal, states that ceased to exist in the disastrous events 2010 - 2012. The political classes were murdered pitilessly, although they had been most tolerant towards Muslims. The Spanish royal family was able to escape, and disguised as women, they all sailed to Yunan (Greece). As it happened in Rum and Shumal, all schools turned to Islamic, and the majority of the population seems to be Muslim, although the Caliphatic authorities do not trust them much and every 3 or 4 months the Islamic Investigation Council presides over local authorities, and examines the Islamicity of the daily life. Al Andalus is suspected for high number of homosexuals, and men have to constantly pass examination as regards parts of their body. Sexual sicknesses are endemic and concern either indigenous people or immigrants. This morning I heard many news from Al Andalus but they were all very, very bad. The Western sickness, as they call AIDS now, has overtaken more than 2/3 of the Andalusian males, but the local Emir insisted that the sick enter into marriage with women in order to reproduce and contribute to population rise.

News from Maghreb

If we move to the South, the devastated province of Maghreb includes the former states of Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania and Libya or to put it better what is left of them. The entire area witnessed disastrous civil wars between the indigenous Berbers, who preserved their language and identity, and the supporters of the local arabized governments. Between 2008 and 2012 terrible massacres had occurred, and then the 2012 Atlantic tsunami exterminated the entire population of the Northwestern African coasts, before bringing an unprecedented disaster to the entire Western Africa and the Sahara valleys. Only those who were lucky enough to escape to the mountains are said to have survived. The Maghreb province expands therefore on mountains isolated one from another, and the internal strife never ceased so far, with millions of dead people from both sides. It is an unstable province, where the caliphatic order is to exterminate all those who do not speak but Arabic. Before 3 years, a strange person appeared there, dressed in sackcloth, who started admonishing the caliphatic authorities, demanding that they abolish their false Islam. Soldiers and sheikhs, fans and gangsters tried to kill him but, as his face emits light, his tongue sparks off fire that burns anyone who tries any evil purpose against him. For some periods he disappears and he reportedly appears elsewhere in faraway places to call for mourning and repentance. Sheikhs say there is no need for any Muslim to repent for anything, if he abides by the law as stipulated by Mahdi. From Jerusalem a special mission had left before some weeks, and sailed up to Maghreb with purpose to kill the stranger and bring his dead body back here. Al Mahdi said that many false prophets and antichrists are expected to appear, and this person might be one of them. Yet, this morning's news were devastating for most of the people around; it was reported by Maghreb authorities who sailed on a galley back that this time the entire boat was hit by fire that fell from the sky and not one caliphatic delegate survived the terrible event.

The End of Egypt

What was Libya and Egypt in the past is a vast marshland crossed by various currents and streams. Although the lands were not affected by the Atlantic tsunami, the terrible earthquake of 2013 annihilated the quasi-totality of the local population. Horrible events had preceded the earthquake indeed, and I was lucky enough to follow the presentiment of my wife and move out of Egypt in 2011. We went to live with her family in Kessala nearby the eastern border of Sudan. The perilous situation of that area, and the sanity deficiency had made me very apprehensive in the beginning, but an astounding dream in the eve of my 55th anniversary pushed me to accept her proposal and despite the terrible difficulties, we managed to reach her father's house there, at the mountain's foot.

Egypt, a country where I traveled repeatedly, moved extensively and lived more than 12 years, does not exist anymore. I may look as an ominous soothsayer, but I always stated my conviction that the unreasonable, provocative, and shameful high dam of Syene would bring to the country of the Nile an irrevocable and deplorable end. They were besotted enough to offer plausible answers and explanations. They supposedly needed the dam to help them have more water available for irrigation purposes due to the local population increase; I was constantly saying that the remedy for an idiocy cannot be a stupidity. I was sure that the incredible lake, the heavy burden over Geb, as the Ancient Egyptians were calling the (conceived as masculine) Earth, would make him overreact, as I had already read in the hieroglyphic texts of the Hathor temple at Denderah. And it happened so; the terrible Syene earthquake tore the dam down, releasing another tsunami towards the north. A huge, water wall 100 meters high emanated from the dam's collapse and bulldozed everything that was standing on its path. Even worse, the water wall was repeatedly crashed over the Nile Valley's mountains, taking therefore successively variable directions, and exited from various openings and wadis among the mountains to either the West, leveling Libya, or the East, demolishing the Red Sea coasts, before its main part exterminated the Delta and spread the Death throughout the Eastern Mediterranean coasts. The final result is that we have now five Niles, not one! Egypt does not exist anymore! The terrible event brought also an unbelievable end to the Cyprus island as the tsunami spread throughout the Mediterranean exterminating populations living in the coasts of Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Cyprus, Crete, and to lesser extent Turkey. Only those living in the northern coast, protected by the Besparmak mountain, avoided the extinction, and a few others gathered in the heights of the Troodos mountains.

The Syene tsunami is the main reason for the final collapse of the Jewish state of Israel that had fought for a period of five years before the Syene earthquake three successive wars against the neighboring countries, wars that caused a lot of collateral damages. The coastal Palestinian population vanished within the tsunami, and so did the inhabitants of cities like Tel Aviv, Ashdod, Ashqalon and Haifa. The mountains of Judea stopped the tsunami waves, but the shock and the disorder was such that Palestinians from Jericho started a rebellion, merged with forces of the caliphatic state of Baghdad, and having no help from anywhere the Jewish state collapsed in an unbelievable massacre of all the non Muslim populations. Even if we suppose that a Muslim wished to hide a Jew at his house, this was impossible for organized committees had permission to enter any house for this purpose.

The End of the Jewish State of Israel

Contrarily to the false Hadith to which repeatedly so many Muslims and for so long had been referring, the stones of Judea and Samaria did not speak, and did not reveal that a Jew was hidden behind! I had always believed that this Hadith was a fake! And I was right! Furthermore, there was no possibility for a Jew to escape sailing, as all sea communications were stopped because of the tsunami, and no civil aviation was allowed to cross the eastern Mediterranean or the Red Sea. In addition, the Israeli military aircraft had almost entirely perished in the tsunami devastation. After all, where could they fly to? Greece was in terrible upheaval after its defeat in the Balkan War. Italy was also in turmoil, whereas France and Germany had been half-lost in the previous year's Atlantic tsunami. Although cut off from America and England, Israel could perhaps survive longer, but the Syene earthquake decided otherwise.

Only in the first of these three wars Israel fought against many neighboring states, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. The Americans had left Iraq, when this war took place; the Israeli Pyrrhic victory was due to the use of nuclear weapons by Israel, but this act generated such violence in Baghdad that the pro-Western regime fell, and Iran entered in the south, whereas Turkey invaded the north. The two countries were at the brink of war, but the Islamic Revolution of Turkey brought peace for a moment in the area. The second war occurred immediately after the establishment of the Caliphatic state that declared its capital, Baghdad, would be provisory until the capture of Jerusalem; there was no victory for anyone, but the collateral damages were even heavier. Egypt did not participate in that war however, but this would not change the result. After that moment, and due to America's total incapability to help Israel, I was sure that tragic events would occur to the Jewish populations of the area, events that would be far worse than Jerusalem's destruction by Nebuchadnezzar or Titus. And I was finally right.

Thus, the state that came to existence due to support of European countries, Russia, Turkey, and America was left without a single ally. Europe was facing the early stages of its Islamic revolutions; Turkey had rejected the path to West, putting an end to its ties with Israel; Russia was in deep trouble with its Muslim citizens, and despite this, it was versed in wrong calculations, thinking to possibly manipulate them to its favor! America was under the strong shock of its double defeat in Iraq (first the withdrawal and second the caliphatic rise), plus China had threatened with economic war, selling out part of its dollars in favor of the European currency.

The third war happened after the Islamic Turkish victory over Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia, almost immediately after the terrible Atlantic tsunami that destroyed vast parts of America and Northern Europe. Israel was defeated but not exterminated, and although the caliphatic armies invaded Haifa, and reached the suburbs of Jerusalem, the strength of the country around Tel Aviv was almost left intact. One should say that the caliphatic victory was Pyrrhic, as they had more than two million dead or injured soldiers. Of course, the caliphatic authorities had presented it as victory, saying that in this world, they made a land advance, minimizing the enemy's surface significantly, whereas in the heavens the dead soldiers had won eternal recompense! More than three months were needed to bury them, a terrible story!

News from Turkistan (Turkey)

As I already spoke to some extent about the country of my parents, let's say that the entire area of Anatolia (now named Turkistan) and the Balkans in the south of Danube (now named Rumeli) are caliphatic provinces, and the local emirs reside at Konya and Tirana respectively. Yunan (Greece) is the only exception in the Balkans, but the defeated country lost several islands and all the provinces in the east and the north of Salonica. Turkey paid however a high price for its victory in the Balkans; Istanbul disappeared in a terrible earthquake that took place two months after the war that spread Islam in the Balkans; the massacres of the Serbs, the Macedonians, and the Bulgarians by the joined forces of Turks, Albanians, Bosnians and numerous Muslim mercenaries had not ended when the Istanbul earthquake occurred. More than 20 million people perished in that event, and I still remember that the entire world had thought that this would be the last of so many earthquakes; yet, it was only the prelude of what worst came next. The earthquake was interpreted by the early rulers of the Islamic Turkistan as punishment for policies of Kemal Ataturk, whose mausoleum at Ankara was desecrated, and whose policies had already been totally abolished. Turkish is written now again in Arabic characters, and the current rulers force the population to learn Arabic.

Turkey was however instrumental in the rise of the Caliphate because despite the terrible losses due to the Istanbul earthquake, the re-islamized country entered in war with Armenia, exterminated the Christian populations in the Caucasus area, and along with its Central Asiatic allies fomented an Islamic insurgence in Russia in the months preceding the Atlantic tsunami. When the devastating tsunami crossed northern Europe eradicating parts of France, Germany, and Poland, Russia was hit at last and terrible disaster befell upon that country that drove more than half of its population to death; the rest was islamized and annexed to Turkistan; the same disasters befell upon Ukraine as well; by now all the Russian, Bielorussian and Ukrainian plains in the west of the Urals are just marshes.

News from Rumeli (Balkans) and Germany

The Balkans have turned by now to a big military camp under Albanian rule, although nominally the area belongs to the caliphate; in the numerous, sizeable camps millions of soldiers are trained in order to pursue one more attack against the Roman Empire of the German Nation that was shaped out of the southern parts of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and other mountainous parts of Central Europe that were not destroyed by the Atlantic tsunami. This country faces continuous but uncoordinated Caliphatic attacks from three parts of its borders: from the Croatian mountains and the Hungarian marshes in the East, from the Italian Alps in the South, and from the French Alps in the West; however, the Germans have the strong support of the Swedes, who were not severely damaged in the tsunami tragedy, and unified with the Finnish and the severely damaged Norwegians, preserved most of the high technology and its applications, developed civil and military aviation, and light navy able to sail in marshes, which facilitates their contacts with the Germans. We actually do not have any contact with Germany and Sweden, except from the few last Muslims who escaped or were expelled from there. Victoria, the brave Queen of Sweden, incites the Swedish government to unite with Germany, and to attempt to open the way to the south and reach out to isolated Greece, this is all we know. Throughout the Balkans all the churches have been destroyed, all other religions have been proscribed, and Arabic was imposed among the local peoples as official language.

Today I heard a lot of news from Turkistan; Kurds are massacred in various places, Diyarbakir, Siirt and Urfa. The Aramaeans (Suryani) have to close down their down their last church in Midyat, the clashes between Sunni and Shia become more often in Sivas, and cholera expands in the marshes of the southern coast. The Erciyes volcano threatens Kayseri and the entire Cappadocia where the de-christianization campaign ended up with the destruction of the last underground churches. My beloved Urgup does not exist anymore...

A strange person has appeared in Turkistan over the past three years, and preaches repentance and love of the other. He appears suddenly, and his voice can be heard faraway and among many thousands of people; he tries to make people love each other, bring parents and children close to one another, saying the love of the other is the top criterion for the Hereafter. He disappears suddenly, becoming invisible automatically. Even when invisible, he can speak many languages at the same time, and be heard to many; he criticizes the caliphatic authorities as Satanic, and calls people to rebel against them. He even dares call people to come to Jerusalem to destroy the statue of Mahdi! When policemen and soldiers try to catch him, they found themselves engaged in battle, and they mercilessly kill each other to the last. Mahdi declared this guy as a False Prophet, and top enemy of Islam. But who can catch a person who disappears automatically?

News from Yunan (Greece)

The few pieces of news we have from Yunan, the country where I was born, are confusing; after the defeat in the north, a person rose to power and castigated the previous political class and the entire technological civilization of the 19th and 20th centuries. He obtained absolute power after the Atlantic tsunami tragedy, as the Greeks accepted his criticism of the technological world being unnatural and antihuman. Contrarily to the Caliphatic administration that tries to reproduce part of the technological infrastructure that was imported in the past from America, Europe, Japan and China, and constantly fails to do so, the Master of Greeks proscribed the technological world, accusing the West for materialistic dehumanizing of the world's populations, disregard for Entropy, and miscalculated machinations that they brought about the rise of Barbarism, as he calls today's Islam. He abolished the old socio-economic structure, proscribed the life in cities separately from nature, canceled all forms of property, and broke the traditional family cell, by establishing educational institutions where all the newborn children enter and are supposed to get out when 18. The society is divided into male and female camps, and only in the weekend people can meet, and parents can visit their children. Labor encompasses mostly agriculture, cattle keeping, fishery, and military manufacturing; in these Spartan camps, labor is linked with daily military exercises, and cultural and spiritual education, and the Master of Greece introduced a new religion that rejects none earlier and accepts them all. However, he kicked all the Muslims out of Yunan because of lack of trust. His God is called Unknown God, as no human can easily, tangibly and visibly identify God, and the spiritual education he conducts is meant to let people discover God in a tangible and visible way. He actually declared his country in permanent war with the caliphatic state, but did not attack us so far, and the Caliphatic authorities are not concerned with him but with the Germans. In brief, all Greek man and women are soldiers by now!

The destruction of Kaaba

We listen very little and only occasionally about other parts of the Caliphate, the peninsula, Yemen, Iran, India, and Central Asia, and about other countries in Africa, Asia. Arabia is in turmoil, and so it has been ever since an Israeli drone hit and brought down the Kaaba of Mecca during the last of the three wars that preceded the final eradication of the state of Israel. Many demanded to reconstruct that building but something strange happens, and before completing the works, architects, workers and masters clash for unimportant reasons, and one part brings the half erected Kaaba down to the ground again! For no less than 15 years this story has been repeated more than 10 times! Even when Mahdi imposed to build it all out of gold, the workers, when the dispute about the ceiling commenced, called upon friends and relatives, who attacked the soldiers around the mosque, chaos was spread out in Mecca, and some of them were able to melt the golden leaves and pieces, and taking part of them, left to various directions. Terrible oppression followed, and the Meccans' fate was worse than that of the Israelis! The terrible loss of gold angered Mahdi, who slaughtered hundreds of thousands of people living in Arabia, although most of them were not in Mecca and had nothing to do with the local developments. Yemenite and Indian workers were accused for treachery, and they were butchered mercilessly.

The Hizb al Haq and the Opening of the Prophet's Tomb

Then, in Madina, a secret group of Muslims appeared and spread terror over the past years; they are the worst enemies of Mahdi, and they believe he is the Antichrist. They are called Hizb al Haq, the party of the Truth, and to prove that Mahdi is wrong in a critical issue, and therefore he has no credentials to be believed as such, they stood in opposition to his claim that the Prophets' corpses do not disintegrate when buried. This happened before two years, when in a Khutba some of them opposed him, and found terrible death on the spur of the moment. Ever since the issue got momentum, the group expanded extensively on a theoretical basis of Islamic opposition to Mahdi, and before some months, at a moment of gathering in the Madina mosque the outright majority belonged to them. To prove the correctness of their position, they opened the tomb of the prophet, and found the skeleton of the Prophet's body. They took many pictures of it, and then sealed the tomb, before opponents were able to interfere; most of them run and vanished, but others perished in clashes. Ever since they go around the world diffusing the pictures of the opened tomb. Of course, they are accused by Mahdi as crypto-Jewish, and any citizen of the Caliphate must kill them upon discovering their identity or call on the Islamic security authorities. I had heard repeatedly about this story that Mahdi denounces as fake, saying the tomb in the picture is not the Prophet's and the skeleton is not the Prophet's; the authorities diffuse the idea that this fallacy was well prepared and the perpetrators' plans included the building - secretly - of a monument in resemblance of the Madina's mosque and the Prophet's tomb. I would not mention the story here, as I repetitively did in earlier narrations. However, today I had the opportunity, while walking, to see someone who had the appearance of a Yemenite and spoke to me first. We entered into some discussion, and then walked in the southern suburbs of the city. We sat in a place to drink tea, and probably all the people around were his friends; there he showed to me six pictures, attentively hidden within his clothes; the partly overlapping pictures prove the story is true. He asked me to help him reach Turkistan and he asked me many details about the islands of Yunan, where he wants probably to escape. I spoke to him about Patmos, remembering my single time on that island.

News from Yemen

Yemen is also in turmoil, at least according to the words of this guy, as people of the south overtly rejected Islam, and accepted a form of Judaism that was preached to them by a stranger who has all the characteristics of the mysterious figure that appears in Maghreb. The fights between the southern and the northern Yemenites result in unprecedented butchery, and the southerners although fewer won constantly and repetitively, reaching Sanaa. All this bad news for Mahdi is probably the reason we never hear anything about Yemen. This Yemenite told me some news about Eastern Africa, where natural disasters and diseases devastated the local population. The entire area of Eritrea and Somalia is almost uninhabited, Abyssinia being a wreckage following the continuous civil wars and long periods of starvation, whereas the situation is the same in Sudan and other tropical countries. There is no central authority anywhere, and small groups and tribes exterminate one another, fighting with even primitive weaponry.

News from Iran

Iran contributed a lot to the rise of caliphate but the persistence of the Shia / Sunni conflict led to the terrible exterminations that occurred before five years, precisely after the collapse of Vatican. Immediately after that victory, Sunni and Shia entered into a conflict that spread from Rum to Iran very fast. It seems that Mahdi had a secret plan against the Persians whatsoever; he formed an exclusively Sunni police body out of populations originating from all the caliphatic provinces, and sent it to Iran. Clashes started when Shia hodjas started criticizing in their Khutbas the Shia / Sunni clashes that had taken place in Rum, and denouncing the Sunni as exclusively responsible. They went up to denouncing as Satanic the massacres of Shia carried out by Sunni soldiers in Rum, and the words of Mahdi who supported them. The massacres lasted three years and brought the Persians to almost total extinction. According to people who escaped from there, all sorts of diseases befell upon that province because dead bodies were left unburied to disintegrate for months. Ali, an old Azeri friend of mine had met me by coincidence in Baghdad, and even we moved together to Jerusalem, where we have been neighbors. He had left some family in Maku, and traveled before some months to meet them. He came back today, in the evening, and narrated to me for more than an hour news that were far worse than those we rarely hear. People reject Islam in great numbers, desecrate mosques in the worst possible way, and turn to despair, killing anyone they meet, before being executed by authorities. Mental insanity seems to become a major threat, with people expressing their reaction to the imposed regime by having sexual intercourse with dead bodies, and animals, organizing group sex, and becoming accustomed to murder for pleasure. Mahdi used to accuse anti-Islamic westerners for insulting Islam, but his regime makes now more Easterners profane Islam in any way a deceived mind can invent. The land of Zoroaster became a really desolate place.

News from Central Asia, and India

Further in the East, the provinces of Central Asia, and India have been most afflicted by the most oppressive emirs of the caliphate; in various places, like Samarqand and Lahore, women are not even allowed to walk in public if unaccompanied by their fathers, brothers, and/or husbands. Widows find themselves in even worst situation, as they cannot move out of their homes with a minor age son. As women are considered as an inferior and evil being, some local sheikhs call them 'Satanic beasts', denouncing the fact that women preoccupy the mind of the man because of sexual desire. Women are deprived from education of all sorts, and men are advised to have sexual intercourse with women only once every ten months in order to contribute to reproduction plans issued by the central caliphatic administration that necessitates a great number of soldiers. These policies helped increase the number of homosexuals, as it is more common for the men of those areas to have sex with men than with women. People in the caliphatic hierarchy have even a harem made out of young boys, of course everything in secret, and everything well known.

I still remember when I was hearing before 20 years sheikhs screaming like crazy in their khutbas every Friday; the first thing I had thought about them was not that they were extremist, terrorist, mad or mentally sick, but that they were homosexual. This mental hysteria is now commonplace and no one is impressed; neither am I. Simply, I remembered now the time I was impressed with it, and what I had felt, when seeing and hearing them. AIDS is overwhelming in that area but no one announces anything of the sort in public. I had a friend from Bukhara in Baghdad; he came to meet me in Jerusalem, and he still lives with me. He was in despair today because he came to learn terrible family news, a vendetta story due to the erotic relations of two cousins with the son of one of them (the father - lover killed the uncle - lover, and the story expanded tremendously, leading to the death of at least 20 family members). Of course, these stories are never read in the newspapers.

The disasters that befell upon India have no end; the country won a war over Pakistan, using nuclear weapons just a month after Israel had used its own. Pakistan had used similar weapons as well, and cities like Karachi, Multan, Delhi, and Mumbai disappeared from the map once forever. The destruction of Pakistan was greater, as India suffered in its western provinces only. Similarly to the case of Israel, this war had tremendous political implications; the military regime of Pakistan collapsed, the mad dogs of Mahdi (well, at those days we did not know that he would claim he is that person) obtained full power in Islamabad, and they exterminated immediately all the foreigners, all the Christians, and all the Ahmadiyah. Then, they spread their pestilence in what was the pride of the Western infiltration in the East: the Emirates, Qatar, Oman, and Bahrein collapsed like a paper tiger, and then Saudi Arabia; all happened at the same time with the Islamic Revolution in Turkey. At the same time, extremist Muslims in India started thousands of suicide operations every day, a phenomenon of far larger scale than that practiced earlier against Israel. Uprising and suicidal attacks led to a civil war between Muslims and Hindus, as the latter imposed by law the public desecration of the Coran by every citizen of India under death penalty threat. With the radical Hindus in power, the country entered into total chaos with daily massacres of hundreds of thousands of people; the diseases spread fast because of the climatologic upheaval, and the unbelievably high temperatures. Ethnic conflicts and religious disputes turned India to a chaotic periphery without central government, and because of this situation the area is mostly avoided by anybody, except some mad sheikhs from Pakistan and Afghanistan who go with their groups to fight for Islam there. When you see a nauseating environment, streets with dead bodies every ten meters, destroyed buildings, sick people all around, burnt fields, and armies of insects everywhere, what have you got to preach or fight for? For a gravely ill person, very little matters whether his situation is due to a false religion he believed in or to something else; what can a half-dead person gain, if he turns from Hinduism to Islam? And why is it necessary to kill a contaminated cow and eat its meat, acting on the deliberate purpose of violating another religion's law, if this act brings the death to you? Whenever an Indian reaches the caliphatic circumference, he must be killed, for sanitary reasons, this is the last order, the most ridiculous of all! The authorities are very suspicious, believing that the Hindus want to take revenge of the situation, and spread diseases throughout the Caliphate (how fun! As if we do not have enough!); that is why anyone looking like Indian is extensively examined in the Coran and the Hadith, and if he cannot prove that he reads Arabic fluently and he knows and practices Islam impeccably, he is slaughtered immediately. One Pakistani was caught this afternoon in the western outskirts of the Old City, nearby the walls, and the authorities were not convinced; I left the place immediately so that I do not see the terrible scene, but I was unable to avoid his last screaming.

News from China and East Asia

We have no news about China and the south-eastern parts of Asia for at least ten years. After the Atlantic tsunami, Northern Korea invaded Southern Korea, entered in nuclear war with Japan, and it seems that everything was part of a deal with the Chinese. After the Atlantic tsunami disaster, one would think that China would rise to global superpower, but the economic problems of the country generated series of rebellions and chaos was spread out there. In addition, there was no global world anymore! As consequence of the economic collapse, and the impossibility of China to find markets and maintain a level of growth, hundreds of millions of people were left jobless; they formed gangs of robbers to survive but this did not address the problem, terrible contaminations spread out and the population was decimated. Beijing was burned out in a rebellion like this, and the same happened to Hong Kong and other major cities. Soldiers revolted against offices, and cannibalism came back. The Muslims of China revolted as well, China attempted to impose order but the soldiers' rebellion cancelled the plans of the ailing bureaucracy, and when China attempted a last war, invading Eastern Siberia after Russia's collapse, the second rebellion of the Chinese soldiers brought the regime to an ultimate breakdown. Some crazy sheikhs organize faraway trips over there, trying to diffuse Islam among the desperate survivors of the Chinese cemetery; what a parody! The starving Chinese soldier will tell them that he accepts Islam, and then he will try to catch some cockroach or a snake to eat; the happier thing in his life would be to eat pork! Today, a mission of 200 people (4 buses) left from the Damascus Gate to Baghdad, Samarqand and Yarkand, and from there further on until they reach the coast! With Oil and Gas available only in the central part of the caliphate, it will take them one week to reach Samarqand, but almost a month to reach Yarkand, and only God knows what will happen after! Some more people lost, as I say. And yet, I still remember the Anglo-French aircraft, Concord was its name I think; it needed only 8 hours to cross the distance from Paris to Tokyo! Now, few airplanes are left in condition to fly because the spare parts have finished, and the caliphatic authorities cannot develop the technology that it would take to reproduce any. They keep them for rare cases of need.

Destruction of America

European aircraft is not manufactured in Shumal anymore, although the manufacturing installations were not hit by the tsunami; this is due to the fact that in the area of France that was left intact either technical experts and technology are missing or the French adherents to Islam undergo a passive resistance. Russia was hit to that extent that manufacturing sites either were hit or abandoned, because personnel was missing. China's socio-economic collapse brought about a dead end to technology and manufacturing in that country. America seems to have been terribly hit, and limited to only part of its earlier territory, which is also probably the case for Canada. We do not truly know what happens there, but we have no sign of their coming back in any way. Most of their military ships left the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean in the aftermath of the tsunami, and attempted to return, because communications were totally interrupted, and they did not know anything about the situation in their homeland. The same happened to American aircraft stationing in various places allover the world, at least those who survived the tsunami in their places of work and sojourn; they left, trying to return to America, in order not to be caught and slaughtered by the rising caliphatic authorities.

Muslims coming back from England narrated that the embattled but surviving and combative islanders attempted an early sailing to the Northeastern American coasts, almost immediately after the event, but were terrified by the dramatic geographic changes they noticed. It seems it was a double earthquake, the first having as epicenter New York city, and the second taking place a few hours only after the collapse of the megalopolis, with its epicenter near the Pacific coast, according to what the Brits believe, The second earthquake generated a tsunami of which we never heard anything, but the Brits this spread death throughout the Pacific, Australia and Indonesia. They also say that many other seismic tragedies of lesser extent happened in the months preceding the destruction of Egypt; we simply did not hear anything of them.

At this moment I hear the azan, and I realize that I spent all the night writing; it was a most bitter anniversary, something that I would not wish even to my worst enemy to experience. With all this, I think I should stop writing, put these pages in their correct place, and go to sleep a few hours now; another day is dawning in this Nether World we live in, and I only feel gratitude to my God, who so many decades ago led me to the study of the Babylonian Nergalism of Kutha, and the paranoid circumstances of utmost misery and bereavement arranged for the believers by the then priests in order to ensure soi-disant spiritual order. Without my strong knowledge about the subject, I do not think I would have the strength to survive within this hell. I must therefore admit that I had the privilege to live at a moment Kutha Nergalism had completely been encapsulated within our religion, and imposed over a large part of the world.

I still wonder whether human beings can live under such inhuman and antihuman conditions; but who says we all are humans? Humans revolt, don't they? Until now, we did not notice a real opposition to this criminal and mendacious Mahdi; for how long shall we be able to wait?

Ah, well I learned somethin... (Below threshold)
jack oneil:

Ah, well I learned something new today! Never heard of that before so thanks.

With all this, I think I... (Below threshold)

With all this, I think I should stop writing

Dr. Megalomaniac.


To hell with jamming them i... (Below threshold)

To hell with jamming them into the prison system.
Finger and retinal print them along with a DNA sample and boost them right back where they came from.
Tell them that they're persona non grata and will be treated as such if caught again.
Its cheaper and more expediant to remove them from inside our borders.
The cost of the plane ticket is minor compared to the yearly maintenence cost of confining them.

Here in NJ where full servi... (Below threshold)

Here in NJ where full service is law, pump-jockey is common term. So is pump monkey.






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