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Severe Weather and Damage Report from NC

The storms that have been tearing across the South reached North Carolina early this morning leaving 7 dead, 20 injured and 4 still missing. Property damage is still being assessed.

Thankfully, it now appears to have passed through my area. I was awakened around 5 a.m. by howling winds and pounding rain. I spent a few hours this morning in a local pre-school and around 9:30 an announcement was made over the intercom that if the fire alarm went off, tornado drill procedures should be followed because tornadoes had been spotted nearby. The worst of the weather left my area several hours ago. In fact, the sun is now shining. The storm system is headed into Virginia and remains dangerous.

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Glad you and yours are ok. ... (Below threshold)

Glad you and yours are ok. The storm passed here (Chas., SC) at about 1:30am. Spent part of the night in the hallway due to possible tornados in my area. Prayers to all the dead, missing and injured.

That is one incredible line... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

That is one incredible line of t-storms! It extends all the way from upstate NY to North Carolina. Glad you're OK, Lorie.

My own weather whine: Here in Seattle/Puget Sound area we've already set the record for the most rain EVER in November. And there are still 2 weeks left. Even this is too much rain for this Seattlelite...ugh....

We've been 'blessed with a ... (Below threshold)

We've been 'blessed with a little more rain' (as Johnny Cash sang) from this storm in the MD area for the last few hours. The wind doesn't seem too bad, but I wouldn't be surprised to find we get our entire allotment of rain for the month before it's over. Glad to hear there is sunshine behind it!

It fizzled out in Alabama a... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

It fizzled out in Alabama and Tennessee. I blame global warming.

Fizzled out my arse. I'm si... (Below threshold)

Fizzled out my arse. I'm sitting here in PA listening to flooding, structural collapses, kids stuck in storm sewers, waiting for our tones to go off...

Add occupied car swept down... (Below threshold)

Add occupied car swept down creek and car trapped in mudslide, now pray for PA plz...

I came through Reigelwood S... (Below threshold)
tom c:

I came through Reigelwood Sunday on my way home from the coast. It is a peaceful little town on the banks of the Cape Fear River. Nice people.

My prayers are with these folks tonight.

My thoughts and prayers for... (Below threshold)

My thoughts and prayers for all those affected by these terrible storms.

We were lucky; high winds and strong thunderstorms, but no severe damage or loss of life here.

Yogurt: Apologies; my comme... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

Yogurt: Apologies; my comment was not worded well. What I meant to say was that the storm didn't do much in Alabama and Tennessee, despite the usual dire predictions. I did not mean to imply that the storm had died out there; obviously, it continued on and gained more strength in the Carolinas.






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