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John Edwards' Wal-Mart Politics

Evidently one of John Edwards' volunteers made the mistake of dropping the former senator's name when trying to get a PlayStation 3 for the Edwards' kids on the same day that Edwards was criticizing Wal-Mart for their treatment of employees. Edwards said the volunteer was not acting on behalf of him or his family.

I don't question Edwards' story. I just think that it is telling that a volunteer in his office would not realize that Wal-Mart, a store that I and everyone I know visits frequently, is a big Edwards boogeyman. Maybe that volunteer still lives in the real world. I just don't see how that "son of a millworker" schick is going to play the second time around. Message to John Edwards -- most of those who identify with you as a son of a millworker shop at Wal-Mart. I think that most of those voters will find the following story a bit bizarre.

Edwards, the Democrats' vice-presidential candidate in 2004, spoke Wednesday to supporters of union-backed WakeUpWalMart.com on a conference call launching the group's holiday season campaign to pressure Wal-Mart for better labor standards.

In the call, he repeated a story about his son Jack disapproving of a classmate buying sneakers at Wal-Mart.

"If a 6-year-old can figure it out, America can definitely figure this out," Edwards said.

Sorry, but I think that if your six year old is making other six year olds feel bad about buying things from Wal-Mart then there are some things that Edwards has not yet figured out.

Since I have only been at Wizbang since May and Edwards has not really been in the news a lot since then, in the spirit of full disclosure, here is a short rundown of my brief Edwards connection. I used to work for a lawyer who is a friend of John Edwards and Elizabeth Anania and I worked as a paralegal on a case in which Elizabeth represented one of the parties in a complex litigation. I only met her a couple of times, just to sign documents and such, but I vividly recall when the Edwards' son Wade was killed in a car accident and how upset my boss and everyone who knew them was. Elizabeth quit practicing law as a result and as far as I know she never returned to it. I praised the Edwards on several occasions during the 2004 election for honoring their son's life while refusing to use his death for political purposes. Especially since my mom is a breast cancer survivor, I also admire the way Elizabeth fought against the disease and is using her experience to raise awareness and to help others.

Having said all that though, I think John Edwards would make a terrible President. Not only is he too liberal, but he is also too much a media creation for me to take seriously. I think the lightweight thing is going to be a real obstacle for him. I will never forget his debate performance against Dick Cheney and his ignorance of the DOMA in what I think was a primary debate. And then there is the Christopher Reeve comment, and of course, there is this.
Update: Ken Shepherd at Newsbusters links to a poll providing evidence for what my gut told me, that Wal-Mart bashing doesn't go over so well with voters.

Update II: James Taranto came up with an angle I can't believe I didn't think of pointing out that multimillionaire Edwards is criticizing Wal-Mart for their labor practices, yet he is using unpaid child labor.


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Comments (26)

Edwrds is just another grea... (Below threshold)

Edwrds is just another greasy arse lib lawyer lying his way through life. Wouldnt surprise me if he sits when he pees.

Would Chris Reeve and people like him really have gotten up and walked if Hanoi John was elected?

Any leader who recognizes t... (Below threshold)

Any leader who recognizes that shopping at Walmart is choosing laborers in Communist China over American workers and is an
un-American thing to do would make a good president IMO. Anyone who recognizes the Walmart issue as an issue of favoring corporations over the people is a true patriot and gets my vote. Anyone who recognizes Walmart is the worst abuser of Corporate welfare and public welfare is a smart man IMO. Anyone who recognizes the homogenization of American culture by stores like Walmart is a smart guy IMO. Those who don't recognize these things.....well I'm not sure what I can say about them except they are just marching lock step with an ideology that is deleterious to our nation. Thank goodness my local town said NO! to Walmart. Thank you very much Sam but well keep our money in our own city and support our own local merchants.

In my town Wal-Mart employs... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

In my town Wal-Mart employs a lot of local people and makes it possible for them to put food on their tables. I have no problem with any Wal-Mart abuses being exposed, but don't just pick on Wal-Mart. Get all the abusers and if you want to take a stand against Wal-Mart then fine, but don't make six year olds feel bad about it.

The thing with the kid really freaked me out. I mean who teaches their six year old that it is okay to make other six year olds feel bad about getting their tennis shoes at Wal-Mart? Truth be told, I doubt that Jack Edwards would be getting his shoes at Wal-Mart even if they had the best labor record in the history of the world. My guess is that his multi-millionaire parents would be putting his little feet in big name brand sneakers either way. I feel sorry for the kids who were made to feel bad for getting their shoes at Wal-Mart.

Always interesting that the... (Below threshold)

Always interesting that the left is for 'choice' when it comes to executing innocent babies, but seldom the rest of the time.

Yup, lets teach toddlers about 2 flamers marrying, but JROTC should be banned. Libs think a 12 yr old is mature enough to choose to murder a baby on her own, but a college student isnt wise enough to to be allowed to converse with military recruiters. Choice, rofl.

Kinda like the lefts idea of free speech. SAD!

Read a story a while back where almost half uf US households shop at walmart monthly. What do libtards have against almost half of all americans saving money evry month?? Oh, thats right, unless a union or the fed govt gets it, its not OK.

And yeah, way to go breck boy, teach a 6 yr old how to condescend like the rest of you lib lawyer pricks.

No six year old kid holds a... (Below threshold)

No six year old kid holds any such opinion unless it has been drummed into his skull at home. I find it far more likely that Edwards simply made up the incident - just like he "channeled" the stillborn child to scam millions from a jury of ignoramuses.

Speaking of ignoramuses, muriego once again demonstrates her complete lack of understanding of economics. Our unemployment is at 4.4% - and that includes all classes of workers, such as teachers, engineers, mechanics, clerical workers, etc. We don't have the labor force to make socks and teeshirts and other goods requiring low skills even if we wanted to and could afford to pay them our minimum wage.

lol"Having said al... (Below threshold)


"Having said all that though, I think John Edwards would make a terrible President"

File this brilliant gem next to: "Water is wet" or "The sky is blue."

Every time the ol' Wally Wo... (Below threshold)

Every time the ol' Wally World is brought up, the same themes are gone over time and time again, and I have the same answers:

Wal-Mart drives local businesses under. destroying the local economy!
Local businesses that, almost always, employ fewer people for lower wages and charge higher prices. This is a bad thing? And has anyone ever seen a local economy that was actually harmed by a Wal-Mart opening? To the contrary, many new businesses tend to spring up around a Wal-Mart location, offering items not available in the big-box store, and do a booming business, thanks to the draw of customers the Wal-Mart attracts for them. I'm willing to bet that Wal-Mart has done more for small business just by existing than any other single entity.

Wal-Mart is a monopoly!! (usually screamed from foam-flecked lips)
So Wal-Mart can raise it's prices without losing it's customers? I didn't think so. Wal-Mart is big, but it is not in any way a monopoly.

Wal-Mart is a monospony that tells other companies what to do! (also usually screamed through foam-flecked lips, sometimes a crazed grimace is thrown in for variety)
Wal-Mart is a big customer for companies that don't sell directly to the public. Are you really suggesting they should take any crap the supplier makes without providing their input and without the option to refuse to buy it? I thought you were against monopolies. Let's take the Coke example the rabid crowd has been pointing out. Wal-Mart told Coke that their customers would buy a Splenda based diet soda more readily than another Nutrasweet based one. This evil plot to sell to the customer what he wanted forced Coke, screaming and kicking all the way, to change the formula of their latest diet drink. Right.....

Wal-Mart sells cheap junk from China!

First, Wal-Mart's largest sales are in groceries. Almost all of those groceries are grown, packaged, and sold in the US. Second, people want those cheap goods from China. The manufacturers of those goods would contract in China whether they were being sold in one big store or many little ones. Don't blame Wal-Mart for the emergence of Chinese manufacturing. And don't give me that crap about "slave wages". You cannot get the kind of output that China is managing by starving the workforce. These people are moving to the manufacturing centers, working hard, and devoting themselves to the job because they get something out of it. They are working to make a better life for themselves at wages substantially higher than they could get otherwise.

Wal-Mart keeps the unions out!
Ah-HA! There is the real point to all this crap. Try as they might, the unions have had one hell of a time trying to get their clutches on the dues from all those Wal-Mart employees. They would have been able to do it, but they can't get enough of those ingrates who work for that evil kkkorporation to join their movement. Therefore, the unions are trying to get the government to FORCE those workers to have to join or force the company out of business. Is it any surprise that both Wal-Mart Watch and Wake-Up Wal-Mart are funded and staffed by labor unions?

I'm just a working stiff. I want the money I make to stretch as far as I can make it. Snots like Edwards who make millions by lying to juries in order to steal money from doctors just don't understand. He claims to be trying to help the poor, but He only wants to help them stay poor.
Wal-Mart makes me richer than I would be without it. It also makes it's employees and the people employed at other businesses richer as well.

I can't believe he's of his... (Below threshold)

I can't believe he's of his kid for making other kids feel bad. Guess what? Wal-Mart provides quality goods for cheaper prices. I've worked at Wal-Mart and we did NOT want unions coming in at ALL. There are some policies I definitely don't like about Wal-Mart, but the same can be said for numerous other chain stores everywhere. A starting job at Wal-Mart pays around 7.25 to start, with much room for raises and promos. Compare that to places like Burger King, paying 5.25 or whatever to start and if you're lucky, you MIGHT be making 5.35 in 6 months.

The people of Ellijay, Geor... (Below threshold)

The people of Ellijay, Georgia were happy to see a Walmart open in their town. Walmart was innundated with more applications for work than they ever imagined they would be. And still have file cabinets filled with more applications coming in all the time. They provide groceries and goods at an affordable price and people who had been looking for decent paying jobs were more than happy to go to work for a better wage than they were getting. Other local businesses that were floundering (and new ones) moved into the same shopping center and became successful as a result.

Walmart has its warts, but warts are everywhere and to hold them to a different standard or use the power of the government to force them to buy into the age old unions which have gotten away from their initial purpose of simple fairness and worker's safety to become as bloated a bureaucracy as the government itself is wrong.

This is what you have to bl... (Below threshold)

This is what you have to bleat about now? Oh lord, the election was a joy.

And that's all you have to ... (Below threshold)

And that's all you have to bleat about now Hugh, others bleating?

Nothing of substance offered on the subject at hand just a bunch of whining.

Here's a hint Hugh, Wal-Mart has a fine selection of cheese to go with that whine.

A six year old can figure i... (Below threshold)

A six year old can figure it out? What's next, John-boy, are you going to ask Amy Carter her thoughts on nuclear proliferation?

And muriego - mmmmm, that was some goooooooood moonbattery there. Much better than a cup of coffee. I can't wait to see what you're going to do now that Wal-Mart is selling generic drugs for seniors and the poor at $4.00. What a Hobson's choice - should you side with the eeeeeeeeeeeeevil Wal-Mart or the eeeeeeeeeeeeevil Big Pharma?

Marc:So, you "ble... (Below threshold)


So, you "bleat" about my "bleating" and then criticize me for "bleating?" I don't drink "whine", I celebrate victory with a beer. But you must be very familiar with it.

AZs to the "substance", what I offered was sarcasm. which is about what the "substance" deserved. Anything of substance from you on the substance of the piece? \ To paraphrase the author of the thread: "I don't know anything at all about John Edwards but I think
he's too pretty and so I can't vote for him."

I can't wait to s... (Below threshold)
I can't wait to see what you're going to do now that Wal-Mart is selling generic drugs for seniors and the poor at $4.00. What a Hobson's choice - should you side with the eeeeeeeeeeeeevil Wal-Mart or the eeeeeeeeeeeeevil Big Pharma?

Wal-Mart's trying to undermine the pharmaceutical industry by driving the price of their goods into the dirt! The industry will eventually stop research and we'll all die! /muirego_moonbat (see in ever silver lining you can find a cloud).

Who am I kidding at statement such as the above would require acknowledging that the pharmaceutical industry does good work. It's got to be tough being a liberal... hate Wal-Mart or hate pharmaceutical companies ?

I can see the liberals bein... (Below threshold)

I can see the liberals being upset with WalMart since they have provided more benefit for the poor in the country than every government program the libby's can think up. I'd gripe if I had spent Trillions of taxpayer dollars on scams (60%+ of welfare money bled off by administrators) and some private business actually did more good, and got credit for doing more than I did.

Remember now, the Breck Girl was teamed with a known traitor by the name of Hanoi John. The stupidity rubbed off from one to the other. I remember the 'elect us and the lame will walk' rants (aka lies). Watch Edwards or he'll do a magic trick and channel your dog's thoughts to you. He's a stain on the dumpster diving lawyers.

Besides being a communist, ... (Below threshold)

Besides being a communist, what do you really bring to the table Muirgeo?

The United States is a Market Economy. Say it real slow so that it might just sink in. Oh, I know it hurts but let me tell you a secret - it's true!

There are no restrictions on any business buying from vendors who offer a good price. So you want to punish WalMart because they solicit from the various vendors out there and by doing so get the best price for the merchandise they sell? Well, start up the smear machine because I got a few other stores that do the same thing: Target, K-Mart, Sears, Dillards, Macys, JC Pennys, et al.
In fact, open up the yellow pages and show me the other stores where John Edward's kid could hvae bought his Nikes. Where did those Nikes come from? The vendor only sells the ones from the Asiatic sweatshops to WalMart?

There are no restrictions on any person looking for a job to make their applications elsewhere.
Why is it people like you scream and holler at the Evil WalMart but when I speak the their employees I hear a completely different story? I live in a town that has several WalMarts and a Sams Club and several WalMart employees live in my neighborhood. Not one employee of WalMart that I have ever met speaks anything but good about their employer. I have even spoken to several former WalMart employees and they do not speak ill of their former employer.

So forgive me if I doubt that you have any knowledge of what you speak. But then what can I expect from a socialist PEICE OF SHIT like yourself.

"Any leader who recognizes ... (Below threshold)

"Any leader who recognizes that shopping at Walmart is choosing laborers in Communist China over American workers"

muriego, where was the computer you used to type thet tripe on made in? Cause it sure as hell wasn't made in the USA.

The man who would be presid... (Below threshold)

The man who would be president:

Channels babies from the womb to a jury.
Teaches his son to make fun of those not as rich as he.
Sends a aid to buy from the business he is trying to destroy and then blames it on the aid. 'He's young and didn't know any better'. BS, the Breck girl tried to take advantage of WalMart savings and got caught.
Tries to destroy a private business that requires no government sub's., and does not contribute billions to the left wing.

Yep, he should be president, of Cuba.

John Edwards is the poster ... (Below threshold)

John Edwards is the poster boy of the Democratic Party. The only thing he lacks is a gay "marriage" with Howard Dean, then he'd be perfect.

Anyone who recognizes th... (Below threshold)

Anyone who recognizes the Walmart issue as an issue of favoring corporations over the people is a true patriot and gets my vote. Anyone who recognizes Walmart is the worst abuser of Corporate welfare and public welfare is a smart man IMO. Anyone who recognizes the homogenization of American culture by stores like Walmart is a smart guy IMO.

Anybody who attacks Wal-Mart hates the poor and hates the people who get their above-minimum wage jobs there (because, if you actually KNOW a Wal-Mart employee, you'd learn that they don't pay their workers minimum wage. Never have).

But, hey, who are we to judge? I mean, Wal-Mart only gets about 10 times as many applicants as they have jobs all over the country.

But that's probably because they oppress people.

Why doesn't Edwards apologize for subjecting so many women to needless C-sections in NC which has done nothing to help cerebral palsy but HAS led to increased complications for the women?

Thank goodness my local town said NO! to Walmart. Thank you very much Sam but well keep our money in our own city and support our own local merchants.

After all, what right do the poor have to eat when you have your "local businesses" you have to support? Sure, the elderly have to pay more drugs --- but Wal-Mart isn't unionized, darn it. Sorry you have to die, grandma, but we got to get unionized!!

Shocking factoid: Wal-Mart improves employment over local businesses by a significant margin.

Edwards the lightweight.</p... (Below threshold)

Edwards the lightweight.

As opposed to the intellectual behemoth who holds the title of US President today.

That's funny stuff.

Where's your degree from ro... (Below threshold)

Where's your degree from robert? Yale? Doubtful.

No D-Hoggs, like GWB I didn... (Below threshold)

No D-Hoggs, like GWB I didn't earn my way into Yale either. (Don't you think its funny he says Affirmative Action is unfair?)

Thanks for defending (the indefensible) President.
I'll put you in the group that thinks he's a liar, not an idiot.

Like you, Lori, I have expe... (Below threshold)

Like you, Lori, I have experience with the Raleigh-area legal prof.

To know him is to know he would be a horrible choice for Prez. Awful.

He only took an interest in politics, and actually started regularly voting, well into his 40's, after deciding to run for Senate.

It's all about him, him, him.

Typical hot-shot trial lawyer. The ego expands to fit any situation it ends up in.

Yeah, I like roberts educat... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I like roberts education ploy to attach GW. Yet, GW had better grades than old horseface and certainly a higher degree and IQ than robert the ankle biter himself. Edwards is a putz and got his teet in a wringer over this one. The vast majority in America see Walmart as a good citizen employing millions and is the choice of millions for shopping. The unions and liberals always want to limit these types of choices but consider baby killing and putting their pecker wherever they wish to be an appropriate choice. Let these union slackers go ahead and pay the high prices...note tonight....$4.79 for strawberries at a large local market and $2.85 at the Walmart. So go ahead and bitch you socialists...i'm a Walmart shopper and am enjoying the slow death of unionism.

The Wal-Mart defenders on t... (Below threshold)

The Wal-Mart defenders on this board seem to think that low prices are all that matter. I may just be a "libtard" but I am wise enough to recognize that there is a "cost" to low prices. Not all strawberries are created equal, they may weight the same but the ones at Wal-Mart are picked by the same Mexican who the corporate apologists want to erect a wall to keep out, and fertilized with pesticides made by the lowest bidder. The statement that unemployment is at 4.4% betrays the ignorance of most Americans on how these figurers determined. This space does not allow going into detail, so I will leave it at this: US unemployment rates are not calculated with an empirical method. No administration wants to adjust the formula because you would see a doubling or tripling of unemployment with a more accurate reformulation.






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