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Buckeyes Win!

The Buckeyes defeated the Wolverines 42-39. Although the first five minutes made me nervous because Michigan scored a touchdown with their first possession of the ball, it was a really good game with lots of excitement. The game was hard fought, but the outcome was as expected: the Bucks won.

From the AP:

Troy Smith and Ohio State did it all, overwhelming Michigan with offense, winning the Big Ten title and streaking into the national title game. The Wolverines may have another shot at the Buckeyes though _ they, too, can still make it to the BCS title game in Arizona.

Smith and the top-ranked Buckeyes put their dazzling speed on display with a barrage of big plays, and they needed every one of them to beat an inspired Michigan team, 42-39 on Saturday. The Game of the Century, the first 1 vs. 2 matchup in this storied rivalry, was played a day after Michigan lost one of its legends in Bo Schembechler.

There's a lot of talk about Troy Smith being a real contender for the Heisman trophy.


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Comments (14)

See Kim..we can find common... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

See Kim..we can find common ground..I thought the sudden death of Bo might allow Mich something extra..but Ohio was the better team today..what a great football game..give me a game like this over the prima donnas in the NFL anytime..
..Screw the Super Bowel..how about a rematch for the championship...go Buckeyes!

It's a doubly sad day for t... (Below threshold)

It's a doubly sad day for the Maize and Blue. OSU played a great game and beat us with the big plays that our defense hadn't allowed all season.

It would be very interesting to see a rematch -- anything else is going to be anti-climactic.

OSU gets a lot of grief for it's unruly fans, check out this video of a drunk OSU fan trying to crash a Fox News live report: video

Kim:No doubt about... (Below threshold)


No doubt about it. Troy Smith is hands-down the Heisman winner.

I never dreamed they'd put up 42 on the Maize and Blue. If it wasn't for terrible officiating and 3 turnovers it would have been a blowout.


Please. Give it a rest. I'm so sick of "OSU fans stink" piling on I could puke. There are a few bad fans everywhere that make the hosting university look bad. OSU fans are embarrassed by it, trust me.

My nephew graduated from UM and took my other 2 nephews who graduated from OSU up to the game last year and got a sucker punch and a broken nose...FROM A MICHIGAN FAN...for sticking up for his cousins.


It was a good game and the ... (Below threshold)

It was a good game and the Bucks beat both the Wolverines and a the officials who made an incredible number of bad calls against OSU. But they didn't beat the spread..... (thanks to the BS PAC-10 officiating)

I used to have a uncle that... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

I used to have a uncle that lised in OHIO but he,s dead jim

GIVE IT A REST!!!</p... (Below threshold)


Tom, I only posted the link to the video because, it's funny and everyone who ever went to a Big Ten school and visited Columbus for a game knows how much different it is from going anywhere else.

Columbus is the only place where I've been physically attacked by a group and had my car damaged -- twice.

I've heard from many other people from other schools who are not willing to go there. The folks in Tempe are talking about how they are glad the championship is in Glendale this year and they won't face the brunt of the drunks taking over their town compared to last time.

It's also the only school that warrants special safety notices from opposing teams administrations to their students.

I know lot's of great people from OSU, however, they all use the "there are a few bad fans everywhere" excuse. Not to that level.

There were about 5,000 Michigan fans in the Horse Shoe today, when OSU plays in Ann Arbor there are several times that number wearing scarlet and grey visiting to support their team. Not because the tickets are easier to get -- we're sold out for the next ten years -- it's because they don't have to fear for their safety.

The bars are being shut down on High Street and the police bring in extra numbers for big games to quell the rowdiness. Postgame riots do not happen in Ann Arbor or Madison (Ok, once), Champaign or Iowa City. The last time I went to a game in Columbus, my car windows were broken out and there were so many fires from burning couches and garbage that it looked like a war zone. I've been in a couple, it surprised me that I could even find the similarity.

It was interesting to read in the Columbus Dispatch that special crews were out emptying every dumpster and garbage can near the stadium before and during the game to eliminate available combustibles.

Be proud of your program, be happy about your win today. But, until OSU decides to take control of the portion of their fans that are rampaging hooligans -- the rest of us in the Midwest will call a spade a spade and stay away.

You can be as tired of hearing about it as you want, it wouldn't come up if it weren't mostly true. Get your school and Columbus to take control of the situation and you'll never have to hear about it again.

If it wasn't for terribl... (Below threshold)

If it wasn't for terrible officiating and 3 turnovers it would have been a blowout.

Heh, I was going to let that one go. But, it's such a typical buckeye response even after a win that it has to be addressed.

How many bad calls did you guys get? Any drive killers? The pass interference call saved a touchdown -- it was a good play by your guy, he was beaten. We still had to drive down to score.

We gave up a bad penalty that kept a scoring drive alive for OSU that was the difference in the game.

You win, you still bitch.

I really hope we get to play you guys again. You beat our secondary, but those two long scores on runs were mistakes that our defense will not likely repeat.

After the game tonight:... (Below threshold)

After the game tonight:

"The city banned parking, emptied trash bins and removed couches from porches in some neighborhoods near campus hoping to avoid a repeat of 2002 when fans rioted."

"Columbus police had arrested about 20 people, including four for arson, Sgt. Kevin Corcoran said.

In student neighborhoods, about 40 fires were set, mostly on cars and furniture, along with a few in trash bins, said Lt. Dan Ranney of the Columbus fire department. Some were set even before the game started, he said.

"Believe it or not, this was pretty mild so far, for as big as this game was," he said."

Get over it.

mesablue:Thanks so... (Below threshold)


Thanks so much for giving it a rest. And I was going to let it go, too, until you kept piling on with two more comments at 3:00am. As I said, "OSU fans are embarrassed by it, trust me." I could give you many examples of OSU fans going to Ann Arbor and getting the same treatment, but it's not worth it. I think the one I've already written about was enough. You're right, it's stupid, and OSU is trying to do something about it.

"You win, you still bitch."

I believe I had a legitimate gripe over the officiating when people I watched the game with that were PENN STATE FANS were saying the same thing over the two interference calls against OSU, and they were CHEERING FOR MICHIGAN to win. In addition, they also thought the tipped pass was blatant interference, not called.

What, I'm not allowed to critique officiating? And it is true there were 3 turnovers on our side that led to scores. Right?

Next you'll tell me if I've never been an official, I can't criticize them because I've never done it before.

Sheesh. Sour grapes turning over in your stomach?

A note: my Penn State frien... (Below threshold)

A note: my Penn State friends are ones I made at a company I worked for a couple of years ago in Columbus. They love to try to get under my skin by cheering for everyone but OSU. I reciprocate whenever possible, of course. (:-D)

mesablue:One more ... (Below threshold)


One more thing. I do think UM played a whale of a game. I said before the game that whoever lost, it would be unfair for the winner to have to play the loser again. The loser of the game would definitely have the advantage in a rematch. Now, let's say the loser of this game wins the BCS title game. The teams were 1-1, how does the BCS reconcile that? And if the winner of this game wins the next one also...well, why in the world was there a rematch in the first place?

In my opinion, this is another flaw in the system that needs fixed. And yes, I think the only way to fix it is with a playoff system. The seedings could be controlled so at least if they met up again, it would be earned, and I'd hope they wouldn't have to wait 50-55 days to play again.

I do believe UM is the best one-loss team, but I have the same argument Michigan had a couple years ago when they went to a bowl game (I think it was the Rose Bowl, not sure) after they had just beaten OSU. Why would they have to play 'em again? They already beat 'em once.

Now, if Hart keeps talking, I'm sure the Bucks would have no problem getting motivated for a rematch...

Anyway, that's my two cents.

There were bad calls. That ... (Below threshold)

There were bad calls. That is normal. The most offensive slight was for people in Ohio to once again have to listen to Mushburger.

If my priest is right, I will be condemned to listen to him and Bob Costas interviewing Jimmy Carter for eternity.

I'm changing right now.

Bottom line - OSU 42 - UM 39

It was a good game all arou... (Below threshold)

It was a good game all around. Mistakes and bad calls on both sides.

It had something for everyone, except two winners.

Good game by both teams. Th... (Below threshold)

Good game by both teams. There is NO DOUBT that those are the best two teams in the country. I need to comment however, that the whole argument by Michigan fans that "if we played again things would be different" is ridiculous. only because you are seeming to imply that if we played again you would win...I do agree, however, that if we played again i doubt, being a HUGE BUCKEYE FAN myself, that Ohio State would score 42 points on [email protected] again. But i can also assure you that [email protected] wouldn't put up 39 on Ohio State either. you don't think Ohio State would also make defensive adjustments? We had 3 turnovers, but you only had one takeaway, the interception. the other 2 we just gave you the ball.

that being said. if we played again, it would be another good game. but do you really want to go through losing to Ohio State twice in a year?







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