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I think this guy needs to re-read the "Robin Hood" stories again...

In Derry, New Hampshire, a guy named Ethan Palmer runs the Broadway Brand Names store, a thrift store. The store apparently specializes in selling used clothing on the cheap, and as you can imagine getting the inventory to re-sell even cheaper can be tough.

Perhaps that's why Mr. Palmer has been arrested for a second time for stealing from a bin set up for people to donate their clothing to charity.

If Mr. Palmer is so interested in cheap, used clothing, I think the New Hampshire penal system can accomodate his wardrobe needs for a year or two. And if his store's sales should suffer from the bad publicity, I might have difficulty working up a great deal of sympathy.

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Probably a Democrat. Thoug... (Below threshold)

Probably a Democrat. Thought not shopping at Wal-Mart would make things better.

He just spent too much, and is scraping by, clearly.

Mitchell: Thanks for that c... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Mitchell: Thanks for that comment; shouldn't take me more than an hour to clean the coffee-spew out of my keyboard ;-)

Those are set up to collect... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Those are set up to collect clothes for the needy he should remember that before he sticks his sticky fingers in

About three years ago here ... (Below threshold)

About three years ago here in town a company based out of Illinois set up big, red, square bins to collect clothing that looked nearly identical to the Miami based charity, Earth's Angels', bins. They even used the Earth's Angels' logo. Only they were not a charity organization at all and they were selling the clothing for a profit. Some stupid interstate legality saved them from prosecution.

Hey, stop dissing Ethan. He... (Below threshold)

Hey, stop dissing Ethan. He's a great guy.

I met Ethan a bunch of time... (Below threshold)

I met Ethan a bunch of times. He's always been very polite to my daughter and myself. He is extremely personable and friendly. But that doesn't mean that I will be caught dead in his store. As someone who has never stole anything in her life, I refuse to purchase stolen goods regardless of how cheap things are or how nice the guy is. There are plenty of us making an honest living. I didn't have to beg, cheat, or borrow to get where I am.. Once, it's bad. But three times? Give me a break!






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