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What Are You Thankful For?

On Thursday we will celebrate Thanksgiving and in addition to planning a menu for the family gathering, I have been thinking about all the things I have to give thanks for. God has blessed me richly. I am thankful for my family, including the newest member, my niece born to my sister in June. I am thankful for a great husband who is an even better father. I am thankful that my six-year-old daughter who has been through nine surgeries is currently in good health. I am thankful for my smart ten year old who helps me with her little sister and with everything else. I am thankful that I live in freedom and thankful for those whose sacrifice makes that freedom possible. That is just the beginning of my list. What is at the top of yours?

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I have so much to be gratef... (Below threshold)

I have so much to be grateful for, but at the top of my list is modern medicine. We are gearing up for the birth of our third child in mid-December, and, as he has spina bifida, we are infinitely grateful for the miracles doctors can now perform. So I am grateful to live in the USA, I am grateful for good insurance, and I am even grateful to pay my share so that my baby boy can be healthy.

Like you, Lorie, I'm thankf... (Below threshold)

Like you, Lorie, I'm thankful for my family and their good health. Some of my grandkids are old enough to have Significate Others, so that adds both fun and complications to the family gatherings. There are still a couple of little ones that love it when they can be with their big cousins. I'm thankful that I work for a company that treats its employees very well, and that I have nice people to work with. I'm thankful for my church and the good friends I have made there. Just the beginning of my list, too.

I'm thankful TomKat finally... (Below threshold)

I'm thankful TomKat finally got married and I hope Brooke Shields lives with them forever in the 15th-century castle near Rome.

I'm thankful for brave and ... (Below threshold)

I'm thankful for brave and patriotic Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen (or is that Airpersons now?) watching my back so that I can sleep peacefully at night...

I am thankful Murgieo got b... (Below threshold)

I am thankful Murgieo got banned. Sorry I couldnt resist!

Someone at work started a "... (Below threshold)

Someone at work started a "What are YOU thankful for" thing on a white board in the hallway, and I wrote "Broadband", but that was tongue-in-cheek.

I'm thankful for everything above (except I'm just happy the TomKat marriage is OVER so I can put the TV back on), and I'm mostly thankful for Jesus, who died for my sins and yours.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Sorry, that was a typo -... (Below threshold)

Sorry, that was a typo - should have said "wedding" above, not "marriage". With any luck, that poor girl will wake up and end the marriage next.

I am thankful that for the ... (Below threshold)

I am thankful that for the first time since Katrina I can go into my hometown of New Orleans and feel like the storm never happened. It felt normal. Of course I stayed in the sliver by the river and did not go into the neighborhoods, but it felt SO normal and for that I am truly thankful.

I am thankful for the peopl... (Below threshold)

I am thankful for the people who like me and love me even during the times I probably don't deserve it.

Dave D - there is no way I ... (Below threshold)

Dave D - there is no way I could have said it as well, but I agree completely.

I'm grateful to have already lived 7 years more than my late mother was able to live (her family doesn't live into old age much) and that I still have my health. I'm grateful that all my female relatives and/or friends exist because we women really do appreciate each other as we head into those years beyond the child-bearing!

I'm grateful that my parents raised me with a firm and sustaining religious belief system and a belief that character counts. I'm even grateful for the emotional storms that existed in my childhood because they made me stronger.

I'm a happily Catholic woman enormously grateful for her delightful Orthodox Jewish boss - even though he is an attorney. We learn a lot from each other!

I'm grateful too for Wizbang! So there!

I'm thankful to be alive an... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I'm thankful to be alive and healthy despite some heart issues. I'm very grateful to God for his gracefulness in teaching me lessons throughout my life (and there's still so much to learn). I am very grateful to my incredibly hard-working, stunningly smart and completely hilarious (and often gross) beautiful wife. I am grateful and blessed to have all the members of my family in relatively good health. I am grateful to my country and to the men and women who serve it with immeasurable honor and sacrifice. I am grateful to be blessed with a few wonderfully loyal, smart and caring friends.

God Bless all you and your families this Thanksgiving, including our liberal brethren.

murgieo is banned? Wow! T... (Below threshold)

murgieo is banned? Wow! That goes to the top of MY list.







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