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A Conservative Version of The Daily Show

I think this is a great idea. In fact, I suggested something similar back when Dennis Miller's show got cancelled. This version does not include Miller, sadly, but sounds like it is worth a look.

Fox News Channel might air two episodes of a "Daily Show"-like program with a decidedly nonliberal bent on Saturday nights in late January, with the possibility that it could become a weekly show for the channel.

The half-hour show is executive produced by "24's" Joel Surnow and Manny Cota and creator Ned Rice, who previously wrote for "Politically Incorrect" and "Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson" through This Just In Prods. It would take aim at what Surnow calls "the sacred cows of the left" that don't get made as much fun of by other comedy shows.

"It's a satirical news format that would play more to the Fox News audience than the Michael Moore channel," Surnow said. "It would tip more right as 'The Daily Show' tips left."

The show was pitched as "This Just In" when it first got life as a 20-minute pilot presentation for Fox Broadcasting Co.'s late-night division. But when that network passed, Surnow said it attracted the attention of Fox News Channel chief Roger Ailes.

The article goes on to report that it would not be a partisan show, but would also poke fun of anyone on the right who deserves it. Unfortunately, they won't have any trouble finding those deserving of ridicule on the right these days.

Update: Here is one of those things worth ridiculing Republicans for -- business as usual.


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Comments (51)

Fake news with a Right-wing... (Below threshold)

Fake news with a Right-wing bent? And this differs from all the other programming on Fox News... how, exactly?

They could have OJ host the... (Below threshold)

They could have OJ host the show.

A right wing comedy show? T... (Below threshold)

A right wing comedy show? That's almost as big an oxymoron as Christian Rock...

I see the leftist minority ... (Below threshold)

I see the leftist minority has already taken the first digs in this post.

Having said that, I'm not too interested in trying to go tit-for-tat with Jon Stewart. It's like making the admission that Stewart's stupid jokes hurt the conservative message, and I don't think that's true, because only stupid people watch that show to begin with. I say it's a bad idea, but who knows?

Ironic that the libtards al... (Below threshold)

Ironic that the libtards always whine about Fox slanting right, yet, never mention just how far left the NYT, LAT, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC is.

There are more libs on Fox in a day than there are conservatives on all other outlets, combined, in a week.

Well, last poster said it a... (Below threshold)

Well, last poster said it all.

On the other hand, I think Dennis Miller would ROCK as the host of this show, except for the pesky fact that two of his shows have failed.

Edgy(sp) political commentary only works if the Libs do it.(maybe they're the only ones that stay up that late at night since the rest of us have to work...)

And with regards to the comment from Anony-mouse, I remind he or she of the following quote from a GREAT AMERICAN( and seller of propane and propane accessories):

"You're not making Christianity better, you're making Rock and Roll worse" -Hank Hill on Christian Rock


Who the hell is John Stewar... (Below threshold)

Who the hell is John Stewart?

There's ony one problem wit... (Below threshold)

There's ony one problem with the idea. A major problem at that. There isn't a right winger on this earth with a sense of humor or an ability to understand political satire. Well, I guess that's 2 problems.

(hugie)-comeing from someon... (Below threshold)

(hugie)-comeing from someone with shit for brains.

What's Gianni smoking, Cons... (Below threshold)

What's Gianni smoking, Conservatives far outweigh Liberals on all sunday talk shows, regular cable news programing etc,etc...

You guys take that "Liberul Media" meme to seriously.

The show will be canceled in less than a month, if it even airs.

Cons don't have much of a s... (Below threshold)

Cons don't have much of a sense of humor now that the religious right have taken over. The Libs haven't been funny since political correctness took root. And it's a dive to the bottom to figure out which is less funny: Day by Day or Doonsbury (sp?) (at least Chris Muir can say that he's new to the game, Trudeau has no such excuse). Where have you gone, P. J. O'Rourke? A nation turns it's lonely eyes to you.

This is a concept that NEED... (Below threshold)
Not Tony:

This is a concept that NEEDS to happen - there needs to be some right-wing counter to all the left-biased "infotainment" shows out there now.

HOWEVER, just putting it on Fox News won't do any good, and announcing it as "right-leaning" will keep the dumb squishy center from watching it.

START OUT as just a "new & innovative" comedy show, with fake news, but skewer the left like almost nobody does. Then the right fill find it on its own. DON'T tip your hand that it's "right-leaning" off the bat.

And DON'T put it on a news channel. If Big Fox won't pick it up, there's a lot of other basic cable channels out there. FX, Comedy Central, USA, etc.


jhowThanks once ag... (Below threshold)


Thanks once again for your reply. You always prove my point. I think we're friends.

lonevoice,Bill O'R... (Below threshold)


Bill O'Reilly, is that you? Dissing Late Show viewers again?

Remember when you labeled Stewart's viewers "stoned slackers", and were smacked down by the demographic studies that demonstrate that Stewart's typical viewer in fact has far more education, a higher household income, and scores much better on current affairs quizzes than your typical viewer?

And Nielsen (2004) says the median age of Daily Show viewers is 35.....

Or we could just continue t... (Below threshold)

Or we could just continue to watch network news and laugh directly At the libtards- being themselves.

I agree with LJD. Just wat... (Below threshold)

I agree with LJD. Just watch network news shows and get your laughs direct. I don't need anyone, from a "progressive" or "psuedo-conservative" news program telling me what is funny about the news.

The only way FOX news differs from CNN is their slight leaning to the right and larger stable of barely credible talking heads.

Fox exists solely because Rupert Murdoch saw that he could make money on a psuedo-conservative news channel.

The only news channel I dislike more than FOX is CNN.

Won't watch it. FOX ruined ... (Below threshold)

Won't watch it. FOX ruined itself in my eyes by glorifying OJ Simpson and the two murders he committed. What FOX is doing with the book and the upcoming segment on TV is disgusting beyond belief and betrays everything that would be conservative values. I will not watch FOX again, nor will I go to the website again.

Besides, no righty could be halfway as entertaining as Stewart.

"Go ahead. It's your money.... (Below threshold)

"Go ahead. It's your money." If you have a product that people want, it will do well. If it's crap, it will fail. Watching O'Reilly, coulter, etc. in action it appears that anger rather humor drives the right. Even dennis miller, who used to funny, now comes across as angry and whiney which is probably why he isn't doing as well. Even when directed at itself, the best satire and humor seems to come from liberals. Especially after you exclude the racist and drunk jokes that many conservatives seem to favor.
Some christian rock is acceptable, not sure I've heard a really funny christian comic, though.

Jeff hit it on the head. An... (Below threshold)

Jeff hit it on the head. Anger isn't funny except in a satirical sense. Anger as humor comes off as an attack. Which is exactly why this won't work - but please, knock yourselves out.

Oh, and BTW Expertise, we are the leftist MAJORITY. YOU are the minority.

Check the election results.

First - I have to say that ... (Below threshold)

First - I have to say that I am a 'liberal' although I tend to be a lot more libertarian about most things (why I can't support the Republicans right now) but this actually seems like a great idea. Liberals aren't the 'party of the angels' any more than the Republicans are. Making fun of them will point out this important fact. Also, please drop this whole 'liberal media/conservative media' thing. Once you cast yourself as the middle, then it just becomes a semantic (i.e. meaningless) argument, IMHO. Lastly, saying that Republicans can't be funny is a silly as saying the Democrats can't win elections. Wait a few years, and it'll change. Wait until the Republicans have something real to make fun of.

maybe oj and karl rove coul... (Below threshold)

maybe oj and karl rove could co host. the neotards have no funny bone. look at the dark lord cheney for evidence, although when he went hunting on election day...bwaaaahahahah!!!

Authoritarians, in this cas... (Below threshold)

Authoritarians, in this case the new breed of Republican Neo-Conservatives, or religious conservatives, suck at ironic humor. In fact, the kind of critical thinking required for irony is anathama to the authoritarian mindset. That's why any attempt for FOX News to ape The Daily Show will fall flat.

In politics today, Majority... (Below threshold)

In politics today, Majority Leader Pelosi got a face lift this morning, and passed legislation to raise taxes on cosmetic surgery in the afternoon..HA, HA, HA..

Now with a live report, we go to our Senior Surgical Correspondent OJ Simpson.

Hey, if it's funny, then sh... (Below threshold)

Hey, if it's funny, then show it! Why oppose anything that is designed to make people laugh? My question is, when is Fox news going to drop their stupid 'Fair and Balanced' slogan, when people inside Fox, outside Fox, and everywhere else openly admit they lean to the right? I also think it's funny that all video media in the world is liberal except for Fox. Fox is the king of infotainment. Hell, they practically invented it, and other media is trying to keep up. OJ Simpson being being dished a couple million just proves my point. And as ukie mentioned earlier, viewers of Stewart scored better on current event facts than Fox viewers. Conclusion, Fox news is correct and all the media in the world are libtards. My proposed new slogan, "Fox News, We're Right, and you know it".

Fox News Channel had nothin... (Below threshold)

Fox News Channel had nothing to do with the OJ show. So nice try.

It's true about just showing liberals themselves and that being funny enough. Just go to these protest rallies and film the idiots on parade. People will laugh their asses off.

Oh yeah, and just quote some of the morons too.

FOX canceled the show, and ... (Below threshold)

FOX canceled the show, and News Corp is dropping the book. Chalk one up for decency and anti-FOX outrage.

only stupid people watch... (Below threshold)

only stupid people watch that show to begin with

I'm one of those stupid people. I think the show is funny. That's why I watch. It beats the hell out of watching a humorless talking-point-spewing robot like Sean Hannity, or watching Bill O'Reilly scream somebody down. Stewart is almost always polite and respectful toward his guests, liberal or conservative.

I have a bachelor's degree and a professional license, but if I'm stupid for passing on O'Reilly and watching the Daily Show, I'll stay stupid.

I see the leftist minori... (Below threshold)

I see the leftist minority has already taken the first digs in this post.


only stupid people watch that show to begin with

Ah, the old schoolyard reasoning. I believe that's easily countered by the "rubber/glue" defense.

Ironic that the libtards... (Below threshold)

Ironic that the libtards always whine about Fox slanting right, yet, never mention just how far left the NYT, LAT, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC is.

Yes, it's very ironic.

Fox News Channel had not... (Below threshold)

Fox News Channel had nothing to do with the OJ show. So nice try.

What, do you just sit there and make sh*t up?

Thanks hugie--nice to know ... (Below threshold)

Thanks hugie--nice to know I got under your skin. Only point you ever make is that you still have shit for brains. (snicker snicker).

Brian-Hey dumbass Fox netwo... (Below threshold)

Brian-Hey dumbass Fox network and Fox news are not the same company. I would moninate you to club for those that have shit for brains but you are already a member.

"nominate"... (Below threshold)


I think it's time to write ... (Below threshold)

I think it's time to write to NBC and bitch about that idiot, Keith Olbermann. I can't believe Jay Leno and Brian Williamswould work for the same company.

Oh, what's that? Olbermann works for MSNBC, not NBC proper? Leno and Williams have nothing to do with it?

Never mind...


My mistake. (Not that I tho... (Below threshold)

My mistake. (Not that I thought they were the same company, but I missed the distinction Jo was making.)

See Jay? An adult admits his errors.

What a short memory you all... (Below threshold)
Chuck Eufarley:

What a short memory you all seem to have. The Daily Show was ragging on Clinton when he was president. They ripped on Bush and the right wing congress when they were in power. They'll rip on the Dems now that they have congress. That's the point of the show: to highlight absurdities and people's stupidity, no matter where it comes from. Just because we've had six straight years of (mostly) right wing stupidity doesn't make the Daily Show left-leaning.

"It's true about just showi... (Below threshold)

"It's true about just showing liberals themselves and that being funny enough. Just go to these protest rallies and film the idiots on parade. People will laugh their asses off."

Right out of the box, conservative "humor" on display. Liberals LOOK funny.

Good lord.

Actually Fox has comedy new... (Below threshold)

Actually Fox has comedy news. it's on 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Whenever I need a good laugh or wrong information I turn it on.

This idea is political corr... (Below threshold)

This idea is political correctness gone wild.

All of you should get Dan Q... (Below threshold)

All of you should get Dan Quayle to be the show's star. I guarantee you that would be quite funny. And make sure Dumbya makes plenty of guest appearances, to share his words of wisdom, a sample of which follows:

"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we," Bush said. "They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we."

Thanks for admitting the truth, Bushie, for once in your life. But it really makes one wonder who could be stupid enough to vote for someone like this, doesn't it???

Jhow66 said;"He... (Below threshold)

Jhow66 said;

"Hey dumbass Fox network and Fox news are not the same company. I would moninate you to club for those that have shit for brains but you are already a member."

Seriously, Jhow66, you're such a tool...

Go to the official site, then come and report back.



"john"=commode-(something y... (Below threshold)

"john"=commode-(something you crap on)-you are hereby reelected to the club for those with shit for brains. I went and saw nothing other then what I said so you can stick that link up your a' er nose. Just love those that pretend that they are "smart" when they are a bigger dumbass than me.

Brilliant, JHow. I am sure ... (Below threshold)

Brilliant, JHow. I am sure that your razor-sharp wit goes a long way in making everyone on your side exceptionally thankful that you're on their side cheering for them.

You really are one of the "really" "smart" "guys". I hope that one day I can learn to use "quotation" marks as well as you.

I have to wonder if such a ... (Below threshold)

I have to wonder if such a show would suffer a similar fate as Air America (poor business plans aside). Liberals, in general, are just not into the talk radio thing the way conservatives are. Stewart's comedy is based on critical analysis of news events. Critical analysis is in short supply on the Right in the face of patriotic correctness (see Iraq).

By contrast, conservatives like their talk radio and republican talking-point shows like the O'Reilly Factor. Conservatives like to tune into an authoritative personality for direction. Many conservatives, by nature, aren't particularly prone to changing their ways.

Besides, the Daily Show is an "original." Any attempt to create a parallel show would likely come off as an imitation.

Jhow66,Good god, m... (Below threshold)


Good god, man. For the link I sent you, you don't even need to be able to read. You can just sit there and watch the pictures. Don't you see the logos for Fox, 20th Century Fox, Fox News, et al...? It's all the same company, get it? News Corporation. Rupert Murdoch. Say it with me....

Now that I think about it, I think you're just pulling my leg. Nobody could possibly be this thick. OK.... Ha, ha. Jokes on us.


First of all, libtards? If... (Below threshold)

First of all, libtards? If this is a "clever" example of right-wing humor, then get out of the business. On the other hand, if a right-wing comedian is funny, then people will watch from all sides, as plenty of people watch the Daily Show from all sides. Then there is Colbert. Damn you guys are falling behind.

I disagree with JML, not on... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I disagree with JML, not only about stereotyping all conservatives as humorless robots, but about the Daily Show being so original. Watch the old SNL news sketches with Chevy Chase and Dennis Miller. They were the true originals. Then watch the old Rush Limbaugh show, which has been ripped off by all the late night shows in the way Rush used video news clips to set up jokes. The only thing really original about The Daily Show is that it is a stand alone 30 minute program.

As for the term "libtards," I had not heard that one before, but anyone who has spent even 5 minutes on the most popular leftwing blogs can quote a host of disgusting terms used to describe those on the right, with "rightards" being one used frequently on at least one left wing site I can think of.

Lorie, if you're going to g... (Below threshold)

Lorie, if you're going to go that far in the Daily Show predecessors, then you have to go back to Steve Allen and the Smothers Brothers.

But regardless, the Daily Show is successful not because of a liberal slant, but because of John Stewart. The same show didn't fare nearly as well under Craig Kilborn.

I like Dennis Miller. But when he touches on politics, he goes from funny to angry.

The intended audience will ... (Below threshold)

The intended audience will be told that it is funny. And that will be good enough for them.

A conservative comedian?! ... (Below threshold)

A conservative comedian?! That I would like to see.

Don't know why the good fol... (Below threshold)

Don't know why the good folks at Fox ever imagined this could work. You can't combine propaganda and satire.






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