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America's Worst Newspaper

Could it be yours? Go read the nominations at Power Line and follow the link there to vote.


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» The Florida Masochist linked with Palm Beach Pravda

Comments (7)

By far americas worse news ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

By far americas worse news paper is the New York Times i mean its not even worth linning a birds cage with AND I DONT WANT IT IN MY CAGE SQUAWK SQUAWK I,LL GET VIOLENT I,LL RIP OUT SOMEONES EYES SQUAWK SQUAWK

It's amazing how poor, drug... (Below threshold)

It's amazing how poor, drug-addled hippie, socialist liberals exercise so much market power to take over media everywhere. Who knew LSD, Hillary Clinton and bootlegs of Grateful Dead concerts could lead to so much influence?

When I was at The Ohio Stat... (Below threshold)

When I was at The Ohio State University School of Journalism in the early 60s, the Columbus Dispatch was no-so-fondly referred to as the Columbus Disgust. It has gone downhill from there!

Thank God for Stefan Sharka... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Thank God for Stefan Sharkansky (and apologies for likely misspelling his name) and nominating the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Want to know how liberal the PI is? For their election recommedations, they did not recommend a single Republican in some 20+ races and endorsed every single initiative that involved raising taxes.

It has to be the "Slime's" ... (Below threshold)

It has to be the "Slime's" for endangering us all with their intelligence leaking prowess.

The PI's in the lead! I lov... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

The PI's in the lead! I love it!

And did anyone notice that 3 of those papers (Oregonian, The Olympian and the PI) are here in the Northwest? Please, have sympathy for this poor Northwest neocon. LOL

How is the Daily Oklahoman ... (Below threshold)

How is the Daily Oklahoman not on this list? Has anyone ever read a more GOP slanted paper in their lives? Whoever is making this list, is surely making a mistake by not including the Daily Oklahoman Disgrace.






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