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Mexican Leftist Lopez Obrador Refuses to Go Away

Since Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador didn't win the Mexican presidency, he's just going to set up his own government:

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador launched a parallel government Monday and prepared to swear himself in as Mexico's "legitimate" president, a ceremony the leftist hopes will keep alive protests to undermine the man who officials say defeated him at the polls.

The inauguration ceremony is the latest chapter in Lopez Obrador's unsuccessful battle for the presidency. He claims fraud and dirty campaign tactics were responsible for President-elect Felipe Calderon's narrow victory in the July 2 vote, and his parallel government could spend the next six years calling for street protests that have already dented the economy and prompted travel warnings from the U.S. Embassy.

While the red-green-and-white presidential sash to be draped across Lopez Obrador's shoulders Monday will lack legal recognition, he hopes to assume the moral leadership of millions of poor Mexicans.

Based in Mexico City, Lopez Obrador's parallel government has its own Cabinet, but it will not collect taxes or make laws and relies on donations to carry out its plans.

One of its first orders of business will be trying to prevent Calderon's Dec. 1 inauguration.


Marco Ramirez, 34, a university researcher watching the crowd from a sidewalk cafe, said he believed many of the demonstrators were receiving money from the Mexico City government, which is run by Lopez Obrador's Democratic Revolution Party.

"This affects the country's image," he said. "It puts out a very bad image."

It remains to be seen whether Lopez Obrador can keep up the momentum. Some members of his leftist Democratic Revolution Party, or PRD, have already expressed disagreement with Lopez Obrador's strategy of using Congress _ where the PRD is now the second-largest force _ as an arena for protests rather than negotiations.

Writing in the Mexico City daily Reforma, columnist Armando Fuentes described Lopez Obrador's "swearing in" ceremony as "laughable" and "a circus act, a farce."

Is there any wonder why Mexico continues to wallow in third world country status? It isn't just because of its economic poverty - its leadership refuses to give up its third world mentality.

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Be careful what you say abo... (Below threshold)

Be careful what you say about third world mentality. I don't think we were that far from this with our own left. If they don't like the results they can't imagine that it is their positions that caused the voter rejection, so it must be fraud. That sort of non-introspective look at election results is thankfully pretty rare on the right, but is a definite issue on the left.

Al Gore two.... (Below threshold)

Al Gore two.

yetanotherjohn: You know ho... (Below threshold)

yetanotherjohn: You know how close you are to being right, one more idiot in congrss to push it.

We were real close to an attempted coup a couple of months ago when the dim's were holding secret meetings with a bunch of left wing retired generals. I suspect that the idiots had a plan in place if they lost the election. The only reason it didn't get off the ground was that the generals ,not too smart, but smart enough to know not more that 1-2 % of the military would follow them. The members of the military follow real leaders, not losers.

The big problem in Mexico is that the current president doesn't have the ba**s to arrest the fool that is making a joke of the entire country.

Would someone get the hook ... (Below threshold)

Would someone get the hook for this tired leftie?

He's like someone playing a tune when the bar is closed and no one is sober enough to care.


Damn!Why didn't I ... (Below threshold)


Why didn't I think of that.

"The big problem in Mexico ... (Below threshold)

"The big problem in Mexico is that the current president doesn't have the ba**s to arrest the fool that is making a joke of the entire country."

Calderon would be stupid to arrest AMLO. If he did that, AMLO would become an instant martyr. With this stunt AMLO looks like a desperate loser. He is on the road to marginalizing himself and losing any support he had.

It's like the old saying, when your opponent is committing suicide don't interrupt him.

Another good reason why we ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Another good reason why we need a border fence we dont need leftists radicals comming into our country

Sounds to me like the Mexic... (Below threshold)

Sounds to me like the Mexicans are getting ready for another revolution. The same type that propelled Pancho Villa into the limelight almost 100 years ago. Maybe that is what is needed to clean out the corruption and greed. I still think that we made a mistake when we kicked their butts back in the Mexican War. We should have taken over and ran the country as an American territory and carved a few more states out of it/

Yeah, Stan, that sounds abo... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Stan, that sounds about right.

The problem with Mexico is that there aren't enough white people there.

What the world needs is more pasty white people. Just think. You could reverse global warming.

You could all turn your hairless, pink asses up in the beaches of Acapulco and reflect sunshine back like mirrors.

I see a real bigot has chir... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

I see a real bigot has chirped up. Desi is one of those that thinks successful systems like the U.S. are "white."

Nicely said Mr. Gibson...I ... (Below threshold)

Nicely said Mr. Gibson...I mean Desi.

In some ways, you cannot bl... (Below threshold)

In some ways, you cannot blame the illegals for wanting to come somewhere relatively sane! But they still must be stopped or Tom Tancredo's prediction will come true and this continent will be one big "Europe" - and that ain't good!

Another petulant socialist ... (Below threshold)

Another petulant socialist throws a temper tantrum after having lost a close national election in which there was voter fraud and then declares himself the winner.

Algore you say? Sure sounds like him but you'd be wrong, just the wannabe ex-mayor of Mexico City.

"This affects the country's image," ... "It puts out a very bad image." ya don't say...

Hold on. Two governments? ... (Below threshold)

Hold on. Two governments? If they try really hard they'll have so many government jobs available soon people won't be spilling into the US for work. High paying, benefits-rich government jobs could be just around the corner for millions of hopeful Mexicans. Maybe we should support this. After all, no matter your stance on illegal immigration (or, as the press calls it, "immigration"), isn't the goal to get their country to come up with enough jobs so that people don't want to risk their lives going somewhere else?

False is onto something... ... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

False is onto something... We need to send some people down there and set up an additional four or five shadow governments. Then there will be enough jobs so that the entire Mexican population is employed as happy government bureaucrats. Then the only problem they will have is American illegals crossing their border... Of course, I'm not sure who will be left to do things like, you know, make stuff. But that would be focusing on material things, and we're all supposed to be spiritually evolved past that, aren't we?

Eric is correct; Calderon s... (Below threshold)

Eric is correct; Calderon should let the clown continue to discredit himself. There is a virulent Left/communist contingent in Mexico that rivals some in other Lat. Am. countries. Obredor makes Ortega look like a statesman.

It is Mexican culture, lurching slowly out of corruption, that is the problem. So much history, like the rest of Latin American. Thanks in part to those highly efficient Spaniards who colonized, kept the locals out of government, then left with the only legacy being poorly run colonial government.

Still, Calderon is a bright spot. So is the electoral commission that did a great job in the election just past.

We should all pray for Mexico for their and our own good.

<a href="http://www.rfi.fr/... (Below threshold)






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