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You can lead a horticulture...

The latest Hub hubbub is concerning the public-transit system. It seems that the "T" has been selling advertising space on trains, and one of the buyers has been Rockstar Video Games -- the maker of the best-selling (but highly violent) Grand Theft Auto games. Critics say that the "T" should not be advertising a game where players can, if they choose, have sex with prostitutes -- and even kill them afterwards.

So, just how bad is this? Well, the Boston Herald decided to get it straight from the whore's horse's mouth.

They contacted some Boston-area prostitutes ("Honey, I swear, it was for work!") and asked them their opinion of the game. One was appalled, but another was devoted to the game and thought it -- and the ads rocked.

Leave it to the Herald to find THAT angle on the story...

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But you can't make her thin... (Below threshold)

But you can't make her think!

You sure keep up with your ... (Below threshold)

You sure keep up with your videogame news. Do you like your new PS3? How long was the wait?

Classic Jay Tea from the archives...

"Every day, it seems, another anti-war twit on the left (which is not all of them, but apparently the most vocal) trots out the Viet Nam/Iraq connection."

"Bush Compares U.S. Wars in Vietnam, Iraq"

I'm lovin it.

And another joins the club ... (Below threshold)

And another joins the club for those that has shit for brains.

Might I suggest that no one... (Below threshold)

Might I suggest that no one reply to JP2's attempt to hi-jack another thread?

I wouldn't want my child playing that game. But I would like to play it myself ;-)






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