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Thankful to Live in the USA

This weekend I asked readers what they were thankful for. Most listed family, friends, and good health. Most also were thankful to have been born in America. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, consider this an open thread to list the reasons you are thankful that you live in the U.S.A. Don't limit it to general themes like freedom and prosperity, but feel free to get specific and list those little things that make life so sweet, too -- like Krispy Kreme.


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Comments (25)

Antioch Bible Church.... (Below threshold)

Antioch Bible Church.
imageo-Dei Bible Institute.

Peach Ice Tea... (Below threshold)

Peach Ice Tea

TIVO!And my wife a... (Below threshold)


And my wife and kids...

Enough prosperity to be abl... (Below threshold)

Enough prosperity to be able to waste time on the internet.

Sitting in the bleachers on... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Sitting in the bleachers on a sunny summer afternoon, drinking a beer and watching any major league baseball game (in my case, the Mariners.)

Being still alive after 10 ... (Below threshold)

Being still alive after 10 years of retirement and still able to drive my 1956 Chevy that I purchased new (Sept 12 1956) that leaves two 12" black marks for a city block with it's 600HP engine. That's the differance from being 71 years old and 71 years young. LONG LIVE THE USA!!!!!

Having an infrastructure li... (Below threshold)

Having an infrastructure like a stable banking system, schools, roads, good governence, the Constitution and The Bill of Rights, and all the other things that provide the social context that makes it possible for people to succeed here.

Banana milkshakes............. (Below threshold)

Banana milkshakes..........

Fireball Candy......

Cathy........... Yes, Cathy

Having God's blessing to se... (Below threshold)

Having God's blessing to serve in the United States Army for the past 32 years so people can abuse, accuse, asperse, besmirch, curse, defame, defile, denigrate, depreciate, disparage, insult, libel, revile, slur, smear, stain, sully, taint, tarnish, tear down, vilify, and generally villainize me and my brothers & sisters, because... I have to serve them, so I might serve those who deserve and appreciate. God Bless America.

For a society that inspires... (Below threshold)

For a society that inspires men and women like DoninFla to sacrifice so that others may live in freedom and peace.

I'm thankful to live in Ame... (Below threshold)

I'm thankful to live in America, have friends and family I love, for good health and for fantastic blogs like Wizbang that bring the conservative family together.

"...list the reasons you ar... (Below threshold)

"...list the reasons you are thankful that you live in the U.S.A."

I'll let you know in 29 days. That's when I close on my new house in New Hampshire and flee Massachusetts for good.

We live in acountry where y... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

We live in acountry where you have freedom of speech all except on the liberal idiots at our leading universities who are free to prove how stupid they are

I am extremely thankful to ... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

I am extremely thankful to be an American living in the USA.

Most Americans take the USA for granted in my opinion and do not understand what they have here.

I have lived in Germany for five years as a native. I learned the language, paid the taxes, and lived through the bureaucracy and red tape as a LEGAL foreigner.

Every American should live abroad as a native for two years to learn a new appreciation for the United States of America.

All this bull shit talk about how much other countries hate America is just that...bull shit.

They would move here in a heartbeat if they could.

Jealousy, plain and simple. Ever meet anyone dying to leave America (beside a Baldwin family member reneging on a promise)? No? I didn't think so!

America, the best place and the leader of the free world. Nothing can match it and based on the socialist moonbats of the world, nothing ever will.

IF the Dims. win again, I'm... (Below threshold)

IF the Dims. win again, I'm moving to France!

Nah. I'm not an ass like them. Just foolin'.

I am thankful for a wonderf... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

I am thankful for a wonderful, smart, beautiful and Godly wife. Who puts up with me. :)

Because I love this countr... (Below threshold)

Because I love this country for every opportunity and freedom it has given to me over my 41 years.

God, Country, Family!

I am thankful that no matte... (Below threshold)

I am thankful that no matter how hot and heavy the political debate may get we haven't yet stooped to poisoning political rivals or people who expose the government's secrets.

The many great Americans po... (Below threshold)

The many great Americans posting here at Wizbang, for putting all the chaos into perspective, and giving me some needed laughs.

(and Kurt Schilling and the Red Sox)

I'm thankful for a wonderfu... (Below threshold)

I'm thankful for a wonderful wife, a great job, and for being healthy.

I'm thankful for being a ch... (Below threshold)

I'm thankful for being a child of God... for my hard-working husband and our three kids... for my friends and family... for our brave military men and women... for freedom and for justice.

I'm thankful Lee has not ye... (Below threshold)

I'm thankful Lee has not yet chimed in with his liberal 2 cent.

Don't expect lee, or herman... (Below threshold)

Don't expect lee, or herman or brian or any of them to chime in about being thankful for the USA.

A hearty "second" on banana... (Below threshold)

A hearty "second" on banana milkshakes -- and I'm thankful we live in a country where people with diverse and sometimes conflicting viewpoints live side-by-side in harmony and peace.

For once, Lee, I agree with... (Below threshold)

For once, Lee, I agree with you. Including the banana milkshakes!

With all of our disagreements, where else in the world are such disgreements and discussions not only accepted but encouraged.

What a Country!






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