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It's nice when a friend of a friend makes it big...

One of my better online chums is David Scott Anderson, of In Search Of Utopia. Politically, he's an utter nincompoop, but once you get past that horrid defect, he's a genuinely nice guy and a good writer. (Not to mention uncle to one of the scarier funny guys in Hollywood.)

Well, David is a bit more of a social butterfly than I am (I've described my social skills as "slightly less than those of a rabid, diarrhetic wombat"), and has loads more online friends than I do. And earlier today, I was pleased to see one of his buddies had achieved a rather remarkable level of renown. I immediately notified David and told him that he simply HAD to blog about it -- it was a "moral imperative" was the exact phrasing I used.

He apparently agreed, but didn't bother to give me any credit.

I won't get too upset with this slight, though. I know he's better than that. I'll just chalk it up to his leftist leanings, and not take it personally.


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it was a "moral imperati... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

it was a "moral imperative"

I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who once said: "I drank what?"






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