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Thanksgiving Weekend Roundup

I had a lovely Thanksgiving, but the past few days of cooking and cleaing took their toll this morning when I woke up with a bad backache, which has put me pretty much out of commission today. My husband and daughter braved the crowds with my inlaws and actually found a few good deals that were not already sold out ten minutes after the doors opened this morning. Some of the stores near me actually opened at 12:30 a.m. this year. Next year I wouldn't be surprised to see earlier Thanksgiving night sales, for those wanting to get an even bigger jump on the "day after" shoppers. It just gets crazier and crazier every year.

I am not big on the shopping, but unfortunately I do get really into the food. In addition to the regular turkey, gravy, ham, dressing, sweet potatoes, green beans, potatoes, corn, deviled eggs, cranberry sauce and macaroni salad, this year we had beef brisket (prepared by my mother-in-law), and a broccoli and cheese casserole, and lots of delicious desserts. I sent a good bit of food home with everyone and still have a refrigerator full. Mmmm. Leftovers.

The best part (even better than the food) was having my family all gathered together. The worst part was when my batteries died in both my camcorder and digital camera at almost the same time. I missed capturing one image on film that I will keep forever, though. My six year old sang along to a "Doodlebops" CD at a kid's karaoke night that my dad was able to attend a few months ago. Since then, my stepmom told us, he had one of the songs, "The Wobbly Woopsy," stuck in his head. He danced along to the Wobbly Woopsy with my daughter yesterday and it was hilarious and sweet and I will never forget it.

Speaking of remembering, in my column at Townhall today I remember a dear friend who passed away earlier this year.

I didn't get any time to access the computer yesterday with all the food to prepare and everyone here, but in my Thanksgiving Day column in the Examiner I list many ways to thank those in our armed forces who protect us and make it possible for us to enjoy the blessings we do. I left out one of the best ways to say thanks at the holidays, Operation Gratitude, but blogged about it here.

I have only skimmed what is out there on the internet today, but read Charles Krauthammer's excellent column from start to finish. He writes about the tactic in the movie Borat of seeking out anti-Semitism (or at least indifference to it) in middle America and notes that the movie maker ignored the flagrant and extreme anti-Semitism taking place all over Europe.

Gay Patriot West writes about Hillary's problems as she "ponders" a Presidential run. He also ties it into the GayPatriot Grande Conservative Blogress Diva 2007 nominations which are open until December 15.

One last thing for now, on a personal note, congratulations to my friends Leigh and Rodney who got married today. I had hoped to make the wedding, but was not able to assume a fully upright position due to the backache. Best wishes for a long and happy life together. To everyone else, I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving Day and that you enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend.

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I usually do my toy shoppin... (Below threshold)

I usually do my toy shopping for Boyo late at night at a 24 hour WalMart. Some of the other customers are weird, but the staff is VERY accomodating that time of night.

Get better Lorie. I had pla... (Below threshold)

Get better Lorie. I had planned on going with my husband, daughter and her husband to Best Buy last night. I stayed up til two but just couldn't make it.

My daughter wanted to get a computer at Best Buy that was one of the big bargains (they had only ten of them) and Kate, her husband and my husband got to Best Buy around four in the morning. (I slept in)

They discovered the line already winding down the road from Best Buy nearly three blocks. The ten tickets for the computer were already handed out. But somehow my daughter (who takes after her dad in guts) managed to get through an aisle to the computer section, asked one of the employees if they had any of the computers she wanted left and she managed to get the next to last computer!

I enjoyed hearing about their adventure but was glad to get to sleep. I will get in my shopping but first, sleep.

Lebanese Girl:<a h... (Below threshold)

Lebanese Girl:


OK -- THIS is what it's all about. Democracies have to be willing to die, so this person can do this anytime she wants, without interference or persecution. (It's not dirty, it's just FUN, and full of spirit, and hope, and JOY)

Let's give thanks that we, and our kids, can do this whenver they want.






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