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Watergate on the Merrimack?

Here in Manchester, New Hampshire, we have a rather entertaining potential scandal brewing. A construction company currently working on a school-rebuilding project says that someone broke into its temporary offices, stole some fnancial records, and altered them. And they seem to have a pretty solid case -- the documents, allegedly altered, showed up in the hands of a company hired as consultants to the city, and the consulting firm admits to taking them -- at the direction of a city official. They deny any alterations, though, and the city official cited has no comment.

Ah, city politics... they might not be as exciting as national issues, but sometimes they can be just as entertaining.

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Something stinks in politic... (Below threshold)

Something stinks in politics when people keep voting a man with the nickname 'Leaky' back into office. Now Leaky is demanding more access to classified documents. Duh, why does he even have a security clearance to read the funny papers?

You know what runs downhill, so why would we be surprised that state and local governments are involved in criminal activity. It's the training ground for criminals which will be elevated to the big time by stupid voters.

So, whats to gain from this... (Below threshold)

So, whats to gain from this?






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