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Putting Heinlein to the test

A while ago, a bunch of libertarians decided to see if they could actually make their philosophy work on the state level. They decided to get a bunch of themselves together, collectively move to a state, and start trying to convert it to run on libertarian issues. The state they chose, I am proud to say, was my own little New Hampshire. (The fact that the state is moving further and further away from libertarian principles and closer to Democratic status is something I weep over regularly.)

But as anyone with passing familiarity with scientific principles knows, there's more than that to proving a hypothesis. It's often a good idea to test the opposite possibility, and see if that works too.

That seems to be the idea behind the Free Lunch Project. The organizers are calling on those who believe in Big Government, The Nanny State, Public Entitlements, cradle-to-grave care, and all those other aspects of freedom and choice and liberty impose on the average person every day.

They want everyone who believes in such things to move to one state and actually put their theories and beliefs into practice, as a laboratory for social progress.

They're having their final vote right now, and it's between Massachusetts and California. I am personally endorsing Massachusetts, for the following reasons:

  1. It's a smaller state, both geographically and population-wise, so it'll be easier to influence.
  2. It's been losing population since the last census, so a sudden influx of 20,000 newcomers could have a tremendous affect in elections.
  3. With Democrats now having an absolute lock on both Houses of the legislature, the governorship, all ten House seats, and both Senate seats, it's well on its way already. The "Massachusetts Republican" is just shy of making the endangered-species list.
  4. It's right next door to me, so I can nuke up some popcorn and enjoy the show.
  5. It has New England winters, so their theories will be put to a much harsher environmental test than California will (excluding earthquakes, brush fires, mudslides, and other far less predictable natural hazards).

So head on over to their web site and cast your vote for the Bay State to become the Basket Case State. Trust me, it'll be a very short trip for them.

I've often quoted Robert Heinlein's TANSTAAFL principle -- "There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch." Let's find out of Bob was really on to something.


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Comments (12)

They want everyone... (Below threshold)
They want everyone who believes in such things to move to one state and actually put their theories and beliefs into practice, as a laboratory for social progress

Q: What do you get when you cross 500,000 lesbians and 500,000 people that live by the theory and beliefs of social progress?

A: One Million people who don't do dick!!!!!!

But NH will need a fence on... (Below threshold)

But NH will need a fence on the southern border.

Goddamnit, I don't need mor... (Below threshold)

Goddamnit, I don't need more hippies in my state and city. Take down that endorsement for MA immediately!!!

Basically when people like ... (Below threshold)

Basically when people like this ruin a state, they in no way accept that the government and policies they supported were responsible. They flee the state looking for a Moderate or Conservative state nearby and bring their philosophies with them. Case in point is Californians fleeing to Washington and Oregon.

People from Massachusetts are probably a large part of why NH is going Democrat, already. So when Massachusetts gets even more ruined, they flee that state and run to NH in bigger numbers.

Big Government, The Nann... (Below threshold)

Big Government, The Nanny State

Umm, hate to wake you up, but those are Bush's principles.

Just a question from the ra... (Below threshold)

Just a question from the rare breed (MA republican). Is donating to the MA republican party considered a "charity" donation, or merely delusional?

jpm100,I'd like to... (Below threshold)


I'd like to add Arizona to your list of California invaders.

Wait... a bunch of socialis... (Below threshold)
Farmer Joe:

Wait... a bunch of socialists are going to move to Massachusetts?

That would be different how, exactly?

"The organizers are calling... (Below threshold)

"The organizers are calling on those who believe in Big Government, The Nanny State, Public Entitlements, cradle-to-grave care, and all those other aspects of freedom and choice and liberty impose on the average person every day."

THAT is mASS in a nutshell...it's already-- been there done that!!!!!
They may as well try to go screw up CA. They could still come to mASS to learn a thing or two ............

As a conservative Republican here in mASS my sanity can take no more....but NH is starting to spin away. I'm looking way south or western mountains, some nice bright RED state.

Liberals come run to mASS, you can get a good deal on a house, and we can flip each other the bird as we cross the state line..."Welcome to mASSachusetts"

If we could get the Registe... (Below threshold)

If we could get the Registered Republican listed on the endangered species list here in Oregon, maybe we could stop some of the influx of Californicators who keep disrupting the mating and breeding of this rapidly dwindling resource of sanity in the wild and wet Northwest. Or at least limit them to the People's Republic of Portland.

jpm, regarding people from ... (Below threshold)

jpm, regarding people from MA moving to NH being the problem: No, that's incorrect, as results show clearly.
That myth is just not true.

Now, people moving to California to Oregon, etc. Yes, that is truer, but likely has it's own mythic elements as well. The real problem is we lack good education and teach people that bigger government will solve their problems.

I agree with the concept: t... (Below threshold)

I agree with the concept: the GOP should stop all pretense, withdraw from politics in MA for good, and put up signs at the border that say:

You are now entering the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, a state totally controlled by the Democratic Party. This is what happens when you let liberals run things. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

For years, MA was one of the few states in the union that was actually losing population. It is a state that many people cannot afford or cannot stand to live in, and so they leave. It is crazy because the state has every advantage that you can think of in terms of universities (people resources), history, and natural resources. There is only one reason why it is in such bad shape: the state is run by liberal Democrats.

The bad news is that places like southern New Hampshire turn into refugee camps for displaced MA idiots who come up here to trash this state. In politics over the years I run into these idiots all the time, and I always ask, "You're not from around here, are you? Where are you from?" The answer is always some densely-populated area in Massachusetts. And I want to reply, "Then why don't you go back there and leave us alone?" (sigh) I want to close the border, but it's probably too late.

Memo to the GOP: resign from Massachusetts, and remind the voters at least once a month: "If the Democrats do for the country what they've done for Massachusetts, the United States will end a Third-World banana republic."






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