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The Cure For Negative Economic Reporting

I will never forget, as long as I live, watching the news the day before Bill Clinton was elected and hearing about the crappy economy that was to blame for George Bush's trouble in the polls, then seeing Jeff Greenfield the day after the election talking about the economic recovery that was underway. No talk of economic recovery prior to the election, when it might have made a difference in the vote -- you know, when it might have actually informed the public about the true state of the economy. I remember thinking then that economic reporting could get no worse. I was wrong.

For several years now we have heard any good economic downplayed, while any slightly negative economic news has been magnified a thousand fold. Polls show that the public's perception of the state of the economy differs greatly from the economic facts. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of examples that can be cited to support my claim of biased (and downright deceitful) economic reporting, but one of my favorites is from Meg Kreikemeier from early this year. Mary Katharine Ham noticed the amazing way economic reporting changes when Democrats are elected in coverage of "Black Friday." Read it all.

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I didn't particularly care ... (Below threshold)

I didn't particularly care for MKH's reporting on this. It appeared strained and some of the examples weren't that good.

She's right though, even though her examples were poor. I trade stocks all the time. Its a hobby of mine, in hopes to someday become a full time job. This means that just about every single day I go to bigcharts dot com and read through the marketwatch news reports.

When there is bad news, its bad news, nothing more to say about it. When there is good news, it is tempered with caution or contrasted with other bad news.

Once they raise the minimum wage I expect to hear all kinds of possitive economic news that isn't even connected. Stuff you don't really hear about now. For example, did anyone here know that this year all the NFL stadiums sold out for the first 7 weeks? The previous record was the first 4 weeks. Seems like a good economic sign to me. Or did anyone here hear the news that they revised the jobs report up, for the first 10 months of the year, by 810,000 jobs? That means they were off each month by about 100,000 jobs. This should have been reported on every network, I only heard about it on CNBC.

Now that we've got so many blogs and media watchers, things are going to become pretty apparant once a Democrat administration takes charge. When Clinton was in office, blogs were just getting their feet wet and all we really had was Drudge.

Now there are thousands of gate keepers out there and the news media is almost irrelevant in this regard. The contrast will be stark. The media and the Democrats like to claim that this administration is the most corrupt ever, even though there havn't been any convictions for anything. What they fail to realize is that this is the first administration with bloggers swarming all over their every move.

It will be interesting to see how a Clinton administration would fair with the same microscrope applied.

Oh, another good economic s... (Below threshold)

Oh, another good economic sign you never hear about. Today, we pay 9.4% of our tax receipts towards interest payments on our debt. A decade ago we paid 15.5% of our tax receipts towards interest payments on our debt.

This is what is meant by growing our way out of debt, though you'll never hear that on the news.

It is not just the economy.... (Below threshold)

It is not just the economy. A large percentage of Democrats think that Bush somehow blew up the WTC. A larger number hate Bush more than the terrorists, as AP, Reuters and CNN root them on with staged and phony stuff. The NYT thinks sedition in the pursuit of electoral victory is a high virtue. Republicans are stealing elections while Democrats are valiantly defending voting rights?

If the MSM is willing to suppress the Clinton rape - as too old - while spending thousands of hours on 40 year old Bush dental records, they are quite willing to sell the Joe Wilson: "Bush lied" line. Nobody actually in Iraq, or on the ground in Katrina, thinks that the coverage of those events was remotely truthful.

The problem is that these lefties think they are doing the public good. So what if they twist things a little? The Democrats are right damn it and we are both noble. Once this point has been reached, when it is in "the best interests of the country" to shade things a little, the danger point has been crossed. Lately it has been getting worse.

And so it was once, when a lowly journalist came to power. His first and best tool was to conscript his brethren in the press, radio and films to help him with his brand of politics. Skilled in demagoguery and misinformation, he was eventually invited into power on a flood of public fear and dissatisfaction that he, and his friends, had created.

Mussolini's fascism was brought in to counter his socialist and monarchist straw men, and once he was in it was too late. Hitler would later use his tactics with the press as a model.

Remember that both Hitler and Mussolini were brought into power to the joy of most and on the wings of the propaganda the press was only too willing to help them sell.

I have been saying this f... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

I have been saying this for a couple of years now. The Democrat Party is nothing more than a "PARTY OF PERPETUAL FRAUD". That is it. That is all it boils down to. A pack of dirty rotten Un-American Criminal Lying Frauds. They belong in Prison not in power.

I said the same thing about Cindy Sheehan the Very minute the Democrat Media began to parade her stupid worthless ass. I recall those on many sights who would give those a hard time if they had harsh things to say about her with lines like, she's a greiving mother , she just lost her son. I just bit my tongue and said she stopped greiving long ago. What I really wanted to say was that bag of shit is a stupid lying whore. So I just waited a couple days. Then I began to laugh at certain posters as time went on and happily and jokingly reminded them of what they first said about her.

I don't know why it is so hard to see what is taking place right before our eyes. The Democrat Media , when they are not busy smearing and making false accusations against republicans,shamelessly repeating lie after lie in light of the facts completely ignoring the truth, they are working full steam ahead on their "PERPETUAL FRAUD". What's even more rediculous is that half of the time they telling you about it ahead of time. Democrat Strategist's ? What the hell is that exactly? Simple. They are telling us how the Democrats are going to deceive us and pretend to be something they are not just to get your vote.I mean , can people really be that dumb when they are told ...

"There she goes....yup, she is making her move.......did ya she that? Hilary just made a more toward "THE CENTER".

News Flash! The Trailer Trash ashtray throwing , White House Looting , Pardoned Felon just "REINVENTED HERSELF" .........again . DID YOU SEE THAT ! OOOPS! she did it again.

The Democrat Party has had to go through as many "Re-Inventings" as had "The Queen of Hypocracy" plastic faced Pelosi , having had face lifts. The Anti/Un-American Party of Criminals Frauds.

The sun shines brighter and the Moon is now 100,000 miles closer since the Democrats now hold the Majority in the House and Senate, says the Democrat Media. Oh ya and BJ Clinton "DID NOT" have sex with that woman , what's her face for the Umpteenth time!

Thank's for the sunday morn... (Below threshold)

Thank's for the sunday morning laugh's Rob..I almost scalded Myself with coffee reading Your post..ha ha

Biaggi is absolutely correc... (Below threshold)

Biaggi is absolutely correct. The media temper the good news, which eventually becomes a sort of theme that people buy into, i.e. economy is shaky, people are not really doing that well. If you question it, then they make you out to be a hack.

It further complicates matters that the Press understand so little of modern economics and business. Just as with their misunderstanding of war policy, it shows up in the main news and misleads those readers who know little about these subjects.

You're quite welcome 914... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

You're quite welcome 914, it was my pleasure ...he he he

Polls show that the publ... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:

Polls show that the public's perception of the state of the economy differs greatly from the economic facts.

Shows that the working public's perception of the economy is not influenced by the MSM.

"It further complicates... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

"It further complicates matters that the Press understand so little of modern economics and business. Just as with their misunderstanding of war policy,"

Mitchell , do you think they could actually be intellectual and honest in their "Reporting" if they understood fully? We are talking about the Democrat Media and Honesty in the same sentence here.

I don't think it makes any difference whatsoever about the war policy. To the Democrats and their Media their is only one thing they know and it is "LET'S HOLD HANDS AND TALK"(and pass gas for a while).

The Democrat Party is just like a Hollywood movie or production. It's not real , it's all for show and all the Dummies must follow their script or they will be given the Leiberman treatment, it's a total fraud. Their Group photo ops (ahhh gee just look how they support one another....tear) their fake smiles and laughable claims of Honest Government.

They would have you beleive that just by them being in power the entire Country is going to join hands and sing that Brady Bunch song "SUNSHINE DAYS" ...EVERYBODY'S HAPPY SUNSH.....(PUKE!)UGH! can't stand such incompetant criminal phonies.

Only in America can a pendejo get kicked out of Harvard for cheating on a Spanish exam , cowardly , cut and run leaving a "campaign secretary" to die , get re-elected again and again to lecture us and tell lie after lie after lie after lie. Whoosh!






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