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A separate cease

Well, the ceasefire between the Palestinians and Israel appears to be shaky, but holding.

But that is only by a rather odd definition of "cease-fire."

Since Hamas announced it wanted to stop fighting with Israel, the following acts of peace have occurred:

1) Hamas has sent a 68-year-old woman in as a suicide bomber.

2) Hamas has announced that not only will it not release its kidnapped Israeli soldier, but says it will kidnap more.

3) They have not only continued launching rockets into Israel, but have announced that they have a new, deadlier weapon to use against civilians. (Kindly note that Hamas tries to pull the meaningless distinction between its "political" and "militant" wings, while Fatah takes it a step further by giving them differing names -- Fatah is the political arm, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade are the open terrorists.

You know, when I was a kid, I once tried pulling the old "well, he started the fight when he hit me back." My mother didn't accept that, but it seems that tactic works quite well when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict -- "Israel broke the ceasefire when they shot back."

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When they say "ceasefire", ... (Below threshold)
Dave A.:

When they say "ceasefire", what they mean is "Israeli ceasefire."

If they are going to do the... (Below threshold)

If they are going to do the time they might as well commit the crime: Israel ought to blast every inch of Gaza with artillery fire.

A single below-ground H-bom... (Below threshold)

A single below-ground H-bomb test would lower the ground level enough to allow the Mediterranean Sea to reclaim Gaza.

Enough already. Someone br... (Below threshold)

Enough already. Someone breakout the can of Raid and annihilate those maggoty ay-rabs.

To play Devil's Advocate he... (Below threshold)

To play Devil's Advocate here, it's not that Israel hasn't committed acts of aggression before, either...

Before I (might) get flamed to a crisp, let me make two disclosures:

1) I ain't down with either side in this fight. I may believe that the Palestinians have a point, but when you start using suicide bombers to try and make your point, that's the minute I walk away. Likewise, when the Israeli's assassinate Palestinian leaders with missiles, taking out civilians in the process, that's the minute I walk away from supporting their side, too.

2) Regarding the latest cease fire, when I heard radio reports about Hamas breaking it by claiming that the ceasefire hadn't started before launching more attacks, I just had to shake my head. It doesn't very much matter when a ceasefire technically starts, when your goal is to still lob rockets at Israeli house before the magic deadline, then nobody in the world is going to think that you take the ceasefire seriously. And rightly so, because Hamasis only proving themselves to be a bunch of a**holes.






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