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Doe, a deer, a big dead deer

Here in New England, hunting is a fairly big thing. When I was in high school, I knew several kids who went out every deer season with their father to try to bag a buck. I never went myself, but a lot of others did, and they seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. It was an introduction to the fact that meat on your plate came from something that used to be alive -- and some of the ways it gets on your plate.

Well, one of the necessities of allowing and regulating hunting is the need for a "check-in station." The state sets these up so hunters can register their kills. This not only cuts down on hunters killing more than the one deer they are allowed to kill per year, but also helps the state keep tabs on the deer population. For convenience, they are usually set up near places where the deer tend to congregate.

But only in Massachusetts will they set up a check-in station right next to a popular playground.

"So, Margie, I heard you got a new minivan. Is it that one over there?"

"No, Bridget, it's the one parked next to the pool of deer blood over there."

"What, the blue one?"

"Wrong pool. The gold one five down from that one."

"Oh, that's a nice one. How's it ride?"

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How old were the kids at ... (Below threshold)

How old were the kids at the playground???. If they were at least 4-5 years old it sounds like a good time to teach them where food comes from. Kids don't care about that kind of stuff, parents do and many of those parents that are bitching think that meat comes from the local Super Wal Mart.

That's a good point if you ... (Below threshold)

That's a good point if you want to encourage veganism. A river of deer blood isn't likely to foster admiration for the craft.

There is nothing wrong with... (Below threshold)

There is nothing wrong with killing deer. And there is nothing wrong with children seeing dead deer either.
And if parents have to step up and explain this to their kids, I am fine with that.

Er, by the time a hunter ge... (Below threshold)

Er, by the time a hunter gets a deer to the station it is no longer bleeding. That tends to stop when the heart does.

I guess kids shouldn't go t... (Below threshold)

I guess kids shouldn't go to the supermarket either (for yet another reason). They might peer through the meat department window and see a rack of ribs going through the bandsaw. Gasp!

Of course, nothing wrong wi... (Below threshold)

Of course, nothing wrong with these same children viewing people of the same sex being openly promiscuous in public places... Only in MA?

Although you could look at ... (Below threshold)

Although you could look at it as a teaching opportunity, as a parent I would tend to think, Aw shucks. We came out to play and now I have to explain all this!

Picture yourself young mother with 2 kids in strollers looking for a little relaxation before the older kids get home and you have to start supper. You go to the park and, rather than an enjoyable time at the slide and the swingset, you have to explain why Donner and Blixen are sleeping on the hood of those pickups.

It isn't the state biologists place to decide when I should discuss these issues with my kid. Each parent should be able to decide that for themselves.

Related, when I told my son (5 at the time) where his ham came from, he refused to eat meat for over a month. I lied to him and told him he was eating meat substitute.


It does seem like kind of a... (Below threshold)

It does seem like kind of a dumb idea. I mean, while our kids are young we teach them to be kind to animals and then parade trucks by them with dead deer on the tailgates. It could confuse a small kid. My son cried when he saw it for the first time at age 5, but when he got a little older he was able to better understand the whole thing. Like me, he can't bring himself to go hunting and actually shoot something, but he doesn't have a problem at all with those who do.

For the life of me I can't understand why some see it as "fun", but I guess if any of us is hungry enough we could all pick up a gun and shoot away.

To some degree, I think kid... (Below threshold)

To some degree, I think kids need to know what's what in the world. However, we've got Santa coming to our house on the 24th of December, so realism is not running rampant here. I'm GLAD that hunters do their thing or we'd be completely overrun, but seeing a steak in the local meat department is a far cry from seeing Bessy slaughtered.

We have plenty of animals, and the kids saw a darn good amount of blood and feathers when the bear killed the chickens. Also, Daddy had to put a couple of chickens down, and they were right there because they chose to be.

But, as a ten or eleven year old girl, I was devastated to see a huge buck hanging and DRAINING off the porch of a neighbor, so I guess all the blood was NOT out of that buck when the heart stopped. It was an affluent bedroom community, by the way - not the local trailer park.

Well, I've said my piece and I'm going to the Agway to buy rabbit food.

While there may have been b... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

While there may have been better places for the check station, there may not have been. It is possible that the location was chosen because of its location relative to major roads. Also, if you read the article, you would have discovered that the check station was in the parking lot of the VFW and had been there last year with no complaints. Even this year, there was only one complaint. In fact, it had been across the street in another parking lot for years with no problems. They had moved it because the parking lot had gotten too crowded and the traffic had caused some accidents.

I don't live anywhere near there, but I can tell you exactly happened. Some cople moved from the city to this small town. They, being good liberals, are outraged at the wholesale murder of harmless little animals. Since the people in town refuse to change their ways despite the couple knowing what's best for them, the couple's only recourse is to whine about every little thing about hunting. I imagine that it won't be long before we hear of stories about complaints about people shooting guns near their homes.

As a child I saw our pigs, ... (Below threshold)

As a child I saw our pigs, cows and chickens butchered and think i'm much better off for it. We tend to overprotect ourselves in this society a little too much. We stick dead and dying people in the backs of hospitals and don't let anyone see them. It's a shame, really.

My kids are all 5 and under (Until this January) but I wouldn't mind if they saw such things. My wife is of a much more gentle nature, however, and it would freak her out.

You got it Steve L.<p... (Below threshold)

You got it Steve L.

Reminds me of the experience my parents had in Hebron, CT. They were both farm bred kids. They bought an abandoned Grange Hall and restored it, and became a vital part of the community. Which used to be mostly dairy farms. Once the Hartford suburban sprawl began inserting developments between the farms, it was not long before these city slickers started complaining about the farmers starting their tractors at ungodly hours in the morning and spreading that horribly smelly stuff around polluting the air. Which made my parents shake their heads in sad recognition of the arrogant imbecility of the city slicker who moves to the country for clean air and rest.

Farms are hard work before dawn and after dusk, and have a symphony of aromas. Hunting is a gritty business. So is fishing (commercial, that is). Teach your kids early to respect the reality of their world and what lies behind the comforts and safety of their lives.

Hard as it is to believe, m... (Below threshold)

Hard as it is to believe, my kids (who range from 17 down to 6), as other kids in my area, have no problems understanding that being kind to animals and hunting are not antagonistic concepts. I bowhunt, and they understand how important it is to me to actually kill the deer with my shot, not merely wound it. Hunters, by and large, are some of the most conscientious people you'll find as to minimizing cruelty to animals, which is why bowhunters want the option of using anectine...it turns a crippling flank shot into a lethal wound, quickly and humanely ending the deer's life.

But I digress.

I really have very little sympathy for parents who don't want to explain the concepts of responsible use as it pertains to hunting and environmental concerns to their kids, particularly when those same parents want me to have to explain the concepts of things like homosexuality and premarital promiscuity to mine.

Actually Bo, they don't wan... (Below threshold)

Actually Bo, they don't want YOU to explain those things to your children -- they want to do it themselves and leave you out of it!

Some of those big city fool... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Some of those big city fools were so excited at having deer around they called it having BAMBI IN THEIR BACKYARD now their becoming too numerours and they are now RATS WITH ANTLERS too bad but thats the reality of nature WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD YOU FLATLANDERS

"One" deer? How do you guys... (Below threshold)

"One" deer? How do you guys survive up there?

We get twelve per season and season opens on Sept. 9 and ends January 1.

How ya like them apples?

Btw: I forgot to add that I... (Below threshold)

Btw: I forgot to add that I took three to the "cooler" this past weekend.

"For the life of me I can't... (Below threshold)

"For the life of me I can't understand why some see it as "fun", but I guess if any of us is hungry enough we could all pick up a gun and shoot away".

I know hunters that spend weeks in the woods, 'for fun', they could fill their legal tags in a couple of days but choose to spend the quite time watching the interaction of the animals.
I spend several hundred dollars per year feeding everything from the hummingbirds to deer. Yes I also hunt and can shoot a deer even after feeding them.

Don't kill for the sake of killing. Teach your children the facts of life and killing animals for food in one big fact of life.

ray...the guy from goodfell... (Below threshold)

ray...the guy from goodfellas.

And only in Pennsylvania do... (Below threshold)

And only in Pennsylvania do they close schools for the first day of deer season -- and run the school closings on tickers at the bottom of the screen.


And only in Pennsylvania... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

And only in Pennsylvania do they close schools for the first day of deer season

Oh, we do that here in Arkansas, too. It's built into the school calendar.

On the coastal GA island wh... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

On the coastal GA island where I live, we used to have lots of dear; most of which were malnurished and sick. A program of hunting them was begun at nights, when all of the squeamish liberals are asleep, using silencers. Now we have healthy large deer running up and down the fairways in the evening for all to enjoy, and the meat is donated to local food distribution for the homeless. Some old fools wanted to kill them all because they eat manny types of plants and ruined some rather nice flower gardens, but those folks were quickly shouted down. Since, all of the big cats have been eradicated, it is man's job to do the "dirty work". Appologies to all of the female hunters.

Scrapiron. I think you mis... (Below threshold)

Scrapiron. I think you misread me. I didn't mean that the comraderie of it wasn't fun. Just the killing part. Sorry. It just makes me squeamish. but like I said, I'd do it if I was hungry enough;-)

And only in Pennsylvania... (Below threshold)

And only in Pennsylvania do they close schools for the first day of deer season

Heh, I looooved deer season when I was in grade school just so I could get two more days off. It used to be that buck and doe season were separate so the days off were not together, but then some genius decided to *gasp* put the two seasons together! That meant Thanksgiving break was extended by two whole days!

Of course, then I hit 12 and decided to join in the "fun" (I don't think it's that much fun, but venison is worth much effort). Truly, my family survived on the venison my father shot for many years, along with the squirrel and rabbit he bagged in their seasons. To this day I can't eat squirrel or rabbit, but I do love me some venison steak or stew.

I don't hunt anymore, but yesterday my younger brother bagged an 8-point. I'm awful proud of him - I've not had venison in my freezer for a year or two and I miss it.

All that being said, I never had a problem with seeing dead deer. I can remember being so excited that my father was home with a dead buck slung in the back of his truck. There are pictures of me in the toddler stage standing next to to a bagged deer. I always understood that it was kill or starve. Though I do think having a check-in station next to a playground is a bit much, perhaps parents need to sit down and tell their kids what meat really is, and this could be a good catalyst for that.

Deer? You Americans think y... (Below threshold)

Deer? You Americans think you have deer? Those tiny little things?

Up here in Alberta and Saskatchewan we have deer. Big, horny, carnivorous deer. Eat an American deer for lunch. Or for fun.

Why, once when I was hunting mulies in the coulees near the Cypress hills, on the tri-border between Alberta, Saskatchewan and Montana...

hey Blacques-- I th... (Below threshold)

hey Blacques--
I think they are called MOOSE...........lmao
not giant deer..........

just having some fun ...E Y !!

Most progressive states ... (Below threshold)

Most progressive states like Missouri have telecheck where you no longer have to "take" the deer to a "check station"...............

Real easy and simple technology where you call in and using your tag numbers you record the needed info and no check in is required. It works best for us hunters and also those who are adverse to seeing a dead deer leaking blood in a play ground parking lot................

lacquesJacquesShellacques, ... (Below threshold)

lacquesJacquesShellacques, the further north you go the bigger the deer no doubt. However, in Missouri, even the does have antlers and big antler racks per nbc4

A Missouri hunter has shot a 28-point deer that just happened to be a doe.

Missouri does would take Canadian bucks, no problem......................

Right after my AM post I ha... (Below threshold)

Right after my AM post I had to drive a few miles over some icy roads, and passed one of our local Elk herds grazing by the road in a spot where they are wont to dash out and kill drivers and motorcyclists and then amble off. Fortunately it was not open season for epador, and I was allowed to pass unscathed. Though I do believe they were all giving me the evil eye as I passed the second time as I returned from my mission of mercy. Good thing I didn't watch the end of that video tape...

See Ring 2 if you don't believe me. It was shot here for a reason.

Jacques-How could yo... (Below threshold)

How could you tell the deer were 'horny', and how big were their antlers?

You're insane, or the State of Missouri is. It should not be up to the goodwill of the individual hunter to accurately report the time and means of kill, or what was killed. These are verified by the officer at the check station, along with other vital information including: dressed weight, inspecting the teeth to determine the deer's age, questioning the hunter about the diet of the deer, checking for chronic wasting disease, etc. Making sure the archery tag was filled witha bow and not a gun... All of these things help the DFG keep tabs on the deer herd and hunter activities to better manage the resource. Read up.






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