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Headline Of The Day - Knowledge Is Power Edition

"Be Adequite" - Sincerely, Firecrotch

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I would expect that the Alt... (Below threshold)

I would expect that the Altman family is gathered in the family room at this very moment, the widow Catherine reading aloud to the assembled family Ms. Lohan's touching missive (carefully to point out each of its glaring grammatical syntactical anomalies) as the listeners struggle to avoid the plethora of physical injuries that are caused by uncontrollable spasms of laughter.

Thus she succeeds in bringing solace to Mr. Altman's survivors.

In a week she'll be a regular at HuffPo.

Holy cow! The comments wer... (Below threshold)

Holy cow! The comments were as, er... interesting as the letter. Yeesh. Are there youngsters in this country who look up to her? Please say no.

She writes like the true vu... (Below threshold)

She writes like the true vulgarian she is.

A product of public education, no less.

The beauty part:"P... (Below threshold)

The beauty part:

"Patt Morrison, a columnist with the Los Angeles Times, begged to differ, calling the letter "alarmingly incoherent" and questioning what it was Lohan had learnt at the Long Island schools that gave her straight As."

Straight A's??? WTF!!!

After reading that I'm temp... (Below threshold)

After reading that I'm tempted to go out to the shop and take an air nailer to my head.

Be excellent to each other.... (Below threshold)
Bill S. Preston, Esq.:

Be excellent to each other.

It's her haid what's not ad... (Below threshold)

It's her haid what's not adequite. Fer sure.

More proof that she's a lif... (Below threshold)

More proof that she's a life support system for a vagina.






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