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Radioactive traces found on British Airways planes

Authorities investigating the death by radioactive poisoning of former KGB agent, and critic of Russian President Putin, Alexander Litvinenko, have discovered traces of radiation on two planes which flew the London-Moscow route. The BBC reports:

Traces of a radioactive substance have been found on two British Airways planes at Heathrow Airport, says BA.

The aircraft, plus a third in Moscow, are being tested as part of the probe into the death in London of former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko.

Passengers who travelled on the Boeing 767s - which operated on European routes including London to Moscow - are being contacted.

Read the whole story at the link above.


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Comments (2)

Interesting. That would su... (Below threshold)

Interesting. That would suggest that exiled tycoon Boris Berezovsky didn't do it as some Putin apologists have suggested. I doubt he would be flying in and out of Moscow.

Talk about leaving tracks b... (Below threshold)
Corky Boyd:

Talk about leaving tracks behind, this one takes the cake!

It narrows it down to 200 to 250 people. It will probably narrow it down further if the same name pops up as having flown Moscow-London on one contaminated plane and returned on the other.

The FSB should brush up on their tradecraft.






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