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Waking Up in the Twilight Zone

I woke up to a strange report on Good Morning America. Diane Sawyer, interviewing Dan Senor about the possibility that George Bush is now going to look to negotiate with Syria and Iran for a solution in Iraq, spent a good bit of the interview talking about how unlikely reasoning with such states would be successful. She asked how we could expect to reason with leaders of countries that we believed had sponsored terrorism and harbored terrorists and expressed a good deal of skepticism that such a strategy could work. This was Twilight Zone to me because in the past Sawyer and others at the networks have praised people like Jimmy Carter who have championed an approach that included reasoning with insane terrorist sympathizers, while criticizing President Bush for drawing a hard line and not wanting to give any negotiating power to such leaders. This is another example that it is virtually impossible for George Bush to do anything that will find favor with those on the left or in the mainstream media. That is why he should do whatever he believes is right and ignore them for the most part.

Update: There is an excellent editorial in the Examiner today about the media and chances for success in Iraq.

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Iran and Syria have one ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Iran and Syria have one primary interest -- U.S. withdrawal from Iraq..
Mnnn. as the US would like nothing better to withdraw (on its own conditions) rather than continue fighting at the same time and winning no friends, the two main warring parties: the implacable Sunni guerillas and the only slightly less anti-US Shiite militia. Negotiations might give the US room to divide and if not conquer, exploit the division between these forces in Iraq that seem balanced in terms of power and mayhem. To quote Juan Cole again who reads Arabic (I'm certainly not an expert this matters) "political negotiation with the Sunni Arab guerrillas would be one point of involving Syria, since elements of the Syrian Baath might still have credibility with the `Awdah Party, which is reportedly strong along the Syrian border.
Likewise, President Jalal Talabani's discussions in Tehran may be aimed at convincing them to help convince the Shiite militias to lay down their arms."

Tehran to convince Shiite m... (Below threshold)

Tehran to convince Shiite militias to lay down their arms?

Well, since Iran is helping to arm the Shiite militias, and Al Sadr has announced his alliance with the Tehran government, that's like asking a crack dealer to tell their buyers to 'just say no'.

Let's use Cole's theory and help the LA gang wars by having the Crips and the Blood negotiate with the other gangbangers.

Since when is diane sawyer ... (Below threshold)

Since when is diane sawyer anything but wrinkled window dressing?

Anyone who actually believe... (Below threshold)

Anyone who actually believes that Tehran or Damascus would do ANYTHING for any reason other than their own self-interest is totally nuts! Cuckoo! Both Syria and Iran want nothing more than to see us (a) out of the region and (b) totally humiliated, then destroyed completely. The only nation they despise more than us is Israel!

Yeah, sure, let's just run right out and co-opt those two rogue nations to negotiate our situation in Iraq. Anyone who suggests it should be committed for long term care.

The USA is playing with a w... (Below threshold)
observer 5:

The USA is playing with a weak hand because Rumsfeld fought hard against expanding the troop strength of the Army and USMC, and cut the Navy and USAF.

The US military is stretched to the limit now and in a very precarious position in Iraq. Sure Syria and Iran are helping to the insurgency in Iraq, but just to bleed us, not to eliminate us in Iraq, because the USA also serves a purpose in protecting Iraq's democratically elected but Iran-friendly government. If Iran green-lighted full-scale unconventional warfare operations through its Quds Force special forces, the USA would face full scale routing in Iraq.

Sure, the USA can bomb, but Iran has calculated they can weather a bombing campaign.

When the other players know you have no face cards or aces left, your bluff will be called. This is the situation which this administration has led us into.

"while criticizing Presiden... (Below threshold)

"while criticizing President Bush for drawing a hard line and not wanting to give any negotiating power to such leaders."

Now, his administration did negotiate with Hezbollah and Iraqi insurgents. While I think at times negotiation is necessary, the problem Bush has is that he just isn't consistent: he can't have it both ways. You can't come on stage and smirk about how you never negotiate with terrorists and then negotiate with terrorists.

Any any examples at all regarding your accusations? Or is this just your typical hit and run?






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