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"Juba" Sniper Captured In Iraq?

Rusty Shackleford found the following information buried in a Centcom press release posted by Michelle Malkin:

The Iraqi Ministry of the Interior announced that it has captured the Baghdad sniper known as Ali Nazar al Jubori. The name sounds eerily familiar. al Jubori....could this be the original Juba sniper? That is the claim being made.

Let me remind my readers that the "Juba the Baghdad sniper" does not exist. He's a myth. A piece of fictional propaganda produced by terrorists. A heroic superman for the al Qaeda supporters of the world.

This is not to say that there never was an al Qaeda linked sniper in Iraq who got the nickname "Juba", only that the popular videos showing "his" work are really compilations of not only different snipers, but also of different terror organizations. We know this because the "Juba top 10 video" shows previously released material from several different known terror groups and that at least one of the snipers who's work is shown in the video was later arrested.

But like many heroes, there may actually be a man behind the myth. Al Jubori may actually be the original "Juba". In fact, a recent video proported to show the real "Juba" and included interviews with the Baghdad sniper. We'll see.

Read both Michelle Malkin and Rusty Shackleford's posts in their entirety for much more on rumors and reporting in Iraq.

Update: Also check out Flopping Aces' post on today's press conference in which the Iraqi Ministry of Interior Spokesman stated that Capt. Jamil Hussein is not a police officer and he named several other less than credible sources that have been used recently.


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Comments (33)

Capture?? Execute!... (Below threshold)

Capture?? Execute!

Right, we can't chance the ... (Below threshold)

Right, we can't chance the Supreme Court trying to give 'em a civil trial over here--


You fucking barbarians. Des... (Below threshold)

You fucking barbarians. Despite the fact that executions are immoral, period, in this case, it would be 110% unproductive. You want to make another martyr? You want to inspire another few hundred or thousand kids to sign up for the wrong team? You think hanging or shooting a guy who is perceived by your enemies as a hero will be beneficial to the cause, and the troops who are dying for this PNAC pipe dream? Shut your reactionary mouths. Thinking is fun; you ought to try it some time, you evil bastards.

Get a grip, Domino. I'm su... (Below threshold)

Get a grip, Domino. I'm sure your precious murderer will be spared.

Domino, If you have ... (Below threshold)

If you have missed a dose, do not "double dose", wait until your next scheduled dose and resume your normal treatment routine.

Let the Iraqis try him, and... (Below threshold)

Let the Iraqis try him, and THEY can hang him.

Domino:"You want t... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:


"You want to make another martyr?" YES

"You think hanging or shooting a guy who is perceived by your enemies as a hero will be beneficial to the cause?" YES

When I was in VietNam the Korean Marines caught two VietCong who had tortured and killed one of their lieutenants. They tied them up cross eagle to a pole and slowly pealed all of the skin off of them. It took them two days to die. The VietGong were never heard from again in the Korean Marine area.

Kill him, wrap him in a pig skin and hang him up in the public square, and the bad guys will get the fear of Alla in them!

Domino -Whatever m... (Below threshold)

Domino -

Whatever merits or demerits that execution may have, it does have the benefit of keeping down the number of repeat offenders.

Last I checked Iraq was a s... (Below threshold)

Last I checked Iraq was a sovereign country. So wouldn't it be up to them to decide what to do with a captured terrorist?

As an aside: Maliki just promised that they can take over security by next June. It looks like the end is finally in sight.

Hey USMC Pilot--did this sn... (Below threshold)

Hey USMC Pilot--did this sniper torture anybody? No. He did his job. And he's misguided to the point of being an evil person for fighting for the wrong team, but it's not the conduct that warrants an execution. Sort of like how that piece of shit Douglas MacArthur executed the Japanese commander charged with defending Iwo Jima, whose only crime was doing one hell of a job--for the wrong team. It's war, and war criminals ought to be treated accordingly, but snipers are not war criminals, lest you consider American snipers to be as such.

And Jim/USMC--if you think making martyrs is a good thing, because ONE enemy is thereby dispatched, your thinking is ridiculously short-sighted. Martyrs are inspirational, and the Iraqis in the midst of a civil war who are subjected to psychological trauma and propaganda the likes of which you cannot begin to fathom don't need any more inspiration to sign up for the wrong team. 'Kay? As for "wrapping him up in a pigskin", if you think being more culturally offensive will help the troops who are trying to make inroads with the populace, then maybe you should just go ahead and disconnect your computer from the internet.

Umm.... woops....? Browser ... (Below threshold)

Umm.... woops....? Browser timed out each time I tried to re-post... obviously didn't know the post(s) had gone up.... A moderator would be more than welcome to delete those repeats.... Sorry.

Martyrs are overrated. We h... (Below threshold)

Martyrs are overrated. We heard the same crapola about Zarqawi when the USAF turned him into worm food. Now practically nobody knows his name.

I like Tom Clancy's take on martyrs best: What do all martyrs have in common? They're all dead.

. And he's misgui... (Below threshold)
. And he's misguided to the point of being an evil person for fighting for the wrong team

Thanks for today dose of moral equivocation.

Did this sniper torture ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Did this sniper torture anybody? No. He did his job.

Technically, no, he didn't torture anybody. (Unless, of course, you count the grieving families of his victims as torture, which I would.) If my history is right, snipers, especially in WWII, were routinely shot on the spot. Why? They're way too valuable of a military assest; too hard to find, too hard to train, too deadly of a threat to your troops, so take them out.

As for making him martyr, who the fuck in this was ISN'T consider a martyr in this war. Ever last one of these (real) barbarians is considered a martyr to Allah, so it probably won't make a whiff of damn difference if you shoot the SOB on the spot. (I don't see Zarqawi's successors making any videos or public appearances around Baghdad since two 500-lb were shoved up his ass, do you? If you're talking Moqtada al Sadr, then maybe you have a point...otherwise this Juba is nada in the grand scheme of things...)

As for "wrapping him up in a pigskin", if you think being more culturally offensive will help the troops who are trying to make inroads with the populace, then you are not the sort of person worth having a discussion with.

I think the point is Islamofascists fear us, thanks to their FUBAR religion. While I don't agree with the execution, I agree with the thought behind: Find something to make them fear US, something that cuts right to the very core and proves that we can be even a bigger bastard than they can be. Because THAT is what Arab Muslims understand: you being a bigger, meaner bastard. And we've simply not done that....

Agreed. We should announce ... (Below threshold)
John S:

Agreed. We should announce that our troops are using hollow point bullets stuffed with bacon bits. My guess is the "martyrs" would dry up real fast. If they believe eighth century superstitions, we are being idiots for not using that against them.

To domino: How about we let... (Below threshold)

To domino: How about we let a lowlife piece of pig shit like you take the sniper's place. Then we could each take turns kicking the hell of you until you start begging us to shoot you. When you start begging then is when we hang a picture of the sniper's victims in front of you and then start using a ball bat on your gonads (opps,I forgot you don't have any). Then we really start to get mean. For starters we drive nails under each finger nail-then we take pliers and pull off each toe nail. Then we put one foot in a bucket of ice water and the other one in boiling oil.
Then we take a break and have a cold beer. If you are still alive when we get back, we start from square one again. (That should give you a small idea of what I think of you.)

Domino:While I dis... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:


While I disagree with some of my compadres that you are a "low life piece of shit" ( I don't even know you), I think that you have little experience with war and other conflicts. War is a brutal and violent form of human endevour, and generally speaking the ones with the most resolve, everything else being equal, will generally win. The Geneva convention was developed to set guide lines for the treatment of prisoners between recognised established governments, that were signatories. It simply doesn't apply here. The enemy combatants in Iraq are either external terrorists or Iraqi criminals, and are, lacking a better way of dealing with them, subject to justice on the spot.

Hopefully, at some point in the future, they will be able to be delt with in a more humane manner, but the current situation does not allow for it. We can either be good guys, or we can win. There is no way to be both. American values have no place, at the current time in Iraq, if we have any intention of winning the piece there.

As I said from the beginning, I would never have sent American troups into Iraq. I would simply have made Sadams life one of dodging cruise missles. That being said we must take the necessary actions to provide some chance that a reasonably piecefull Iraq will immerge.

I don't him either but by h... (Below threshold)

I don't him either but by his post one has a very good idea what he ain't--one with no knowledge of the kind of war we are in now.

I don't "know"-... (Below threshold)

I don't "know"-

Your assumptions are unchar... (Below threshold)

Your assumptions are uncharitable and your fantasy of torturing me is revealing of the sort of person you are, jhow66.

I understand the nature of this conflict, and I know that you understand that brutal violence will most certainly begat more brutal violence. You want to try and out-crazy the crazies? How'd that work out for the Soviets in Afghanistan? How's that working out for NATO in Afghanistan? I didn't say Juba ought to be tried as a murdered in a civilian court in Massachusetts; I think there are more constructive ways to utilize a high-value hostage such as this guy. How about airing him denouncing the insurgency on Iraqi television? Maybe he would never, under whatever duress, give such a thing, but my point is this: the nature of this conflict requires more creativity than "Kill 'em all and let Jehovah sort 'em out".

And _Mike_, moral equivalence is not necessarily what Rush Limbaugh or Michelle Malkin say it is. If you read what I posted, and understood the words I used, you would be forced to acknowledge the fact that I did not equivocate on the morality of sniping for the insurgency, and did state flatly that his actions are evil. Does calling him misguided (as opposed to, what, innately evil?) make me a terrorist coddler? Is your universe really that black and white? Sheesh...

Domino: I disagree with yo... (Below threshold)

Domino: I disagree with your whole "martyr = imspiration" thing. I think it's highly overblown. Capture them or kill them - it doesn't matter. Notice how they fight for the living in Gitmo? By your measure we shouldn't capture them either because it gives them reason to keep fighting. I'm not advocating for his execution, but if they'd just shot him on the spot, then his admirers would have to look around for more inspiration. Dead guys don't provide for much in the department of "rallying cries". They're at least smart enough to know that the living still have a chance. Remember Zarqawi? Al Qaeda vowed revenge for his death. Can you point out to me any act they've carried out that they wouldn't have already even if he'd only been captured?

And when one starts off their commentary with, "You fucking barbarians," they shouldn't be so surprised when they get more of the same.

You tipped your hand ass-ha... (Below threshold)

You tipped your hand ass-hat.

Out-crazy the crazies- like NATO in Afghanistan?

This terrorist- a hostage?

If you are living in America, I do NOT call you one of my countrymen. Can't wait until those crazy Americans in uniform bail your ass out some day, for a hug slice of humble pie. For now, a big fat can of shut the hell up.

You need to check your methadone dosage.

Domino:The termino... (Below threshold)


The terminology you chose by labeling him as being on the 'wrong team' is, in fact', moral equivocation regardless of what you later stated.

Yes, my world contains morals where certain things are definitively right or wrong and not simply a matter of 'teams'.

_Mike_ -- Your suggestion t... (Below threshold)

_Mike_ -- Your suggestion that Domino is wrong for labeling someone as "wrong team," while ignoring jhow's rant advocating the torture of a fellow American who happens to have a different viewpoint than his, suggest that your world has little or no "morals about right and wrong" after all.

'Which team' you're on is m... (Below threshold)

'Which team' you're on is more accurately identified by the side you actively support with your words and deeds, not your 'veiwpoint'.

Likewise, the term 'fellow American' is reserved for those who actually want the good guys (Us in case you had doubt) to win.

Refer to my earlier quotation of Domino for some enlightenment. What would you call people who actively support the enemy during war time?

Well, no, LJD, you dipshit.... (Below threshold)

Well, no, LJD, you dipshit. Americans are defined by citizenship, not by consensus to a minority viewpoint.

And _Mike_, "teams" can be used to refer to Axis vs. Allies. So if you think it's like shirts vs. skins in pick-up basketball, then think a little harder. It's not an arbitrary distinction, and nor is it a morally loaded one.

Can anyone refer me to a conservative blog where people use English words properly?

Namecalling clearly demonst... (Below threshold)

Namecalling clearly demonstrates (along with your failure to recognize the difference between a viewpoint and treason)your lack of any substantive argument.

Good day, denouncer of your citizenship. You make me want to puke.

Got it. When Preznit Bush d... (Below threshold)

Got it. When Preznit Bush decides on a course of action, any opinion to the contrary is treason; and love of country is contingent solely upon buying into a failed administration's policies.

How's it feel to be in the moral minority, genius?

I have to restate My positi... (Below threshold)

I have to restate My position!

Execute the sniper and all of His accomplice's here and abroad..reactionary evildoer's must perish!

Hey domino that ain't the h... (Below threshold)

Hey domino that ain't the half of it. If a sniper shot one of my men and we caught him what I said I would do to you would be picnic to what he would get before I shoved a gernade up his ass and pull the pin. Better hope I don't catch you being a sniper old "buddy". And by the way-sit on it you pc piece of crap. Have a nice day.


does anybody tell the "Mari... (Below threshold)
Gerard Multek:

does anybody tell the "Marines" before going to patrol to be aware to the point of paranoic in the city, for the videos that I have seen the marines seem to be like school kids on their way to church, where are the tactics teached back in the base, extreme mobility not offer static target, keep people at least at 15 meters, keep low profile (lying flat) and so on so forth? where the f#@$%@# are the officers and nco's

First off, each and every s... (Below threshold)
bullet catcher:

First off, each and every single one of these insurgent jihad assholes are in direct violation of the Geniva Convention and Laws of Land Warfare in so many ways. They do not wear uniforms, they kill innocent people, ect ect. I would not even classify most as actual snipers.

We cannot afford to be soft anymore, it does us no good when the ENEMY knows he can get away with whatever he wants. I can gather intel from a man weather or not his face is broken, it makes no difference to me. Sounds like some of you people who call yourselves Americans need to find a new country of residence. You are being shielded by those of us who choose to serve the United States and its Constitution. Our way of life is under assault from Islam, and the bleeding hearts, the liars, the self interested politicians, the appeasers and all the other oxygen theives who are giving this country away peice by piece.

>>>>ISLAM IS NOT A PEACEFUL RELIGEON>>> They claim to be "peaceful" when they are the minority. Soon as they breed or import enough of their own, watch them do violence to the "Infidels" around them.

Show some pride in your country, some guts. An honest dedication, and intolerance for compromise of our values and ways as AMERICAN's Step outside of the comfy-box and wake up. We are at war, nicey nice should NOT be in our vocab. We SHOULD take a page out of the Rock Army manual. Skin these guys up, make an example. Root them out. These people are criminals. They arent soldiers. They would cut you, your wife, your childeren- all of us- kill us in our beds while we sleep if they could. Lets all get real here. You think i sound extreme? Its not so extreme, really. Its reality. Root them out, without mercy. "oh gee, if we hurt or torture them we are just as bad as they are". You know what i call that? Getting the job done the way it needs to be done.

Its easy to sit back on your fat behinds and watch the news after american idol and talk shit. Its not about being the tree-hugging "good guy". Sometimes what might be percieved as the "moral high ground" is NOT nessicarily.

Ah, but the great thing about our country that many of men have DIED for YOUR rights to build (somewhat of a cliche' to those who've never served) is the right to be a total and complete jackass, something which the majority seem to be doing quite well and giving away freely. Time for an attitude adjustment and a reality check. SHOT OVER!

Fortes Fortuna Javat

Gerard Multek, lee, domino... (Below threshold)

Gerard Multek, lee, domino. get a f**kin life. and get out of our country if your gonna be a bunch of dip shit ass holes. i love my country. its like being married. your not always gonna agree and some things just have to be done. KILL THE F*&^in faggott........well i guess you can stay if you are gonna learn to love your country. but if not. go back to canada.






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