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This is Cool

I just saw on my local news that Extreme Makeover Home Edition just pulled into Raleigh (Poplar Street to be exact) to build a home. They showed Ty Pennington chatting with the homeowner on her front porch and the limosine ready to take the family away while the home is being built. There were no crowds of people on the street around the house, but I expect that will change soon enough now that the location of the home has been reported in the news. They are expecting to build the house in just over 100 hours. Demolition will begin tomorrow morning. My kids will drive me crazy until I take them to see the action.

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That's not too far down the... (Below threshold)

That's not too far down the street from us. The wife will want to take a spin over there to check it out.

Wish they'd have at my outdated carpet and, as my wife ominously calls it, our "closet situation."

They did this in KC about t... (Below threshold)

They did this in KC about two years ago. A firefighter had rescued a paramedic who had been wounded by a man blowing up is own house (another story all together).

The home they built for the firefighter and his five children is incredible! It was a major traffic mess around that neighborhood for a couple of weeks. All of the neighbors let the crews use their driveways and yards during the construction.

My kids will drive me cr... (Below threshold)

My kids will drive me crazy until I take them to see the action.

Take 'em, and carry a picnic lunch. Watch the action and I'll bet they remember it for quite a while.

When will Extreme Makeover ... (Below threshold)

When will Extreme Makeover Home Edition come to New Orleans? At the rate the LRA is handing out checks to rebuild damaged homes, we will be complete about the time New Orleans sinks into the Gulf of Mexico.

Will jimmah carter be there... (Below threshold)

Will jimmah carter be there sittin on a spackle bucket talkin to hisself and sniffin glue?

I would love to have a job ... (Below threshold)

I would love to have a job like Ty's!

Will jimmah carter be th... (Below threshold)

Will jimmah carter be there sittin on a spackle bucket talkin to hisself and sniffin glue?

Unforturnately jimmah is at this moment about a mile and a half from my house in Louisville at a book signing at Sams Club. My wife asked me if I was going to the signing....sometimes I don't get her humor.

Back on topic (sorta), my wife also told me if Extreme Makeover comes here, forget the kids, I'm taking her to see Ty.

I think I need to find a good support group.

I just want to punch that T... (Below threshold)

I just want to punch that Ty idiot.

I never understood why they don't stick around until when the tax collector comes to collect the taxes on the gift of the home improvement. That would be cool.

Hooooldddd on a freakin min... (Below threshold)

Hooooldddd on a freakin minute here.

Isn't Sam's Club a part of WalMart?

Does Johnny Edwards know about this???

THE most annoying show ever... (Below threshold)

THE most annoying show ever!

I love that show. Yes, I k... (Below threshold)

I love that show. Yes, I know the taxes are going to suck, but such is life.

Actually, the show's produc... (Below threshold)

Actually, the show's producers get a promise from the city that it won't raise the assessment on the property for at least 10 years. That, plus the reduced utility costs due the extra insulation and higher-efficiency appliances make it so most families have had no problems holding on.

Plus, I read today that HomeLife Communities, the Raleigh builder that built the house, paid off all the Riggins' family mortgage and medical bills as an "added gift." Nice of them to do that, and it should make it so Miss Linda can keep working at the community center they also remodeled.






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