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This Is Not Cool

Nearly every lock you have now is worthless

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The answer is to tear down ... (Below threshold)

The answer is to tear down all the walls that separate us so that locks will be useless to begin with.
Or keep a bucket of goodwill by the door.

It is a lot harder to pick ... (Below threshold)

It is a lot harder to pick a lock made by S & W.

This is not a new feature o... (Below threshold)
Robin Goodfellow:

This is not a new feature of locks or lockpicking technology. Your lock is not "now" worthless, it's never been immune to picking by those with the tools and the knowledge to do so. The same techniques used by the guy who gets you back into your car or your house when you lock your keys inside are used by criminals who want to get at your goodies. Even the most sophisticated of locks for safes are rated in terms of the amount of minutes it takes a skilled and determined attacker to defeat the lock (you probably don't want to know what's considered to be in the high end range for this sort of thing). As the OLD saying goes, "all a lock does is keep an honest man honest." Always has been that way.

Good fences may make good neighbors, but fundamentally civilization is founded upon the mutual kindness of a civil society. The best way to reduce thievery is to find and severely punish thieves. Always has been that way too.

I was thinking a well place... (Below threshold)

I was thinking a well placed boot was ALWAYS a possibility regardless of what lock you have.

Nice contrast between the Cumbaya and 'tear down the walls' BS and the S&W (right on Jhow).

I was thinking there has yet to be a thief who can get by 45 ACP.

I'd wager a few that someon... (Below threshold)

I'd wager a few that someone could simply pick the lock with an awl and a jeweler's screwdriver in similar amounts of time. It's not much more of a threat.

Who wants to be the lock is not the most insecure part of your home defense system anyway? Door frames and windows are usually a few dozen times easier to take out.

Nothing you do can legally make your home perfectly, or even reasonably, secure. All you can do is present a difficult enough target that the dozens of people around you - the ones without NRA stickers on their windows, perhaps - are more valid.

Thugs are thugs because it's easy.

Big whoop.I learne... (Below threshold)

Big whoop.

I learned how to do that when I was in high school, circa 1983.

I learned it from a booklet I bought from a classified ad in the back of Outdoor Life.

It worked then, and I'm sure it works now. But the learning curve is steeper than these videos imply.

But there is nothing new here.






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