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Westboro Haters Forced to Retreat

People are like mirrors. You will get reflected back at you what you present to other. The Westboro haters learned that the hard way when they went to protest at the funeral of a soldier who was killed in Iraq. A big thanks to Jay at Stop the ACLU for posting this one.

From Break.com:

11/30/2006 - Those religious nut bags at the Westboro Baptist Church were not welcome at this funeral for a soldier who died in Iraq. They are pretty much running for their lives and trying to drive away as fast as possible. This crowd would have torn them limb from limb.

Poor babies. I just feel so sorry for them.

Jay makes these comments:

Everything you do comes back to you, whatever it may be. What you do as an angel, or what you do as a devil will come back and pay you for your deeds. This is the karma of preaching hate. I'm kinda glad the ACLU defends these idiots to spout their idiocy.


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Comments (30)

Also known as "casting your... (Below threshold)

Also known as "casting your bread upon the water": your kindness or hatred comes back a hundredfold.

That is the way most asshat... (Below threshold)

That is the way most asshats should be dealt with.
Sorry...if that goes against the LAW, but it IS Justice.....

Never mind trying to play with jerks like that in court, get a Louisville slugger, make sure the officers of the law have other issues to tend to, and batter up!!!
Recruit your own team to follow Westboro Baptist clowns around, play double headers, have fun that's the important thing.

Well, they wanted to provok... (Below threshold)

Well, they wanted to provoke a reaction, to wake people up to their opinion by acting out, and to express themselves.

Looks like they succeeded and got their wish.

Can't say it bothers me much.

Well the lawsuits will star... (Below threshold)

Well the lawsuits will start flying again from these awful people. But after all the hate they shove in people's faces when they're at their most vulnerable....can't say as it bothers me much either.

Bobdog, the core group, the Phelps family, is only interested in suing for money. If someone was willing to take the time, I'll bet they can find something in the law that will justify fining them enough to make their activities too unprofitable to continue. Before someone kills one of them. It's only for their protection. ;-)

Oyster-Can you pro... (Below threshold)
Brian the Adequate:


Can you provide a link to substantiate the "just want to sue for money" contention? Please understand, I am not challenging your premise, it is just that everything I have seen points in the direction of honestly deranged fanatics (like Jim Jones). If the leader really is just your run of the mill cynical greedy scumbag using religion for profit, I think I would be more comfortable.

True fanatics are unpredictable and therefore much more dangerous than the manipulators.

I have to admit I'm a bit t... (Below threshold)

I have to admit I'm a bit torn here. I LIKE seeing the Westboro folk get what they so richly deserve, but I don't like seeing the crowd do it the way they did. By the way, anyone else catch the tone of the guy who announced a broken window? To me, it sounded... happy. Very weird...

We need to take out these m... (Below threshold)

We need to take out these motherf**ers WACO style. They are an abomination to the nation. Sort of like liberals, but thost guys are too pussy to even go out and protest.


It's just too bad that what... (Below threshold)

It's just too bad that what went through the window wasn't a grenade.

"By the way, anyone else ca... (Below threshold)
Mark L.:

"By the way, anyone else catch the tone of the guy who announced a broken window? To me, it sounded... happy."

Of course. That is actionable violence. If they can identify who did it, they can sue him. If not, they can sue the community in which it happened for not protecting them adequately.

Their appearance at these things is a shakedown scheme. Get someone mad enough to take a swing at you, then sue them and their community for everything you can get.

now THAT made my day!! </p... (Below threshold)

now THAT made my day!!

The fact that speech is FREE doesn't mean it is free of CONSEQUENCES! I hope these sick F**KS get this very same response EVERY TIME they try this crap. Or worse, of course.

MUCH WORSE! ... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:


"Their appearance at these things is a shakedown scheme. Get someone mad enough to take a swing at you, then sue them and their community for everything you can get."

Just like everything that the Democrat Party and their Media deceives the people into believing. They are perpetual frauds, all of them.

"We need to take out these motherf**ers WACO style."

I agree 100% and don't give a shit what style is used. Apply the Clinton/Albright/Reno technique, hell they always claim that they love "Public Service" , here a fricken job for them.

Here is a great place to le... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

Here is a great place to learn a lesson from the president. Don't fight them on your ground, fight them on theirs. If anyone is realy upset by their actions, then organize groups of protesters to picket their homes, churches, places of employment, etc. etc.. After a while they get the message that their actions have consequences that were not expected, and that they are unable to sue over. If you pinch me, then I'll pinch you back, only harder and we will see who cries "unkle" first.

"Don't fight them on your g... (Below threshold)

"Don't fight them on your ground, fight them on theirs."

Amen to that, brother.

.. and yet, some still don't understand that concept.

Great to see Wizbang blogge... (Below threshold)

Great to see Wizbang bloggers speak up against the Westboro Morons -- anyone else notice that it appears from the video that every member of the Westboro group was white? Not an illegal immigrant among them --- hmmm, I guess the illegals were too busy cutting Mitt Romney's lawn.

Anyway, I also thought Steve Niles' comment above was interesting...

We need to take out these motherf**ers WACO style. They are an abomination to the nation. Sort of like liberals, but thost guys are too pussy to even go out and protest.

Interesting viewpoint of Steve's, especially in light of this other comment of Steve's on another thread.


Right on brother. Show them what the faggot libtards really are. Expose their hypocrisy!

The Westboro Baptists group is notable not only for their protests at the funerals of soldiers. They are also known, perhaps even more known, for their "God punishes fags" stance.

I'm wondering why Wizbang allows comments like Steve's regarding "fag libtards", Kim? Why does Wizbang allow such speech to stand while at the same time you correctly slam the "Westboro Haters" -- Steve's tag line about "expose their hypocrisy" notwithstanding...?

Is some hate speech okay while other types are not?

Lee, perhaps Kim is enjoyin... (Below threshold)

Lee, perhaps Kim is enjoying the irony. Or she might not have seen the comment yet.

You do know, Lee, that Phel... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

You do know, Lee, that Phelps is a Democrat?

That bastion of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. Mother Jones magazine revealed that in an article they wrote about him. (See

So, hate speech is not exactly a monopoly of the right.

The Westboro Crew is also n... (Below threshold)
Chris G:

The Westboro Crew is also notable for intending to picket the funerals of the Amish girls murdered a couple of months ago with signs that says "Your Whore Daughters Were Killed Because of Your Sin", and other various phrases that contained harlots, whore, sin, daughters, fear of God.

I saw the haggard looking spokewoman/daughter on TV. Listening to her speak, and watching her actions, I got a feeling of a presence of evil, hatred, contempt, and pride within her. And to boot, the words JESUS CHRIST + SAVIOR + GRACE + RECONCILIATION never came out of her mouth. Te bible make it clear that peace with God begins/ends with Jesus, so why would she omit the centerpiece of God's message of the very Bible she waves.

While Jerry Falwell and Pat Roberts make some controversial statements (Roberts more nutty than anything as it relates to politics), they still preach the Gospel of redemtption before God in the Person of Jesus Christ. Maybe they should focus their message to that topic, but it is still present none the same.

Not so with Westboro. While the family looks like hillbillies, they group is quite wealthy thanks to go away lawsuit settlements they win, and tax protection as a religous organization. There message wins 0 souls, and probaly loses more souls than can be counted.

So, I was pleased to see people respond in like manner to their vituperous conduct

Disclaimer: I'm a born-again Christian. I feel no since of kinsip with these people becsuse there is none. They are more aligned with the Pharisees of the Bible, than the early church. And are more in line with the ACLU than Mother Teresa. I guess the ACLU supports them because they know they are not really religous in the Christian model, but will use this group as proof the ACLU is not anti-Christian.

Looks like they got the UNW... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Looks like they got the UNWELCOME mat rolled out for them too bad but maybe this should happen when HANOI JANE takes for peace-freak bus out RELEASE THE DOVES AND EAT THE CHICKENS

Lee, this Australian bloke ... (Below threshold)

Lee, this Australian bloke is such an obvious troll that it's almost funny. Still, it gets old pretty fast, so I'd like to see him blocked.

I'm glad that the community stands up to these Westboro people, but I don't like seeing broken windows. The tactic of the freedom riders is the way to go: Simply show up in greater numbers and ignore them, smothering their shouting with motorcycle noise if need be.

Lee, "Steve" is being toler... (Below threshold)

Lee, "Steve" is being tolerated because he's a Moby -- a deliberate instigator. By his past comments under other names, he's one of yours trying to "seed" Wizbang with those sorts of comments.

Notice you're the only one taking him at face value.


Does anyone know where this... (Below threshold)

Does anyone know where this was filmed? It seems there's a large Maryland flag in the background (after the window breaks and someone starts waving out the broken windows) and I don't recall any 'announcements' the Westboro a-holes would be protesting here, because I for damn sure would have been there joining the counter protestors.

But, wait, wait, wait. We'l... (Below threshold)

But, wait, wait, wait. We'll have to remove his comments lest they be attributed to Wizbang, right?

No, not necessarily. Because of the "you mislead me mechanism", as I call it. If some British journalist takes the comments seriously and attributes them to Wizbang, those few of his readers who are interested can search for those quotes and discover just what kind of origin they had. (A Moby, as Jay Tea said.*) And then you have shown those readers that you are more reliable than that journalist.

Still, I'd never tollerate those kinds of comments on sites that I moderate.

*: I hope the Westboro people are anti-Christian ACLU'er Mobies to, but that is only wishful thinking, even if Phelps is a Democrat. Don't attribute to a conspiracy what can be explained by pure madness and stupidity etc.

Chris G wrote: "The Westbor... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

Chris G wrote: "The Westboro Crew is also notable for intending to picket the funerals of the Amish girls murdered a couple of months ago..."

Last week, the Westboro gang was in Huntsville, AL, picketing at the funerals of two teenage girls who died in a tragic school-bus accident. The event had absolutely nothing to do with Iraq or anything else political. They just showed up because they thought they would get TV exposure out of it. In the Westboro gang's world, it's all about them.

Only Lucifer himself is fur... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Only Lucifer himself is further away from God than the Westboro Bapist Church.

Brian the Adequate: Sorry,... (Below threshold)

Brian the Adequate: Sorry, been busy and just got back. While I cannot know what is in their hearts besides what they actually say, I came to this conclusion on my own.

Yes, they are kooks, but they're money hungry kooks. It is purported that they spend upwards of $250K a year traveling to funerals of all kinds to preach their hateful message. (This was an estimate made by one of their followers) And since their congregation is really quite small - I've heard 50 to 100 ppl - and at least 9 members of the Phelps family are lawyers (practicing or not) I think it's a fairly accurate assessment that while they are crazy as sh*t house rats, they also need the money they are sometimes awarded through litigation to fund their activities.

Any violence as a reaction ... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Any violence as a reaction to this hate group is playing their game..they wanted to mock the event..well the actions of a few in response did that...the best response is gather in a group..and in complete silence..rebuke them...
They, like the KKK, want the violence to escalate..
...I agree with the poster concerning outside funding..but it is more likly from Aryian Nation types..their constant use of the word "fags" is not an accident....
....the best way to shrivel this folks is to starve them...they feed on hate..confront them as true christians...with love..

Imagine if the next time they get together for publicity the counter demonstration was silent except for signs say "We Love you"...

"I guess the ACLU supports ... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

"I guess the ACLU supports them because they know they are not really religous in the Christian model, but will use this group as proof the ACLU is not anti-Christian."

It has nothing to do with Christianity. The ACLU is behind them because they cause actions which result in law suits. The ACLU isn't about protecting anyones civil rights, they are about making money the old fashion way; steal someone elses.

"Any violence as a reaction... (Below threshold)

"Any violence as a reaction to this hate group is playing their game.."

not if done right.

The BEST way to (BEAT) these shitbags..........is

without witnesses.

If you follow the link, the... (Below threshold)

If you follow the link, there is another video of the woman and her two daughters on Tyra Banks show. I've never watched Tyra before and am not thrilled she even had them on, but was impressed by her willingness to both stand up to the bullyihg and to point out the inconsistencies in their rhetoric.

How can I find out where an... (Below threshold)

How can I find out where and when this Westboro Baptist group has scheduled an appearance? I'd like to be there to protest their appearance. Any ideas?






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