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Imagine there's no war...

For the first time in a long time, I am starting to actually believe that there might be peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Let's look at how things stand right now:

The current cease-fire between Israel and Hezbollah is holding strong.

The Egyptians are cracking down on the flow of weapons into the Gaza Strip.

Recent surveys of Palestinians show an acceptance and eagerness for peace, and an end to decades of fighting and death.

I can only hope that the good will and love being shown here will spread...


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Comments (34)

My sarcasm detection packag... (Below threshold)

My sarcasm detection package doesn't initialize until 7:00 SM. You ARE being sarcastic, right?

"I can only hope that the g... (Below threshold)

"I can only hope that the good will and love being shown here will spread..."

Oh, don't worry. It'll spread. It's in the streets of Beirut, too.

Wow, I thought I'd just wok... (Below threshold)

Wow, I thought I'd just woken up in an alternate universe.

WizBang may have been the s... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

WizBang may have been the subject of the Islamic cyber attack we have been hearing about. They are either posing as Jay or they messed with his links.

Jay:Don't hold you... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:


Don't hold your breath!

Just like a dam. But you k... (Below threshold)

Just like a dam. But you know, one of those slow dams that takes a decade to break.

Who are you and what have y... (Below threshold)

Who are you and what have you done with J.T.?

"Imagine there's no war..."... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

"Imagine there's no war..."

An apt headline. Of course it would be great if no wars existed. The problem is that it only takes one aggressor to make a war. Another problem is that some on the left never even recognized the threat of the Soviet Union, let alone the one we face now from radical islamists. I would like to imagine that it is 70 Degrees here today in Minnesota...

Heh, well it's obvious from... (Below threshold)

Heh, well it's obvious from the comments which commenters actually read the links for themselves and which ones don't.

Imagine there's no Nancy Pe... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

Imagine there's no Nancy Pelosi.
Imagine there's no Harry Reid.
Imagine there's no John Kerry.
Imagine there's no Hillary Clinton.
Imagine there's no Teddy Kennedy D-Chivas.

No, you can't? Then there's no way you can imagine peace between muslims and Jews.

"Wishing and hoping and<... (Below threshold)

"Wishing and hoping and
thinking and praying,
planning and dreaming
of PEACEFUL Palistinian farms...
that won't make 'em lay down their arms!"

(with HUGE apologies to Dusty Springfield)

Someone needs to check Jay'... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Someone needs to check Jay's bedroom; I suspect a large empty seed-pod will be found. The authorities need to be notified ASAP.

Bob Jones: That may have ma... (Below threshold)

Bob Jones: That may have made sense to you, but to me that seems like nonsense on so many levels. Even without all those people you mention, there wouldn't be much of a difference in the Middle East, would there?

Besides, just to clarify, you're not advocating going back in a time machine and making sure that those people weren't born are you? Like Cindy Sheehan? If you are, I'll have to report you to the Time Police and the Secret Service too.

Your headline must be inspi... (Below threshold)
ET USN 71-78:

Your headline must be inspired by the AP.

Jay, Where'd you g... (Below threshold)


Where'd you get the quality crack you're smoking??

When Hezbollah irons out th... (Below threshold)

When Hezbollah irons out things in Lebanon, they'll be back.

Peace,peace,they cried but ... (Below threshold)

Peace,peace,they cried but there will be no peace.Seems to me I read that some where.Oh yea in the book.

There can never be to many ... (Below threshold)

There can never be to many satire sites. Scrappleface, BlameBush!, and now WizBang.

Good stuff Jay. Sometimes you need a good laugh in the face of all this insanity.

I do wonder where the hardcore trolls are though. They should be here praising you, for what they see as a right on target post.

They would be wrong- but that's nothing new.

JT is being held prisoner a... (Below threshold)

JT is being held prisoner at the Carter Center and Jimmah has taken control of his blog!

In the spirit of the ceasef... (Below threshold)

In the spirit of the ceasefire/ truce. I pledge to never post here again. Ever. I will also stop reading this blog. Never again will my lurker eyes look upon this website.

Hello everyone! Just though... (Below threshold)

Hello everyone! Just thought I'd drop in and post a comment. For the heck of it.

Gotta go now, but I'll be back- reading all the new post at
one of my favorite sites.

See Ya 'round!

Excuse me, I have been busy... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Excuse me, I have been busy listening to Bush's weekly radio addresss on Iraq which unfortunately is even less realistic than any fanciful sub-editor's headlines, on what is likely to happen in 'the mid east' .
Bush: "I recognize that the recent violence in Iraq has been unsettling. Many people in our country are wondering about the way forward. The work ahead will not be easy, yet by helping Prime Minister Maliki strengthen Iraq's democratic institutions and promote national reconciliation, our military leaders and diplomats can help put Iraq on a solid path to liberty and democracy."

'Recent violence '. Actually many of us have been 'unsettled' about violence in Iraq for some time, and our dear leader must be the only one left in the world, who still believes Iraq can be put on a solid path to liberty and democracy.

"Excuse me, but I have been... (Below threshold)

"Excuse me, but I have been....."


You're excused. Goodbye.

It's called hudna. The only... (Below threshold)

It's called hudna. The only kind of "peace" allowed in Islamic law is temporary cease-fire so that Muslims forces can gain strength to fight another day.


More like all the qualified... (Below threshold)

More like all the qualified terrorist jihadist's are maneuvuring their asset's to Iraq where they are desperately in need of homicide volunteer's

There won't ever be a lasti... (Below threshold)

There won't ever be a lasting peace between the Jews and the Arabs. Just take a look at the exploding birth rates in the Arab countries and imagine what it's going to be like 50 years from now. Also, by then some of the Arab countries are sure to have nuclear weapons.

The Jews will eventually decide that the barren scrap of land they have there just isn't worth the constant threat they are under. The whole idea of the state of Israel was to give the Jews a place where they could be free from persecution but such a country already exists; it's called the United States of America. We should let all the Jews come here and let the Arabs have that worthless strip of desert.

"We should let all the Jews... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

"We should let all the Jews come here and let the Arabs have that worthless strip of desert."

Posted by: Larkin

You may not have noticed, Larkin, that the Jews actually turned that wasteland into a garden spot. Also, there ARE more Jews in America than Israel.

"The Jews will eventually decide that the barren scrap of land they have there just isn't worth the constant threat they are under."

A great form of reasoning: If something is difficult, it's not worth accomplishing. The Jews' holiest city is Jerusalem, and you say they should abandon it? Why not tell the Muslims that they should give up Mecca? Giving in to evil only leads to more evil. I know that is a hard concept for you, because you think evil resides in George W. Bush, not those who are cutting off heads and bombing pizza parlors.

The problem is not t... (Below threshold)

The problem is not that Israel exists.

Everywere Muslims border non-muslims there is war. Just a few examples...Palestine, Kashmir, Sudan, Thiland, France, chechnya, nigeria, ivory coast, Afganistan, Phillipeans, Indonesia, Turkey/Greece, Kosovo, Papua New Guinea, Chad etc.

If we allow Israel to fall, then we are next.

chsrlesmartel - I don't dis... (Below threshold)

chsrlesmartel - I don't dispute for a moment what you are saying. Almost all the places where Muslims live among non-Muslims there is conflict and strife. This has more to do with Muslim intolerance of other faiths than anything else (although it's interesting to note that Syria has large Christian population that is not subject to persecution, and Iran has the Muslim world's largest population of Jews).

The statistics show that European Jews are leaving Israel faster than they are arriving. Since Israel is prosperous I can only assume this is happening because they have decided that they would rather not live in a state of constant warfare. This doesn't make me happy--it's just a fact. In the long term, Israel can't survive if the Jews decide they don't want to live there and the Arabs keep multiplying the way they are. I know some of you would like the Jews to nuke the Arabs to keep them at bay, but I don't believe the Jews will do that. They will not be willing to commit genocide just to maintain that piece of land.

I if course would allow Isr... (Below threshold)

I if course would allow Isrealis to come here if they choose. I think they don't feel as safe in Israel becuase the U.S. is sick of Iraq and won't take a strong stance on Iran(a country that calls for their destruction regularly, will have nukes and missles that can reach Israel probably within months)

The minority populations in those states are part of Islamic law known as dhimmitude. Very oppressive, restrictive circumstances but nevertheless they are "protected" or "guilty" peoples(the word in arabic means both)

We should let all ... (Below threshold)
We should let all the Jews come here and let the Arabs have that worthless strip of desert.

Yeah, but it doesn't have to be worthless. Imagine that, instead of jumping up and down all day long in the hot sun waving their AK-47s and shouting "Death to Israel/America", the Palestinian Arabs worked at, say, building a bunch of fancy schmancy tourist resorts? I'm talking big hotels, swimming pools, golf courses, the works. Kind of like Palm Springs, CA, only with a mideast flavor.

My gosh, if they did that, if they actually considered doing something constructive with their lives, they'd be absolutely awash in cash. My point is, the land they're sitting on doesn't have to be worthless. If they diverted one-tenth of the energy that they spend hating Jews to building and running these tourist resorts, the Palestinians would be some of the wealthiest people on earth.

Sadly, no...

Some 30 comments later and ... (Below threshold)


Oops, capslock. Think I'll leave it as a gift from the Clue Fairy.

Faith+1:I read all... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:


I read all of them, and am of the firm opinion that "I WISH I HADN'T WASTED THE TIME"!

Where's Emily Litella when ... (Below threshold)

Where's Emily Litella when you need her?






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