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Jammed 'til it hurts*

Well, the great New Hampshire Phone Jamming Scandal from the 2002 Senate race has ended -- and not with a bang, but a whimper.

Last week, the state Democratic and Republican parties came to an out-of-court settlement on the civil, financial side of things. The Republicans are going to fork over $25,000 a year to the Democrats for the next five years, as well as give $5,000 each to two New Hampshire charities.

I'm no lawyer or judge, but I applied what seemed to me to be a couple of halfway decent common-sense solutions to putting a dollar amount on a non-financial loss. Both times, I came up with about $2,000,000. Considering that the criminal part of this scandal sent a couple of GOP heavyweights away to federal prison, I thought that amount was at least in the ballpark.

But the party officials didn't bother to consult me, and as I don't belong to either, it's no skin off my nose.

Maybe the Republicans threatened to file bankruptcy. Maybe the Democrats figured they'd just like to get it over with and have an undisputable moral victory. Maybe they're going to have an annual PR stunt when they get the checks to remind everyone of the scandal. Maybe someone has incriminating photos of all concerned parties with underage goats and "suggested" they just get this over with. I don't know.

All I do know is that while the scandal might be over, the stain on New Hampshire politics -- and Republicans -- ain't gonna go away so easily with the writing of a few checks.

The message that should be sent loud and clear is this: nobody -- NOBODY -- dicks around with elections. No jamming of phones, no assing around with ballots, no slashing of tires, no flagrant voter intimidation at the polls, NOTHING. Not in OUR country.

(*Title shamelessly stolen from this fine blogger)


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I hate to mention this, but... (Below threshold)

I hate to mention this, but the 2004 Washington State Governor's race was decided by 129 votes. In the court case that followed, the judge admitted it was known that ex felons who's right to vote had voted (and the number was far in excess of the deciding vote number) but since there was no way of determining how they voted, it did not alter his decision. See archives at
www.soundpolitics.com for complete details.
You can also find more about ACORN problems at the sound politics site. Or at Gateway pundit:
The St. Louis Post Dispatch has the latest on the national democratic organization ACORN who turned in at least 35,000 questionable voter registration cards and 1,492 fraudulent registrations in Missouri. Before this year's election, ACORN workers were trained to openly campaign for democrat Claire McCaskill:
In my opinion, most cases of voter fraud seem to have a connection:

All the more reason to vehe... (Below threshold)

All the more reason to vehemently oppose any Republican vote-interference techniques. The Democrats, of course, allege all sorts of things with no evidence, and ignore the evidence of massive vote fraud on their side. Don't give them ANY fuel with stupid stuff like this phone-jamming garbage. It's wrong, and it tarnishes the whole party.

I have no sympathy here for... (Below threshold)

I have no sympathy here for the demorats. Did the tire slashers in Minnesota ever have to pay back for their destruction of GOP get out the vote vehicles? And I hear one of the tire slashing thugs was out working for dems AGAIN this past election.

Democrats are thugs.

And Republicans are sore lo... (Below threshold)

And Republicans are sore losers, Jo. It must sting when the party that perfected rat-fuckery (under Nixon) gets rat fucked from time to time.

Sore. LOSER.

Well I hate to inform you b... (Below threshold)
Ed Naile:

Well I hate to inform you but here in NH we certainly do dick around with elections.It is a blood sport only Republicans get caught at - or should I say prosecuted for.

The reason the phone jamming was going on in part was because, according to depositions in the phone jamming case, the Democrats gave cleaned voter lists to the Fireman's Association to make get out the vote calls to from their non-profit office.

Currently, there is a former NH State Supreme Court Justice sueing the Democrats on behalf of a Republican candidate who had his political mail selected from the bulk mail deliveries and held in the Post office in Manchester until AFTER the election. The P.O. paid him his printing and postage $ back. That has been going on for years.

Our local post office tampered with my political mail and admitted it when I caught them.

The Democrats fill the same day balloting with non-resident college students. I have cought them voting here over and over again and the NH AG's office will not prosecute. We pick up the college town arrest records and match the non-residents with the voter list. It isn't very tough to do.

November 7, I caught two guys from Ma. voting here in Manchester Ward 3 - for the second time! When asked for ID they show Ma. drivers licenses.

The out of state campaign workers for presidential candidates like one working for Kerry have been caught by Manchester Police stealing signs and voting in NH with a S.D drivers license as proof of ID. The one thief actually took the stolen signs to the Democrat state party chair, Kathy Sullivan's home where police had him open his trunk and turn them over.

The statue of limitations was just allowed to run out on that like all the others we have tracked and proven since 2000.

In 2004, 96,000 same-day voters registered here in NH. We can not find 10% just weeks after the election by sending mail to those addresses. That 9,600 is the win marging on most state and federal elections

So it was play dirty or lose from what I see. Now the Republicans don't dare.

Ed Naile
The Coalition of NH Taxpayers

That's the ONLY way Democra... (Below threshold)

That's the ONLY way Democrats can win in NH so what do you expect?

The worst part about all th... (Below threshold)

The worst part about all this deciet and fraud is that it has got to stop. I was ticked off when finding out it was a fellow republican that was in on the phone jamming thing.I know most of us baby boomers were taught good decent principles and ethic's. What happened??? The more and more I se things like this since the phone jamming , it gets worse not any better. Is this what we want to teach our children? It is a shame we can't get more good people to run for office and more and more it is because of bonehead scams like what have been going on lately. It can change, one handshake, one knock on a door, just a plain good old grass roots type system that we here in New Hampshire need to get back too. Be proud of your canidates and support them if they are aligned in your train of thought on how we can make this state what it has been in the past and I know for sure will be again. "Live Free or Die" is a powerfull motto, lets get some backbones back in the spines of the people who want to make this state stand out over all the rest. I moved here when I got out of the service and have loved every year here. Yes, there has been ups and down's but the up's can always make any down look miniscule in the end.

So make the AG prosecute al... (Below threshold)

So make the AG prosecute all the Democrat-perpetrated fraud then.

This phone bank was illegal to begin with by the way.

If people actually cast the... (Below threshold)

If people actually cast their vote on whether they get or do not get a phone call, we're in much deeper trouble than a measly scandal like this. I would like to compose a list of all those who were 'affected' by this, and revoke their voting priviedge, permanently.

Not sure what you are refer... (Below threshold)

Not sure what you are referring to but as long as you brought it up, those 'robo-calls' we got early were from the HODES campaign not the BASS campaign. But you also never heard about that in the press.

Yes folks the Democrats made automated calls to people that are on the do not call list..imagine that? Not a word was said about it in the press, but when the GOP did it, it was all over the paper, and linked to phone jamming.

If only the phone jamming had been as successful to warrant sending someone to federal prison. If only...






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