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Replacing Bolton

OK, Bush has to come up with a new United Nations Ambassador. I'd like to ask everyone to nominate their choice for it. Earlier, I made my facetious suggestion of Ramsey Clark, but now I'd like to make a semi-serious one:

Tom Tancredo.

Offer up your own nominee (serious or not) in the comments, and feel free to expound on why your candidate is the one to be exiled to Turtle Bay.


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Comments (53)

Jimmy Carter. The U.N. lov... (Below threshold)

Jimmy Carter. The U.N. loves that fool!

Tancredo's opposition to th... (Below threshold)

Tancredo's opposition to the Bush administration on immigration reform takes him out of the running. Even if Bush was thinking of making the same mistake twice, and using the UN appointment as a bone to throw to the far right wing, he'd choose someone else.

Steve Crickmore's suggestion on the "Bye-bye Bolton" thread that Zalmay Khalilzad was a frontrunner for the job makes sense. From the brief bit I've read about Khalillzad he has the skills, and appears that he might truly be capable of representing America's values, and not just the far-right dinosaurs we see roaming the comment threads at Wizbang.

How 'bout an independent-de... (Below threshold)
Imust B Crazy:

How 'bout an independent-democrat, orthodox, Iraq war supporting senator who would return effective control of the Senate to republicans?? It's time for a little Joe-mentum at Turtle Bay. How 'bout Joe Lieberman!!

No one. Send no ambassador... (Below threshold)

No one. Send no ambassador or money to the UN until real reform takes place. If the organization collapses, as it should, then take part in the building of a new, democratic, UN.

It has to be one of the lea... (Below threshold)

It has to be one of the least important positions in the US government. President Bush should just leave it unfilled and let a career foreign service person serve as the acting ambassador.

President Bush should try to avoid fights with the Senate that he cannot win and this is one that is easy to avoid.

How about Jesse "The Mind" ... (Below threshold)

How about Jesse "The Mind" Ventura. Since the U.N. is already a circus, sending another clown there will only make it more entertaining.

Actually, I think Lee's sug... (Below threshold)

Actually, I think Lee's suggestion should be given serious thought.

Tancredo could start by dea... (Below threshold)

Tancredo could start by dealing with that third-world country, Miami.

Dennis MillerJust ... (Below threshold)

Dennis Miller

Just because.

That's just my opinion, I could be wrong..

Since the administration is... (Below threshold)

Since the administration is giving up left and right, mostly right. There is one man who fits the bill. Joe Wilson!

Not serious:Max Head... (Below threshold)

Not serious:
Max Headroom - perfect for issuing snark, and not only could deal with the snoozefest that is much of Gen. Assembly operations, but knows right from wrong.

Jimmy Carter - he'd fit in perfectly with the anti-America/anti-Israel nature of the UN

Not so serious:
Lincoln Chafee - if you like the UN so much, you get to deal with the sniveling swine that inhabit Turtle Bay
Rick Santorum - snowball's chance of getting the job, but could be fun nonetheless
Karl Rove - how'd he get in here?
James Baker (if only to get him out of Bush's immediate sphere of influence)

Fairly serious:
Rudy Giuliani - give him some international exposure/experience?
Michael Steele - see what the guy can do?

I dunno, who can spew the k... (Below threshold)

I dunno, who can spew the kind of bile that other country's ambassadors spew? Someone to call for the destruction of Iran when they call for the destruction of Israel, call for massive global taxes on oil or camels to fund daycare in Iowa when they propose massive taxes on US citizens to fund abortions in Pakistan (puzzle that one out), pocket kickbacks with the best of them, and call for the leaders of muslim dictatorships be hauled before international criminal courts for the behavior of their citizens and call for their beheading?

The Democrats want to fit in, not be 'mean', so they need someone to play along as I have described here. Any suggestions? Some compound-dwelling neo-nazi 'survivalist'? One of those 'church' balls of hate?...westboro or whoever they are. If we want someone that can spew the spew that the UN spews, then, by George, give it to them.

"You rejected my nominee? But why? I thought you wanted someone that could fit in and understand the other countries leading the UN? Dr. Phil doesn't appear bigoted enough, so what exactly do you people want?!"

"uhhh...change. We want change. Yeah, that's it. And we have a plan. As soon as we have a Democratic president we will reveal our plan for change in the UN. We promise."

As a peace offering to the ... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:

As a peace offering to the Democrats, Dubya should nominate a prominent Democrat who will represent America well.

How about Zell Miller?

1st Choice: Lt. General Rus... (Below threshold)

1st Choice: Lt. General Russell Honore---just to hear him tell Kofi Annan & company, "You're stuck on stupid!"

2nd (& more serious) Choice: Senator Richard Lugar (IN)--has much experience with foreign relations; mild mannered enough to keep the weak-type Americans happy; strong opinioned enough to keep America strong, in spite of the weak Americans.

Rumsfield.Just to ... (Below threshold)


Just to see the look of shock on some faces.

Actually, it is irrelevant who is the UN rep since the UN is irrelevant. Any US position that isn't pro-Palestinian, anti-Semitic, anti-human-rights or in favor child molesting will be frowned upon by the UN.

It won't matter if we send someone who nods their head with the UN or points out how the UN has failed in everything from Zaire, to Darfur, to the tsunami relief and has been nothing but a corrupt money laundering house for despotic dictators.

As a peace offering to t... (Below threshold)

As a peace offering to the Democrats, Dubya should nominate a prominent Democrat who will represent America well.

Make it Lieberman, then, and watch the Nutroots go bananas again.

Christopher Walken.<p... (Below threshold)

Christopher Walken.

Let's see what he's got.


Mack has it rightSen... (Below threshold)

Mack has it right
Send no one and no money, condemn the building, and tear it down.

Lucifer. He already does bu... (Below threshold)

Lucifer. He already does business with most of the tyrants there.

It's gonna be George Mitche... (Below threshold)

It's gonna be George Mitchell, like it or not.

My entire life it seems we ... (Below threshold)

My entire life it seems we (the Right) have been begging to be relieved of the burden of the U.N. and nothing has worked. So the idea of appointing NOBODY has a certain weird appeal.

Don't condemn the building ... (Below threshold)

Don't condemn the building - SELL IT. Think of the congestion in Manhattan that moving those p.o.s. to another country would relieve. Think of the crime that would be curtailed. Housing prices might even become more reasonable (not cheap mind you - but maybe a tad cheaper) with a greater inventory. Issuance of parking tickets would drop and parking ticket revenues would not change because the scofflaws would be gone.

By crikey - I think we're on to something!

50 Cent.He defende... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

50 Cent.

He defended Bush, and an OG in the UN couldn't hurt. Let's see the Iranians try and f*** with him...


lawhawk: "Rudy Giuliani ... (Below threshold)

lawhawk: "Rudy Giuliani - give him some international exposure/experience?"

It might increase his elect-ability quite a bit. I don't think he has a snowball's chance to reach the finish line with only his mayorial experience to fall back on. I think the nation is facing bigger problems than garbage strikes and central park muggings.

But note that Guiliani does have a small, interesting reputation with regards to diplomacy.

How about Donald Rumsfeld <... (Below threshold)

How about Donald Rumsfeld

John KerryThe U.N.... (Below threshold)

John Kerry

The U.N. is a useless organization, might as well appoint the most useless member of the Senate.

Since Colin Powell is so go... (Below threshold)

Since Colin Powell is so good at pointlessly shooting his mouth off at the detriment of the US, I nominate him. The Dems should love that choice.

Dog the Bounty Hunter... (Below threshold)

Dog the Bounty Hunter

In the order of their intel... (Below threshold)

In the order of their intelligence:

Barney the White House dog
Mickey Mouse
Michael Moore
John Kerry

Regardless of what anyone t... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Regardless of what anyone thinks of the UN..really..should not our Rep. have established diplomatic skills? Tancredo? yep that's the ticket...diplomacy is one of his obvious traits.

as for references as "useless" and "pointless" ..
Remember that our nation was given useless and pointless reasons for the unilateral invasion.
Perhaps there are still those here who believe anything coming from Bush at this time is not useless or pointless...but there is not a single poll that demonstrates that less 3/4 of our nation DOES NOT BELIEVE Bush on Iraq...
...until posters here repudiate Bush's position your attacks appear to mean nothing more than your frustration that you are wrong...note..I have been there and done that..being defensive is a reason but not an excuse...

Ross Perot and those big ea... (Below threshold)

Ross Perot and those big ear's should be able to pick up all the dirty dealing's and sucking sound's coming out of the U.N.!
Also throw in mister Bill for moral support..Ohhh no...

Selling the building is not... (Below threshold)

Selling the building is not bad, but I want to send a statement...salt the earth on the site making it uninhabitable for decades to come..put up warning signs...and kick the diplomats out...

Too bad it will never happen

Hillary, of course.... (Below threshold)

Hillary, of course.

Jimmy Carter or Ted Turner.... (Below threshold)

Jimmy Carter or Ted Turner.

nogo: I nominate y... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


I nominate you. You're also pointless.

Richard Armitage.H... (Below threshold)

Richard Armitage.

He'll bench press the Frogs if they give us any grief!

How about George Voinovich?... (Below threshold)

How about George Voinovich? He isn't cutting much of a swath in the Senate, and since he was so broken up about Bolton, maybe he should be given a shot.

I am tempted by Mack's idea... (Below threshold)

I am tempted by Mack's idea to just withraw from the U.N., because if there was ever a real need for an exit strategy, this is the exemplary case. On the other hand, I think that the idea behind the U.N. is a noble one, and that there is some (albeit small) potential for the organization if we can pry the corruption from it. Of course, that's like trying to pry the white off of rice, or the wet off of water. I loved Bolton - thought he did a great job. I want another hardnose in his place. I like Zell Miller's firecracker approach to dealing with numbskulls, but I don't honestly know enough about him to back him for this job. On the other hand, it would be really interesting (if nothing else) to see Jane Harmon head to the U.N., since she's not going to be the intelligence chair. Ha ha. I really don't know. No good suggestions from me, I'm afraid.
(At least I refrained from joking that we send Alcee Hastings. Though, I think he'd fit right in.)

How about Newt Gingrich?</p... (Below threshold)

How about Newt Gingrich?

Send the Rock, just so I ca... (Below threshold)

Send the Rock, just so I can hear him do speeches in the third person.

daniel patrick moynihan.</p... (Below threshold)

daniel patrick moynihan.

a great man.

and still dead.

that would put the as**oles of turtle bay in their place.

if this is illegal, then why not jeanne kirkpatrick?

Is the inanimate carbon rod... (Below threshold)
Robin Goodfellow:

Is the inanimate carbon rod still available?

Wait, maybe that's too good for the likes of the UN....

I think that Paris Hilton m... (Below threshold)

I think that Paris Hilton might have more of a chance than my choice:

Maria Shriver.

a) Only living woman I know connected to Kennedy's with more than a shred of dignity and integrity still active in politics.

b) Loads of political savvy and a media savvy.

c) More photogenic than current Ambassador.

d) Will put the last female US ambassador to shame.

1. Formally withdraw the A... (Below threshold)

1. Formally withdraw the Ambassodor, declare war on the U.N. Take no prisoners.

2. Barak Obama, multinational wunderkind.

An unmedicated Charles Mans... (Below threshold)

An unmedicated Charles Manson. The building will eventually be filled with rotting corpses and in need of destruction.

Rick Santorum - holy crap, ... (Below threshold)

Rick Santorum - holy crap, that would be hilarious

Walid Shoebat - Palestinians would be pulling their hair out

I think that either Jack "N... (Below threshold)

I think that either Jack "Not Now, But Come Back and Bribe Me Next Time" Murtha or William "Cold Cash" Jefferson would be excellent choices that would fit in really well with how things are done at the U.N.

How about the DUDE that pos... (Below threshold)

How about the DUDE that post here by the name of john--he has 7 whole years working for the media and is so smart that he retired at 44. He has plenty of time on his hands so he could kiss ass with best of them which is all the demos want at the UN (useless nutjobs).

The only other UN rep besid... (Below threshold)

The only other UN rep besides Bolton who has been worth a damn: Jeane Kirkpatrick. Or, Margaret Thatcher.

I would like to nominate Cl... (Below threshold)

I would like to nominate Claudia Rosette. I have already called the White House. She is the one that can really nail them, the dirty rat bast*rds.

I changed My mind. Jack Ker... (Below threshold)

I changed My mind. Jack Kervorkian get's the nod and can get right down to business eliminating the useless stiff's up there!

Tony Sorprano.He'll ... (Below threshold)

Tony Sorprano.
He'll remember how you voted.

Mel Gibson would receive a ... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Mel Gibson would receive a hero's welcome for his Jew bashing, but Michael Richards' ability to lose it could be very useful.

Or Al Bundy, he hates the French.






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