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Dennis Miller on Tonight Show

I just saw on my Dish guide that one of my favorites, Dennis Miller, will be on The Tonight Show tonight. He is always worth watching, but is especially funny when he appears with Jay Leno. I have a feeling he will have something to say about Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton. Just a hunch.

Update: Hillary joke -- check. I really liked this one. Miller said that he read Hillary's book and when he got to the chapter where she said she didn't have any idea that Bill was cheating on her, he decided then that she was definitely not smart enough to be his president. That one got some pretty big laughs.

He also had some pretty good lines about the evil dictators of the world. (One even included a reference to NC native Ava Gardner and Mickey Rooney.)

I especially liked his bit on global warming and Alaska. Miller even brought along a Newsweek magazine article about global cooling from thirty years ago that said the solution to the problem was to melt the polar ice caps.

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I was going to say, farther... (Below threshold)

I was going to say, farther down in another post, that Dennis Miller should be our UN envoy. At least we'd get some laughs out of it.

A breath of fresh ... (Below threshold)
Tincan Sailor:

A breath of fresh air...

Dennis Miller can nail the ... (Below threshold)

Dennis Miller can nail the Clintons like no other. One of my favorite lines he said once was something about how if their marriage was any more one of convenience they would have a slurpee attached to the foot of their bed. (something like that - it was hilarious)

Is there a youtube video of his segment? I missed it and would love to see it.

Nothing will top Hinderaker... (Below threshold)

Nothing will top Hinderaker's W is like Churchill schtick from last week.


Churchill wrote more books than W's read.






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