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The 2006 Weblog Awards Finalists Have Been Announced

The 2006 Weblog Awards

Finalists for The 2006 Weblog Awards have been announced.

Finalist logos have been released, and voting is scheduled to begin Thursday.


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Comments (4)

Thank you so much! I was in... (Below threshold)

Thank you so much! I was in complete shock when I saw our name. I didn't think we had a chance of being a finalist and I know we don't have a chance of winning. I'm so thankful just to be nominated :-) no, really, I mean that.

Say Anything is a notable a... (Below threshold)

Say Anything is a notable absence.

i am going to win... (Below threshold)

i am going to win

May I humbly suggest a spec... (Below threshold)

May I humbly suggest a special award for Larwyn? Perhaps you could call it the "one-woman aggregator of the year" award, or maybe just call it the "Larwyn".






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