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Bush-Blair Press Conference

The Bush-Blair joint press conference is beginning now and is being carried live on ABC and CBS in addition to the cable news stations.

Update: The President said the violence in Iraq is not by accident or the result of faulty planning, but rather is a deliberate strategy of those in Iraq wishing to gain control by creating chaos.

Update II: I was happy to hear what the President said in the press conference about the ISG report.

President Bush moved quickly on Thursday to distance himself from the central recommendations of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group: pulling back all combat brigades over the next 15 months and direct talks with Iran and Syria.

One day after the independent panel rocked Washington with its bleak assessment of conditions in Iraq, Mr. Bush met at the White House with his closest ally in the war, Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain. The president said afterward that the United States needs "a new approach" in Iraq and that he would ''seriously consider" the report, but was unlikely to accept all of its recommendations.

At the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, the co-chairmen of the panel, James A. Baker III and Lee H. Hamilton, called on Congress to exert pressure on Mr. Bush to accept the report in its entirety. Mr. Baker told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the White House should not treat the report "like a fruit salad," while Mr. Hamilton complained that Congress had been ''extremely timid" in overseeing the war.

But Mr. Bush, in his first extended comments on the study, pushed back. With Mr. Blair by his side, the president said he needed to be "flexible and realistic" in considering troop movements, and made clear he would impose preconditions for talking to Iran and Syria that neither side is willing to accept. He was especially animated in describing what he said would be the consequences of a failure to stabilize Iraq, saying that future generations of Americans would be put at risk.

So James Baker says the recommendations have to be taken in their entirety? (Ya gotta eat the whole fruit salad.) Isn't it funny how the media and Democrats get all critical of the President accusing him of being a "my way or the highway" type, but when someone critical of the President takes just such a stance, he receives only praise? Funny how that works.

Update III: John McCain is not my favorite presidential candidate, but I give him credit for calling the ISG report correctly. Good for him.


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Comments (14)

Well DUH! Of course it's de... (Below threshold)

Well DUH! Of course it's deliberate on the part of the enemy! George is just now figuring this out? Amazing.

Oh wait, now I see -- he said that in an attempt to dodge blame -- "...not by accident or the result of faulty planning". Did he say those words -- or is that the part of our post that you made up, Kim?

Wouldn't "correct planning" have anticipated the uptick in violence? George not only didn't anticipate it, he refused to acknowledge the problem one week before the election.

My guess is GWB's approval rating will be in the teens by the time he leaves office, and he will be the undisputed worse President of the US ever, as predicted by Rolling Stone magazine earlier this year. At that point only the Wiznuts will still be on his side.

BDS: painful for those affl... (Below threshold)

BDS: painful for those afflicted with it--and repulsive for those of us who have to put up with them. Really, really tiring.....

Lee, you call people here "... (Below threshold)

Lee, you call people here "Wiznuts" after citing Rolling Stone magazine as one of your go to sources? You are aware what you have just done to your already low credibility here aren't you? Maybe you could summarize for us also the articles on the Iraq Study Group's findings that will be appearing in Bon Apppetit or CondeNast Travel. You're so funny.

"pucker puss" (lee lee) (#1... (Below threshold)

"pucker puss" (lee lee) (#1 kos kiddie) gets all his posts ready made from old "screw them". He is to stupid to think up all the crap that he post all on his own. after all he is the charter member of the "club". (those with shit for brains.)

"Really, really tiring..... (Below threshold)

"Really, really tiring....." Then look on the bright side, George won't be up for re-election in 2008, but do try to come up with someone better. There's that Giuliani guy out of New York -- that's what the White House needs -- someone with experience and skills at cleaning up after terrorist attacks - he could run as "America's Janitor-in-Chief"

Back on topic - what are the odds that the Brits will ever follow America into battle again? Anyone want to predict just how badly we've bungled relations with this valuable ally?

Iraq was a monumental mistake, and the light bulb still hasn't come on for the far right in America. I love what the Democrats have accomplished so far -- and the newly-elected majority hasn't even taken office yet!

Lee, I believe that the Dem... (Below threshold)

Lee, I believe that the Democrats are focused on corruption in Congress (lobby reform, etc.) because I think they realize they won the majority not because of Iraq alone but because of Republican scandals. Plus this issue is probably the least complex one that they will face and changes can be made without interference from the other government branches. If they make progress in this area, I will be happy also. The President's record in Iraq is not a good one with the public as you have pointed out and as the rest of the world knows. However, I am not sure the Democrats would have done as well in the most recent election had the congressional scandals not been hanging over the Republicans' heads. We will see how the Democrats do on issues where they need a White House signature. Bush might cave in to everything they want in 2007 - 2008 and you will likely be very happy that Bush has seen the light. But I think whichever party is in power has the toughest job. Easy to sit on thhe sidelines and point a finger without offering alternative solutions - in fact, this is your preferred modus. A lot of people I know who don't suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome like yourself but are open to splitting the ticket when voting don't worship the liberal cause as religiously as you do but see, instead, merit in multiple party control of the government. I am looking forward to your next Rolling Stone citation.

""Wouldn't "correct plannin... (Below threshold)

""Wouldn't "correct planning" have anticipated the uptick in violence?""
Absolutely, after Vietnam, everybody in the world should have known who the American left was
going to side with. Correct planning would have insured that every terrorist understood that there would be no benefit in influencing American
elections. Since that was not done, the message to the terrorists was loud and clear. Make sure Democrats are elected and you win. They did the
same thing in Spain.

DaveD - stop it - you're ma... (Below threshold)

DaveD - stop it - you're making sense - the Wiznuts will run you out of town and disown you.

"I am looking forward to your next Rolling Stone citation."

Just as I am looking forward to Kim's next post from the New York Post - that bastion of.... asshattery.

Did you know that the New York Post is owned by News Corp - the owners of Fox Television - home of the soon-to-be-launched "OJ Simpson Channel"?

Maybe News Corp will hold an "OJ-athon" soon, to help OJ rebuild his fortunes...

Lee, you piss me off someti... (Below threshold)

Lee, you piss me off sometimes but the Rolling Stone comment was just a friendly jab to the ribs.

"Lee, you piss me off so... (Below threshold)

"Lee, you piss me off sometimes but the Rolling Stone comment was just a friendly jab to the ribs."

No offense taken, DaveD, but I am offended by Wizbang constant quoting of News Corp crap - and I was only half-joking about the "OJ Simpson Channel" being launched by News Corp. How anyone could hold a News Corp product up and call it journalism is beyond me... News Corp is nothing more than a pack of whores, as the graphic Kim posted clearly demonstrates.

"pucker puss" (lee lee) (#1... (Below threshold)

"pucker puss" (lee lee) (#1 kos kiddie)-if Kim is a "whore" as your fowl mouth says , you can be sure your mouth didn't get to look like a donut hole from eating bananas.

I have BDS.I hate ... (Below threshold)

I have BDS.

I hate Bush the person.
His actions? They mean NOTHING to me. I just hate Bush.

How could anyone even take into acoount Bush's actions when he himself is so hatable?

Sure he started a disastrous war that has cost trillions from our treasury and tens (hundreds?) of thousands of lives, but who cares?

Sure he's rolled back environmental protections that took decades to put in place, why would that matter?

Sure his actions have made us the laughing stock of the world community. I can live with that.

Sure he has the temperament of a 5-year old, who gets mad when others point out his follies. Big Deal!

Those (among so many other of his actions--and his behavior) tempt me to put him down.

But no. That's not why I hate him. I just hate him. It's called BDS, and I'm suffering from it bad.


Very good, Robbie!Yo... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Very good, Robbie!
You typed that like a big boy!
Now, you posted at 6:11. Remember, no computer after 6:30. Then you can have a cookie and it's off to bed.

Rolling Stone?! Bwahahahah... (Below threshold)

Rolling Stone?! Bwahahahahah...

What's next? Predictions from Glamour? How about Highlights, the kids magazine? By the way I believe it was Esquire who did a poll a few years back and it had Clinton as the most embarrassing president ever. Best thing I ever read in Esquire. btw.






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