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Must be something in the water...

Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

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That's some fun stuff there... (Below threshold)

That's some fun stuff there. Old conspiracy theory that the Japanese didn't mastermind Pearl Harbor.

I liked this quote in the article you linked to...

"And take a look at the roster of the people who died on the Arizona. How many Jewish names do you see there? I think they were warned ahead of time. And how do they explain the radio transmissions that were picked up with cries of 'Torah, Torah, Torah'?"

"It was all part of the Zionist neo-liberal conspiracy to drag America into a needless war of choice.""

"Torah, Torah, Torah!!! Get it?!?! I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

And then this guy, who's doing some "serious scientific" research in his backyard pond on why battleships sank...

"He was proud of his own small part in uncovering the cover up. "Other than the fact that the ship is wood, which is much weaker than steel, and I used firecrackers instead of iron bombs, and that there was no ammunition magazine aboard to explode, this is a perfect simulation of what the Roosevelt administration claims happened to the Arizona. But there the ship floats, to show to one and all the administration's lie. And how convenient of Roosevelt to die a year and a half ago, so he can avoid having to answer these questions.""

Yeah, other than the fact that his model is a small wooden boat that has nothing in common with the construction of an aircraft carrier, and he's dropping firecrackers in, and his little wooden model is not filled with ordinance, it's an "EXACT" simulation. And his research is stymed because Roosevelt died, presumeably to excape the searing spotlight of his logic... He did however prove that wood floats. We should stop making boats out of steel.

The second linked article is about a moon base.

What the hell's the point of this post? All I get is that there are nutcases out there, bloggers that write about them, and bloggers that blog on the regurgated pap of other bloggrs.

Just goes to show ya that t... (Below threshold)

Just goes to show ya that there were plenty of nutballs back in the "Good ol' days".

Hey JT, I least I read and ... (Below threshold)

Hey JT, I least I read and "got it."

Perhaps "those who do not read the whole post and links are doomed to sound like Emily Litella?"






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