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Taking the plunge

Well, I did it.

I signed the formal acceptance letter from my work. In a little over a month, I'll be working in a brand-new location around Lebanon, New Hampshire. I'm getting a promotion, a significant raise, and a moving allowance. (Also that one-hundred-dollar signing bonus, but I barely count that.) It'll be a smaller facility, fewer people, but it could be a lot of fun, too.

I'm now telling all the folks I've worked with for years that I'm moving on, passing along the tricks, routines, and making sure the professional relationships I've cultivated are sustained by those I'm leaving behind. It's a hell of a thing -- I'm leaving a lot of things and people behind (especially my favorite computer store and comic book shop), and some good folks.

But I really don't have any real roots here in Manchester, and the chance to hit the Magic Reset Button and start fresh is very tempting. So I'm going for it.

Wish me luck, folks, and if anyone knows of any cheap places for rent in the Lebanon area (but NOT in Vermont, thankyouverymuch), drop me a line. I'm not overly tidy, but I am quiet and not much of a troublemaker...


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Comments (20)

Lots of luck, Jay Tea. I d... (Below threshold)

Lots of luck, Jay Tea. I don't know anyone who has real roots in Manchester!

Moving for a better work op... (Below threshold)

Moving for a better work opportunity? Hmmm, I may have a similar announcement in the not too distant future (he writes cryptically).

Congratulations, Jay. Good luck in the north, and don't be a stranger in the south.

Jay: Sounds like a great ad... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Jay: Sounds like a great adventure. Best of luck.

This must be interesting fo... (Below threshold)

This must be interesting for your blog friends. "I'm going to Lebanon. No. The other one." Good luck.


Based on what you told us a... (Below threshold)

Based on what you told us about your choices, I think you made the right decision. Good luck. And a hundred dollar signing bonus is better than nothing.

I like your use of the "mag... (Below threshold)

I like your use of the "magic reset button" analogy -- especially since I'm on the virge of a major change in employment myself. (early retirement at age 55) "Taking the plunge" after having worked in the same building for nearly a quarter of a century, there's a ton of things I should turn over to someone... except that there's no one designated to assume many of the responsibilities. Oh well... 15 more working days!

Good luck Jay, Live Free or... (Below threshold)

Good luck Jay, Live Free or Die.

This too is Bush's fault...... (Below threshold)

This too is Bush's fault...

Congratulations, and best o... (Below threshold)

Congratulations, and best of luck.

Not to belittle the disruption to your life, but still, this is like maybe a 60 mile move? It's not quite like you're packing up and moving to Californy.

Heck, it's probably not much different the moving "across town" to somebody in LA. An hour drive back to your favorite comic book shop doesn't sound so bad to me.

Jay,All the best t... (Below threshold)


All the best to you in your new endeavor.

Congratulations! I'd love ... (Below threshold)

Congratulations! I'd love to help, but my closest contact is a cousin in Amherst...

Wonderful news, Jay. Wishi... (Below threshold)

Wonderful news, Jay. Wishing you a smashing success.

Jay,Good Luck. </... (Below threshold)


Good Luck.

I was born in Manchester, but didn't set roots. I haven't lived there in 38 years. Haven't lived there in NH in 30 for that matter.

As they say: Go get 'em, T... (Below threshold)

As they say: Go get 'em, Tiger!

Good luck, Jay. I'm glad t... (Below threshold)

Good luck, Jay. I'm glad that you made this decision. It has been my experience that it is always better to accept new challenges, and this sounds like a good opportunity for you personally.

Take care, and good luck.

Manchester is a shit-hole. ... (Below threshold)
Sal Manella:

Manchester is a shit-hole. Lots of hard drugs and hookers up there. Its a train wreck of a city. And the crime is way out of proportion. Vandalism, burglary, theft, rape and murder. Oh, and of course, lots of crystal meth labs. Nice place. I just never understood Jay's constant bragging about NH.

Well Sal,Maybe it'... (Below threshold)

Well Sal,

Maybe it's because Jay usually refers to Manchester relative to Massachusetts.

And Boston in particular.

And by comparison, Manchester is damn near Nirvana.

AS the saying goes "break a... (Below threshold)

AS the saying goes "break a leg".

Congratulations, and best o... (Below threshold)

Congratulations, and best of luck on your new opportunity.

Jay, I have some friends wh... (Below threshold)
Jeff from Portland:

Jay, I have some friends who live about 20 minutes north of Hanover. I'll ask them about places in the Lebanon (not in Vermont) area.






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