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"Burning Six" Photo

Bob Owens at Confederate Yankee has posted a photo of the "Burning Six" incident. It appears about as credible as some of the other photos coming out of the Middle East lately. The letter accompanying the photo is pretty funny -- especially the lawyer referral at the end.

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Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!Tha... (Below threshold)

Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

That's hilarious! Funny people pretending to be dead, with fake fire on them! What a laugh!

The only thing that would be even funnier would be real dead people really on fire. We'd all get a great laugh out of that!!!

Thanks Lorie, that's a great one!

Yeah, John. It is real fun... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Yeah, John. It is real funny when the AP and Reuters fool all their readers by running fake photos like that, too. All those in the U.S. military who were told they were "ludicrous" and "desperate" by the AP for questioning such stories were really amused. I guess it is okay when the AP and Reuters do it and deceive the entire world, but when someone on the right wants to expose how absurd it is they are being insensitive. I guess I am just a little more offended by the fake stories going out all over the world as true, being swallowed hook, line and sinker by unsuspecting news consumers, than by a blogger deciding to demostrate that absurdity with politically incorrect humor.

And I guess I'm just a litt... (Below threshold)

And I guess I'm just a little bit offended by your fake stories too...

So just so I can see it too, how about a link to the fake photos like this that AP and Reuters run that's been fooling all their readers.

Give us a link. I want to have a look at it.

Where have you been, John? ... (Below threshold)

Where have you been, John? Under a rock?

And if it's not photoshopped photos, it's staged photos, setting a scene, and if it's not staged it's misrepresented, claims that sleeping children are really dead, pulled from a river, and if it's not misrepresented then it's from photographer "stringers" invited with pre-knowledge to view a kidnapping or assasination or execution. That last one will get you a Pulizer.

Have you even been paying attention the last year or so?

The photoshopped photo link... (Below threshold)

The photoshopped photo linked is actually one of the fake staged photos represented as real, an undead, undusty, person laying in the rubble of a building after an Israeli attack (IIRC) represented as a victim, but also appearing in other photos taken at the same location, walking around in the background.

Using it, multiplying the same undead, uninjured, "dead" guy and adding fire, emphasizes the message about fake news.

Probably Confederate Yankee (or who ever did the photoshopping) figured that nearly everyone would recognize it.

It's not Lorie's fault if you haven't been paying attention.

OK, let's see a link. I wa... (Below threshold)

OK, let's see a link. I want to see a picture, and I want to read an analysis about how it was determined to be a fake.

The footage of the statue of Saddam being toppled was a "fake". Specificaly, it was staged by our governments intel guys. We know the Bush administration has made wide use of fake "news" video releases, paid jounalists to promote administration agendas, spread false stories in foreign media in an attempt to have it leak back to the domestic media, and allowed fake journalists to have wide access at the white house...

Anyway, I'm not saying that funny stuff doesn't happen...

For now, I'm interested in this one incident, and I want to know what's behind it that's causing all the fuss.

I don't think that that's too much to ask, given the outrageous claims made by the author of the article that anchors this thread... I especialy don't think it's too much to ask, since she's somebody that insists other media outlets must be prepared to back up their claims in full.

You can't be serious.....</... (Below threshold)

You can't be serious.....

Good comic relief!

Google is your friend. Do ... (Below threshold)

Google is your friend. Do your own homework.

Try "Green Helmet" for starts... and you weren't aware that the US captured the Pulizer Prize winning photographer in a raid on the bad guys, explosive residue permeating his clothes, and that *at the time* people viewed his Pulitzer Prize winning photo of an assassination and determined that it was *not* shot with a telephoto lens and he must have been *with* the murderers in order to be that close and had foreknowledge and an invitation to be present for the event?

But you *have* heard about Gannon? Where do you get your news?

Just a bitty bit of looking around got me the info on this latest event, which is basically a whole bunch of people saying "we're not going to take your word for it anymore when you say something happened." And then the AP spokesperson saying "It's true because we said so!"

And if it *were* true... nasty stuff happens fairly frequently, bodies are found fairly frequently, so if it *were* true it really wouldn't be that big a deal, over all. But just checking up and there aren't any other reports of the event? And no one else can find the witness?

If it were true... no big deal except for those it happened to. It wouldn't change our picture of what is happening in Iraq.

If it is NOT true, then it's one more instance of false "news" being passed on by our media. And we have to wonder what *else* isn't true. What other horrible news events never happened?

Obviously you don't trust information from government sources, you've got a long list of transgressions up there...

... what does it mean to you, personally, when you finally realize that you can't trust the AP or Reuters to tell you the truth? Or even to particularly care?

I suggest milblogs. Blackfive.net is a good one.

Here's Michelle Malkin's qu... (Below threshold)

Here's Michelle Malkin's quick summary of the feuxto in question


The footage o... (Below threshold)

The footage of the statue of Saddam being toppled was a "fake".Specificaly, it was staged by our governments intel guys.

John, thank-you for bringing this to our attention for I would have believed this incident was spontaneous. I never knew the CIA staged this whole thing. Amazingly they were able to mind control those military personnel present and make them ask their immediate superiors if they could pull down the statue. The government has greater powers than I realized.

I don't know how liberalism gets people in-tune to the true conspiracies out there. But here is my duped conservative guess:

(Excerpts from an actual lefty conspiracy site)


Pause...bong hit.

You're being LIED to..

Pause...bong hit.

If it wasn't so phony it would be laughable, but it was disgusting - It's a lie

Pause...bong hit.

The CIA organized this mornings take down of the Saddam statue in Baghdad's Liberation Square as another FAKE OUT.

What were we talking about? (O.K., I added that line) Slaps knee.

So John's position is 'prov... (Below threshold)

So John's position is 'prove to me it's not true'... i.e. 'Anything that fits with my world view is assumed to be true until proven false'..

John, there's ample evidence to justify doubting the veracity of the A.P.'s Mid-East stories if one has been paying attention. The recent Isreali-Hizb'Allah conflict is a good starting point.

So John's positio... (Below threshold)
So John's position is 'prove to me it's not true'... i.e. 'Anything that fits with my world view is assumed to be true until proven false'

Hence, since none of us can ever prove the CIA didn't stage the toppling of the Saddam statue, it will be forever true.

Except for the fact those guys that pulled the statue down. But they are U.S. Army. You know, Army, so easy a caveman can do it

Now now be careful with joh... (Below threshold)

Now now be careful with johnie boy . He has 15 years of "media work". And all kind of college degrees that he can't back up. But then again he belongs to the "club".

OK, I saw the link...... (Below threshold)

OK, I saw the link...

Lorie Says;

"Yeah, John. It is real funny when the AP and Reuters fool all their readers by running fake photos like that, too."

Well, that's a pretty thought if it were true. The photograph in question was taken by a New York Times photographer, and the caption posted by by Times. The caption was a quote from the mayor asking for time to remove dead bodies from the rubble. Given the destruction it did not seem unreasonable that there were dead bodies under the rubble, although the focus of the photograph was a person who was lying on the rubble, but not dead.

Other outlets that used that photo, like NPR did not use the misleading caption.

FYI - the photographer does not provide the caption, just so you know...

This has nothing to do with AP and Reuters running "fake" photos, since it didn't have ANYTHING to do with AP and Reuters.

It's not even a fake photo. You think all that broken concrete are stage props made out of painted styrofoam? You sure there are not dead people crushed under that rubble?

Fake but accurate.... (Below threshold)

Fake but accurate.


The statue toppling WAS fak... (Below threshold)

The statue toppling WAS fake. JumpingJoe is just one of the gullible masses who can't think, so he lets his government think for him.






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