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Hugo Chavez Taxes Toilet Paper

The first act Hugo Chavez takes after buying reelection is to tax toilet paper because, he insists, it is a luxury item. From Bloomberg:

Dec. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Venezuela, Latin America's largest consumer of Scotch whiskey, raised custom taxes on the spirit and another 200 imported goods the government considers non- essential.

The government will add a 15 percent surcharge on the current customs taxes on goods including razor blades, sail boats, pearls and toilet paper, according to the official gazette. The government also eased requirements on obtaining dollars to purchase of machinery, raw materials and auto parts.

Nice. So if Venezuelans want to save money on toilet paper, they'll have to be sure they have a nice selection of leaves when they go to the bathroom.


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Comments (30)

That sounds like a crappy p... (Below threshold)

That sounds like a crappy plan to me.

Chavez obviously doesn't kn... (Below threshold)

Chavez obviously doesn't know what happened to NJ govenor Jim Florio when he taxed toilet paper. Corruption and abuse of power are one thing, but you can't squeeze a little more from the purchase of Charmin, and not bring on serious consequences.

Since Chavez has been donat... (Below threshold)

Since Chavez has been donating oil to poor Americans, why not return the favor? Donate all the copies of the Iraq Study Group reports to the poor Venezualans? That's the only proper use for it, and all those trees will not have been cut down in vain.

Obviously, its a luxury to ... (Below threshold)

Obviously, its a luxury to belong to the Clean Asshole Club in Venzy.

So long as there's no bidet... (Below threshold)

So long as there's no bidet tax, they'll be fine.

in a few years, they'll be ... (Below threshold)

in a few years, they'll be using these for toilet paper.

It looks like Venezuelans w... (Below threshold)

It looks like Venezuelans will be easy to spot at the border. They'll be the ones picking their ass.

They voted him in, they deserve whatever he takes from them. Next he'll levy a tax on the air.

For offering the ISG report... (Below threshold)

For offering the ISG reports to Chavez's supporters,
Wethal deserves a huge "high five" ROFL!

¡Pero lávese la mano primero, por favor!

(But wash your hand first, please!)

Toilet paper is being subje... (Below threshold)

Toilet paper is being subjected to an import duty tax, not a luxury tax. Liquor, yachts, etc. are subjected to a luxury tax.

Are all conservatives really this stupid? Or is the lying we see from the White filtering down to their constituents? I guess if you have crappy, lying leaders in the White House, I guess we shouldn't be surprised we see a lot of liars in the conservative blogosphere.

On an advance scouting trip... (Below threshold)
robert the original:

On an advance scouting trip to Cuba prior to the Pan Am Games in 1991, I discovered that there are no toilet seats in Cuba.

Knowing that our women's team would skin me alive, and same for the other sports, I went to Kmart and bought all the seats they had, dozens.

I'll never forget the looks as I checked out. The register girl looked at me oddly and I told her "I like a new one every time".

That is Cuba and where Chavez is heading. You ought to go there Lee, it is liberal paradise.

"Colmenares, however, warne... (Below threshold)

"Colmenares, however, warned they are targeting specific items. For instance, the toilet paper to be charged the new surtax is that not manufactured in Venezuela."


Wow, that was *so* hard to find. Who would have thought of searching Google News for the words "Venezuela" and "toilet paper"? And who would have thought that those illiterate communists can actually make toilet paper themselves? But you stick to your leaf theory, Kim - it's just as convincing "Total Victory in Iraq."

cat, don't reveal the secre... (Below threshold)

cat, don't reveal the secrets of Teh Internetz to Kim! Her ideological blindness is perversely endearing.

Of course, the big question... (Below threshold)

Of course, the big question in my mind is how much toilet paper does Venezuela import...

And WHY? Is the local stuff so splinter-infested that there's a market for imports? Or is there so little local production that in order to find butt-wipe you have to go out of the country?

Hey "pucker puss" (lee lee)... (Below threshold)

Hey "pucker puss" (lee lee) would your "pucker" be hit with a import or luxury tax? They would need no "paper" if you moved there.

"cat" and "earl" are noe members of the "club".

"noe" =now.... (Below threshold)

"noe" =now.

What club? The club for peo... (Below threshold)

What club? The club for people who are smarter and infafunnier than you? 'Cause that's a really big club, jhow66. If I had to throw out a number, I'd say, well, 70% of Americans...?

Really, though, cat gave a link to an article that explains why Kim is full of shit, and you think she should be subject to the wrath of your lightweight intellect? Putz.

WTF... that's funnier</i... (Below threshold)

WTF... that's funnier, obvs. Two tablespoons of Robitussin and my fingers go loopy.

Come-on Lee, instead of bei... (Below threshold)

Come-on Lee, instead of being in denial, why don't you explain to us unenlightened shmucks why socialism is so great. Stuff like how good it is for the environment if we would just learn to reuse toilet paper!


Sorry earl I forgot that yo... (Below threshold)

Sorry earl I forgot that you was a new member to the "club" which is club for all those "with shit for brains". Oh and by the way twit, Kim has more brains in her little pinky then you do in your whole body. But then again everyone knows that as you belong to the "club". Feel free to as more questions as we try to help those that belong to the "club".

jhow66, thank you for the t... (Below threshold)

jhow66, thank you for the thoughtful reply. As cat has shown Kim's post to be incorrect and therefore not really worth taking seriously, I commend you on continuing to offer a spirited defense of the indefensible.

And again, it's odd to refer to my ilk as a "club" when I'm comfortably situated in the majority, and you and your compadres are clearly out of the main stream. But hey, it's a free country--whatever floats your boat, smart guy!

I will not be happy until t... (Below threshold)

I will not be happy until they (and we) tax what comes out into the toilet, the thing you need toilet paper for. This should curb massive pooping. We libs like to micromanage everything -even bowel movements if possible.

I'd like to say that this d... (Below threshold)

I'd like to say that this debate deteriorated, but after all, it started with toilet paper.

As for the difference between a luxury tax and an import tax, of course you are 100% correct on that one. It's not toilet paper that is given a luxury tax, for those there's just the import tax as far as I can see from here. But toilet seats on the other hand? Luxury tax. (See ibid.)

and also see bidet :-)... (Below threshold)

and also see bidet :-)

Come on people, toilet pape... (Below threshold)

Come on people, toilet paper is a luxury item. Don't believe me? What was your first thought the last time you went to wipe and there was no paper? Bet it was "wish I had some paper". I it was then it is a luxury item. If your first thought was "I got to have some paper" then for you it is a necessity. Just a simple test. Bet most thought the first though.

earl, thanks for backing me... (Below threshold)

earl, thanks for backing me up that you belong in the "club" (those with shit for brains) as you say you are in the "majority". We already new that but nice for you to admit it non-smart "club" member.

Kim:Razor blades a... (Below threshold)


Razor blades and TP must be taxed since they're considered 'luxury goods' in Caracas. Just below those toiletries and on their sliding tax scale are items such as petroleum jelly -- for you know what -- and fast-slimming dietary supplements like coca.

The Government did impose a... (Below threshold)

The Government did impose a surcharge of 15% on the custom duties of more than 200 luxury goods, that was indeed the official announcement. This is on top of the 20% tax already on them.The reason that Venezuela imports toilet paper is because one of the paper products producer went under, in part because the Government did not let shut down some plants (and some bad management too!!). This company was then turned into a cooperative by the Government, but things have not gone very well.

OK LEEUberAlles et al:... (Below threshold)

OK LEEUberAlles et al:

Got an smart-ass answer for Miguel?

Or if Venezuelans want to s... (Below threshold)
Saul Rosenburg:

Or if Venezuelans want to save money they can just fill their gas tanks up at .10 a gallon.. Yeah thats ten cents a gallon. Venezuala is also suppling the eastern US states with cheap heating oil for the winter AGAIN. Political ploy? Of course, but Americans are benefitting nonetheless. You guys are a bunch of knuckleheaded Bush lackeys. Bush hates Chaves because Chaves isn't up for allowing US oil companies to control his oil industry. The rest is US government propaganda.

Someone is selling a roll o... (Below threshold)

Someone is selling a roll of toilet paper with his picture on it on E-bay!!






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