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Weekend Link Roundup

While recovering from your weekend shopping, decorating, and/or baking insanity, kick back and enjoy the following link roundup:

I got a kick ouf of Dean Barnett's "James Baker thought for the weekend" -- "If James Baker ran a bipartisan Blue-Ribbon panel tasked with saving social security, his commission would conclude that no real progress on social security was possible until Israel ceded the Golan Heights to Syria and made whatever concessions necessary to mollify Hamas."

Hugh Hewitt has a great post about what the serious people are saying about the ISG report, including Mark Steyn's comments about the "Illustrious Seniors' Group."

John Hawkins has some good weekend links at Right Wing News including a link to Jeane Kirkpatrick's 1984 speech to the Republican National Convention. I remember the speech well. That was an exciting time. I was more politically active that year, involved in the College Republicans and volunteering for various campaigns, than anytime before or since. I was a huge fan of Jeane Kirkpatrick. What an incredible woman. May she rest in peace.

Bruce at GayPatriot was fortunate enough to meet Kirkpatrick. While there be sure to check out the other posts at GayPatriot -- just keep scrolling.

I am really confused -- now that the U.N. is downgrading the impact man has on global climate change I don't know what to believe. Generally when the U.N. says something I can be sure the opposite is true, but in this case I think they are moving in the right direction.

While on the subject of former U.N. ambassador Kirkpatrick and the U.N. in general, Claudia Rosett has very relevent column, "Bolton good, U.N. very bad."

Don't miss Sister Toldjah's jerk of the week.

I apologize for the slow blogging recently. I have been really busy, as I know most everyone else has been, with holiday and family stuff. I have a really cruddy chest cold to boot, but that is expected this time of year. I can't remember a December that I didn't spend at least a week sick. The trip to California last weekend didn't help, even though I loaded up on the Airborne, I still managed to come back with a nasty cough. But enough of my whining. Enjoy the links.

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