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Tom Delay Joins the Blogosphere

Tom Delay has joined the blogosphere and is inviting readers to comment and bloggers to submit requests to guest blog at the site. He is off to a good start -- he included Wizbang on his blogroll.

Crossposted at Wizbang Politics.

Comments (9)

I wonder if he's going to b... (Below threshold)

I wonder if he's going to become a member of Porkbusters? :P LOL

Bummer.Most of the country ... (Below threshold)

Bummer.Most of the country thought he'd go back to killing bugs until his conviction(s).

"Most of the country tho... (Below threshold)

"Most of the country thought he'd go back to killing bugs until his conviction(s)."

Still keeping hope alive, eh, Hughie? Just like KKKarl Rove's going to be frog-marched out of the White House any minute now. . . ?

And BTW, I doubt you and your moonbat pals constitute "most of the country." Unless it's that part of the country suffering from the tragic aftereffect of deinstitutionalization.

It must be flattering to ha... (Below threshold)

It must be flattering to have indicted members of congress blogroll you. Who's next? Liddy and Libby?

cmd:Just doing my ... (Below threshold)


Just doing my daily wingnut sense of humor check. The record goes on unblemished. You have none.

Tom who...?... (Below threshold)

Tom who...?

Murtha who---------?... (Below threshold)

Murtha who---------?

William Jefferson (D) LA ..... (Below threshold)

William Jefferson (D) LA .......WHO?

jhow -- if an original thou... (Below threshold)

jhow -- if an original thought ever passes through that pudding you call a brain, write it down, ok?

ordi -- you are following in jhow's footsteps -- get help!






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